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When to the child it is boring for

Adult can be difficult to understand why constantly dreaming and inquisitive kid so often complains of boredom. Why it not in forces to suffer even five minutes of turn? How it is possible to miss, putting on boots and eating porridge? And why children`s complaints of the house where there are a lot of interesting toys do not stop?

Intolerableness of expectation

In transport, on bus-stops, in turns can quite often see the child aching, jumping from impatience, and sometimes and crying. He does not want to understand that he means to wait and with all sharpness children`s endures monotony of a situation, limited mobility, fatigue “here and now“. Also you should not be engaged at this moment in education of the kid, it is better to facilitate unpleasant expectation somehow.

Always you carry with yourself small toys and interesting bagatelles. Small lamp - a charm, the finger-type doll, the small machine, a balloon, stickers will not take too much place in a bag, and the kid will be glad to them. Suggest the child to take with yourself a handbag or a backpack with toys for the road.


and always you carry with yourself the list of possible entertainments. It is very difficult to remember in time, than to occupy the child. And the list will prompt you suitable verbal game, a mobile entertainment, a joke, a riddle or an interesting subject for conversation.

Remember that moaning and complaints to boredom can have also other reason. In line to the doctor entertainments as yours love, a consolation and support not so are required for the kid.

Uninteresting affairs

If the child already endured crisis “I“, you for certain faced a problem - is able, but does not want. Does not want to put on, eat, clean up. And the child can be understood - the first pleasure of independence passed, hands still badly obey, and the plate of porridge seems infinite.

But it is quite simple to p to carry away the kid uninteresting occupation. For example, compete who will quicker put on. Or suggest to check how many things the child in 5 minutes will manage to put on. Think up game which will make performance of a task interesting.

Allow the kid to clean toys, it will not become boring yet. And then take a break and be engaged in something pleasant.

Be near to

, and the child will easier cope with all affairs. Sometimes it is possible slightly - to help slightly, to prompt.


to the child: “It is a pity that you forgot to put on boots. Now I will look at weather, and it is necessary to dress you...“ There is a probability that the kid will decide to make to you a surprise.

you Teach the child to optimize process. Tell why it is worth replacing a teaspoon dessert. Show how just to collect details of the metal designer by a magnet.


to the kid as you cope with boring affairs, share the creative ways of fight against routine.


“Mother, me it is boring“

When the child misses in the gloomy place or behind uninteresting business, it can be understood. But it is hard to accept a situation if moaning “Is boring for me“ it is distributed from the nursery filled with the best games, toys, books.

of Many small children toys do not interest. And here household chores which busy parents possess unusual appeal. Allow the kid to participate in washing, cleaning, cooking. Supervision over various affairs will give to the child huge material for games. You will also not notice how it will drag off at you a serving spoon or a scouring sponge, and will go to own economic works.

Happens, you send the child to the nursery, and it everything comes, both is stirred near at hand and hangs on you. It is necessary to understand that here requirement not in game, and in mother. Provide to the baby several hours of full communication and undivided attention. And then it will be easier for it to transfer short loneliness. Do not forget also that the child very well feels when want to get rid of him, and in every way tries not to allow it.

Ability to play machines or to build the house of cubes - not congenital skill. You teach the kid to various games. If he well masters any game together with you, then will be able to play it also. To the child is more senior tell what game he could play, remind for what interesting toys wait in the nursery. If you describe game rather in detail and fascinatingly, perhaps the kid will be inspired and will go to play. Most likely, it will soon return. Listen, than he was engaged, and think up game continuation. Give to the kid game tasks. Suggest to put to bed, repair dolls the car, to feed all animals. It is good if except tasks you offer the child unusual tools for game (for example, a wrench for the car or the washed-up backet from cottage cheese for an entertainment of animals).

to All parents should become

a little bit wizards. Ability to conjure a bag of toys (which were temporarily cleaned several months ago), to make a doll or to cut out the palace from a color cardboard, to think up game or is allowed to tell the fairy tale, to draw the map of location of sweet treasures in your apartment not at once. But this most well-tried remedy with children`s boredom.

Reasons for boredom

Sometimes the inspired parents conduct the kid in the museum, on an exhibition, in theater. And to it it is unclear and uninteresting there. You should not think:“ All children love circus (a zoo, the zoological museum)“, preparation has to precede any new business. Tell what expects the kid, watch photos, read suitable books, play the museum or organize own exhibition.

Many children like to visit

. But there they are quite often waited by disappointment - adults are fond of talk and the child does not receive the expected attention. If your friends have children - think over in advance joint games for them. At a trip bring several old toys and some new entertainments to childless friends or relatives (a coloring, game, a set for creativity).

of the Complaint to boredom can arise and when you offer the child something not corresponding its to age, a spirit, hobbies, requirements, practical abilities. You should not be afraid to read to the kid too difficult book or to explain that to him not on age. But it is necessary to watch constantly interest of the child and to be able in time will stop.

* * *

If the kid does not play

, there is one in the room, by will of circumstances is deprived of toys, it does not mean at all that he misses. Perhaps, he dreams, dreams, thinks or just enjoys freedom from parents and their attention. The child, the stronger in him requirement sometimes to stay alone with themselves, “to be bored for a while and keep silent“ is more senior.