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Not to drown in the thoughts

We everything are identical: often we depend on public opinion, we control the acts and actions, we analyze each situation. And, without understanding that, we get to circulation of emotions and a stream of thoughts which deprive of us an opportunity to derive pleasure from life.

Experts call such state an overstrain or process of continuous thought process. It usually begins with nonsense. For example, your husband told something unpleasant at breakfast. Told touches you, and during the day you do not stop thinking about it. You lose various scenarios of consequences, you plan what to undertake counter-measures, you try to understand, for as why there is “an effect of fermentation“. In the head a certain chain begins to be built: one thought clings to another.

Giving in to the thoughts, we leave from - under control and in literal sense we sink in a consciousness stream.

the Constant reflection can become a habit and is strong change your life for the worse. It can paralyze your development: will seem to you that everything is so bad that you should not even try to change something. Besides it can lead to really serious consequences about which you will be sorry, without understanding the mistake. Who thinks much, that does a little. While we continue to consider all details of a situation in the past, to analyze the acts and words, we actually lose the present. At worst you can drop out for a long time of reality and not understand what really happens.

Why does that happen?

Why so many people come across to

in this trap? The matter is that our brain is not able to work in a different way.

of Thought mix up in the head, and on any thought which is contained in a brain there is a steady association in parallel arising in our head. Our brain gives several options of a possible outcome of a situation at once, we are not capable to define to what of them true, and we follow for any offered them by thought.

Sometimes the sequence of thoughts to us is clear to

. For example, if you think that your mother-in-law is going to come on a visit, you right there remember that you have no time, and begin to think how to get out. Any sane person will just decide to buy ready-made products in a supermarket or to order food from restaurant. But the person inclined to “insight“ will infinitely lose various options: “And suddenly the mother-in-law will decide what I do not know how to cook or that I do not respect her? Then she will regret that her son chose such worthless hostess. And what if then she it tells it, and we are with it from - for it we will swear“. And so on... As a result of such thought process a terrible conclusion will appear:“ I am a clumsy and a pettiness“. Isn`t that so, horror? The thought as a flood which slides on you from mountain top - cannot stop it.

U of each of us negative impressions of some events which took place in the past, disorders concerning the future are. Bigger amount of time we do not realize their presence at the head. But, as soon as we in bad mood, anything can be the reason for that, even bad weather, we get to circulation of negative thoughts. Such state can last as much as necessary.

As are shown by results of researches, women are more inclined to such type of behavior, than the man. Almost all women are very responsible. It is necessary for them that everything was under control, they are more exacting treat themselves. In - the second, women have a mass of cares. What their day consists of? To take away the child in school, then to go for work, then to take away the child and to make a dinner on all. Let`s take any family holiday - all responsibility for the organization of a table lays down on brittle shoulders of the woman: it since the morning in kitchen, brings all evening dishes, and in the end washes the dishes. From such bustle at anyone the head will begin to spin!

As to fight against it?

If you often are in such state, there will be not enough elementary rest. You need to begin to act right now and to be consecutive in the decision. The first and most difficult step - to recognize that uneasy thoughts do to you harm and continuous sufferings. That is simple to fight against this habit not so - besides there is no universal way for any person. But nevertheless there are several options on overcoming of this problem. Take

  1. a time - a miss. Be engaged in something that demands concentration and brings you pleasure, something that will improve your mood. Distract from the thoughts, plunge into other state. Researches of psychologists showed that derivation from thoughts at least for 8 minutes promote a rupture of a negative chain. Everything will approach: walk with a dog and reading books, training in the gym and dances under favourite music, preparation of a new dish according to the recipe, drawing and needlework. Even house cleaning and washing of ware.

  2. Get it together. Control the thoughts. If you caught yourself that consider some thing the 10th time in a row, order themselves to stop. Just tell yourself: “Stop! I do not want to think of it more!“
  3. Find

    the reason. If you fall into such state in crisis situations (it can be anything, for example, the array of problems in connection with the forthcoming repair pulled hard), at once get it together. Such state progresses therefore try to concentrate not on thoughts, and in practice. Instead of suffering and thinking what you unfortunate, develops the plan and begin to solve problems gradually.

  4. Analyse thoughts. Remember that can only seem to you that the problem is extremely serious. Share it with people close to you and look at their reaction. Perhaps, they will help to understand that you worry on trifles. Here you will see how your experiences will vanish in one minute and any more you will not be disturbed. If you have nobody to share, write on paper that you feel and you think. Then try to analyse written impartially as though it was written by the stranger. Here you will see, it will turn out that it is a problem and do not cost the eaten-away egg.

  5. Time to think. Allocate for yourself a certain amount of time for considering of minor problems. Present that you keep all unpleasant thoughts in a special box which you open only once in day, in certain time and when time expires, you put back and you close a cover to the following time.

  6. you Seize the moment. Make the list of things from which you derive pleasure. It can be anything, the main thing - that it worked. You see, it is difficult to begin to think about bad when you are happy, it just will not come to your mind. At the end of every day allocate yourself time for rest, be engaged in something pleasant, forget about problems, let they will wait. Gradually positive energy will force out all grief - and you will enjoy life.
  7. Express to

    emotions. Stay in a condition of deep thoughtfulness can be a consequence of the emotional block. Instead of analyzing the feelings, splash out them outside. Cry, shout, break a plate, to a popinayta a pillow - set all negative free, you do not save everything in yourself.
  8. Forgive to

    yourself. Recent researches in the field of psychology showed that to be able to forgive it is necessary not only surrounding, but also itself. It is not necessary to be engaged in self-flagellation: if you made a mistake, recognize it and correct, only this way you will be able to be exempted from sense of guilt and weight. Nobody in this world is ideal, do not reproach yourself with each miss - mistakes have the right to make any.
  9. behold

    More. We live in the present, but many of us forget about it. That it did not happen to you, allocate yourself time, say, every evening before going to bed or early in the morning before work for concentration on “here and now“. Yes, at first it will be hard, but apply slightly - slightly patience, and everything will turn out. Begin with elementary - learn to behold world around as if from outside. Within 10 - 15 minutes observe the movement of clouds in the sky or during a lunch break sit down on a shop and observe people, trying not to estimate them. Let thoughts appear and disappear, but do not touch you. Feel the body, each part, inhale, listen to sounds. The world is beautiful! And to evil thoughts in it not the place.

Let thoughts appear and disappear, but do not prevent you to live. Learn to control them - and you will feel soon how it became easier for you, and will see how this world is beautiful.