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How to behave at school?

Teacher: the foliage Falls down,
I a grass turned yellow,

roast the Fast arrow flew by Summer.
Came also September,
Again in school is time... Look at
At school again children. all of you with pride tell
to the fathers, mothers, grandmothers and friends that...

Pupils (read from the poster) :
We now not just children,
We are pupils now!

Teacher: Today we will conduct an unusual lesson. Unusual it because to us animals on a visit came from Country boarding school. They will help you to make rules for pupils. Here the director of Country boarding school - the Eagle owl.
Leaves the boy playing Filin`s role (wearing spectacles, with a pointer and the Alphabet in hands).

Eagle owl: I will tell
Ya to you about school now, kids...
are not necessary either balls, or toys There any more,
will replace them textbooks, handles, notebooks.
Let in a portfolio lie they in a strict order!
will be told by me as you need to study at school... you remember
! It, friends, is useful.

the Sketch 1
the Boy playing a Goose role in an uncombed look, the rumpled shirt rushes about on the room, looks for the things.

Goose: Why the shirt is crumpled by
I Ironed it once!
I a jacket got lost -
Disappeared without a trace!
Tie, where you? Respond!
I on a neck appear!

Eagle owl: I want to Repeat
To school it is necessary to be ready.
Without need not to fuss,
In school to be in time.

Pupils (open the first rule on the poster) : Prepare for
school clothes in advance.

the Sketch 2
Leave the children representing the Leveret and the Doe hare. The hare sits over a plate with cabbage and, sadly sighing, removes it.

Hare: to
Mother, listen, I will go to school
I on the road a blade I will find. Here I will also eat
for now I do not want.
In vain at a table I so long stick out.

Doe hare: Each kid surely knows
In school hungry of
does not do to go! it will be difficult to sit and study there,
Will be all your thoughts not about that,
is difficult to study with an empty stomach.

Pupils (open the rule) :
Have breakfast before school.

the Sketch 3
two girls - Monkeys sit At a school desk and are whispered.

Yesterday not to school, the girlfriend, me was, Therefore I the portfolio did not put
A today`s in a class hurried in the morning,
I that as a result, watch, it turned out!
(Shows an empty portfolio)
the Neigbour, I ask, you help out me
I the handle, a leaflet, give a ruler to me.

Eagle owl:
in the future, children, consider: with yourself always you bring to
In a portfolio
All things that at school are necessary. you them never have to forget

Pupils (open the rule) : Collect by
in a portfolio everything that is necessary for lessons.

the Chief assistant in study - the textbook.
He is a silent and kind wizard,
of Knowledge wise eternally stores.
You preserve its festive look! At once in a cover it wrap up
, do not soil
with the Handle, do not tear and do not think.
the Nice textbook will teach everything - to
Be grateful for it to it.

Pupils (open the rule) :
Protect school textbooks!

the Sketch 4
Leaves the girl as the Lamb and sadly speaks:

Lamb: Oh, I, the Lamb, is not glad to ringlets.
Mother, it is necessary to cut off braids to me!
Pull their squabblers - boys,
is sad, offensive and painful to me too!

Eagle owl:
Here so problem! Boys, consider: protect
of Girls in the class; do not pull
braids, do not offend,
C them you are on friendly terms and protect them.

Pupils (open the rule) :
offend Nobody!

the Sketch 5
the Boy in a suit of the Wolf cub pretends that he spoils a school desk, soils a wall.

of the Animal:
the School is a house second,
to Everything here teach us with you,
I we have to protect it -
hooligans are not necessary to us.

Pupils (open the rule) :
Protect school property!

Cook: governed
In the dining room the -
Remember them and repeat! you eat
accurately, take your time, do not splash
, on a floor do not crumble, Bread protect
and respect, it do not throw
Ate - and clean, my friend,
the ware for yourself.

Pupils (open the rule) :
Well behave in school cafeteria.

the Sketch 6
Leaves the boy in a suit of a pig with toys in hands.

It is sad at school without toys.
Perhaps, the machine to take
I to take for a drive under a school desk?
I miss tell-tales, What to occupy with
itself I do not know.
Perhaps to whistle in a whistle,
That thought - a call?

Eagle owl: I will tell
Ya to you, children,
School are not game,
it is necessary to work honestly Here,
Is to everyone it is known!

Pupils (open the rule) : do not take
in school of a toy.

the Sketch 7
Rings a call. Animals begin to rummage in portfolios.

Eagle owl: are not ready
to a lesson Again! I Want
, animals to tell you: Are ashamed of
time to lose in vain! I Ask
without laziness
to Prepare for occupations on change!
As soon as will ring out a call,
We at once will begin a lesson.

Pupils (open the rule) : Be prepared by
for a lesson on change.

the Teacher (shows on Filin) :
the Teacher in a class - most important,
He is a kind friend, the mentor nice,
I he will teach you to everything,
should help you to it.
should not distract it -
to Giggle loudly and to stir.
if you
I begin to play pranks in vain teachers will interrupt,
That he will bring order,
But time will go to waste! answer with
I questions,
When he asks you about something, every day learn Lessons to
That was happy the teacher.

Pupils (open the rule) :
Respect the teacher!

Eagle owl: I will tell
Ya to you in the conclusion:
Put not in luck at all. that will receive five
Who sits and honestly learns,
Who is not afraid of work,
to Whom is pleasant to study,
The one who laziness will drive away,
Who is ready to help friends,
The one who wants clever to become
I about everything on light to know!

Pupils (open the rule) :
Try to study well.

Children once again repeat rules.

Teacher: Let`s thank pupils of country boarding school. They helped us to make rules for school students, taught you to be the amicable, well-mannered pupils able to carry out school rules.