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Our hamsters we bought

last year to a hamster - the girl, named Sima. The sim card was the fidget, at night it with a roar rushed on a kolyosa and constantly ran away from a cage. But we very much fell in love with it, and all the time be touched: our Sima well real little girl! Loves sweet, adores “kissing“, skillfully equips a lodge: a corner for tasty kernels, comfortably shaken up bed...

A in half a year decided to buy it instead of a close two-story cage spacious “three-storyed“. That the old cage did not roll idle, at the same time got to our mischievous person the girlfriend.

Tiny Muska, of the size of a little finger, right there was shown to the Sim card. Were afraid a little - whether will begin the little girl to fight. And here - that became clear that senior - any not Sima! It is rather Semyon! We long could not recover: and how love to chocolates, kisses, a cosiness in a lodge?

Two hamsters - double cleaning and the doubled wheel roar at night. Moreover and continuous shadowing, but whether tiny Muska will jump out of the dwelling. Syomka already vanished several times! In the early spring hardly found it on a balcony! And at night still frosts were …

In the first months Marusya struck us with the fact that for hours could climb the top rods of a cage. Grabbed them tenacious claws and crept as a fly, on a ceiling. And once Muska got into condensed milk and right there in panic rushed to shaving, began to clear a back. It was necessary to wash long our newcomer which at once turned into a tiny wet worm.

But now our Musya - the real matron! Chubby, round, surpassing Syomka in dimensions.

They one breed - Asian hamsters, are also very similar at each other on a color!

A here on character absolutely different: Musya economic, likes to stock grain in a lodge. Adores red caviar, fruit, sunflower seeds...


as the real man, with pleasure “hunts“ flies and butterflies, and Muska is indifferent to them.

Semyon thinks of the girlfriend very much, and all the time climbs to it with kisses. And though she still did not become manual and is afraid of everything, she willingly accepts his courtings. And at a leisure with interest surveys new lodges from rods and plastic, a pile of newspapers, the keyboard of the computer also is even “assembled“ by Rubik`s cube.