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Scare Sashk of

U us there were many animals of the house, but here the parrot was not yet...

At my husband was birthday. And, as always, there was a question “What to Present?“ Cigarette case, sweater, books? At work prompted to me that one woman parts houses of parrots, and popugaychik were now removed. And here I already wait for Sasha, so call the present husband. I decided that he will be glad to such gift.

We suggested him to guess

that we will present. What he only did not list, but could not guess. Then we brought Sasha to his room and what he saw? On its desk there was a cage with a parrot. The parrot sat on a pole and cleaned feathers, all of golubenkiya, with a white head. In the evening we decided what to it to name. Also called Sashk.

we knew nothing

About parrots and bought the book in which it was described how to look after them. We were told still what these parrots can learn to tell, only, of course, it is necessary to be engaged with them.

So at us in the house of steel lived a cat Thomas (or just Tom), scare Sashka and a dog of Vaasa. The cat was very quiet, he treated Sashka friendly: could sit about it for hours and observe. And Sashka was a poprygunchik, the whole day flew, jumped in a cage. And when the cat did not observe a distance, close approached a cage, he surely pecked him in a nose. The volume patiently belonged to his mischief. But when let out Sashka from a cage, That had to be in other room at this time, here the cat`s instinct would prevent their friendship.

At first Sashka could not find the lodge, and we had to catch it that was not pleasant to it at all, and it was pecked. But, making such walks daily and several times, he began to get used to us. We gave it a hand, and it safely sat down on it. And while he sat on a hand, we quietly could cage him.

the Most favourite its place. As soon as we let out it, he right there flew on a case, ran and constantly “told“ something.

So Sashka at us quickly got accustomed and absolutely grew bolder. Liked to push around, to climb a beak in ears, to drink from a mouth, long could sit on a hand and listen. And told it one and too - his name and what it at us good: “Sashka, Sashk, Sashk good“. Sashka constantly told something, but we could not sort...