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How to help the child to avoid difficulties in school training of

Probably, will not be big exaggeration to tell that the child`s problemagotovnost to school today - the main of dlyaogromny most of parents and tutors of a deteypyata - six-year age.

Many experts in the field of pre-school pedagogy and a children`s psikhologiitakzha are concerned about a question, how to prepare the child for school that he was capable to cope with escalating shkolnoynagruzky, and, at the same time, not to break, not deformirovatzakonomerny process of psychophysiological development of the preschool child.

Known fact: over 90% of today`s graduates (nazyvayetsyaustrashayushchy figure - 98%) suffer from these or those deviations vfizichesky development. Miopiya, violations of a bearing, a rasstroystvapishchevareniye, - these chronic diseases often yavlyayutsyasledstviy negative psychosomatic reaction to chrezmernozavyshenny requirements of the environment to the child. And instead of chutkootzyvatsya we continue to increase and increase school isadovsky load by these distress signals sent us an organizmomrebenka.

Knows that paleontologic an evolyutsiyachelovechesky look considerably lags behind from sotsio - cultural evolyutsiiobshchestvo. Sotsio - cultural, technological evolution - an etosovokupny product of intellectual work huge chislamyslitel, researchers, openers of various times of inarod. Whereas the device of a brain of the modern person and regularity of his development a little in what differs from his peer living hundred, two hundred, three hundred, one thousand years ago.

the Reason of many problems in psychophysiological the razvitiirebenka (been born healthy) seems that the sovremennoyeobshchestvo too early began to impose the overestimated requirements on kintellektualny development of children, having forgotten that to nevozmozhnopostroit the thorough house, without having built under it the strong base.


It is proved that increase in mass of a children`s brain in ontogenezeproiskhodit due to growth of new bark (the highest departments of a brain) that more occurs thanks to the child`s tselenapravlennomuobucheniye in ontogenesis. Whereas deep departments of an otvechayutz power providing and survival of an organism. Odnakoapologeta of the sotsiologizatorsky direction in a vozrastnoypsikhologiya do not consider the fact that purposeful an obucheniyerebenka has to go in step with natural biological a razvitiyemdetsky brain.

School and sadovsky programs sostavlenytak that, instead of that to chtobydat to children an opportunity consistently to pass all neobkhodimyestadiya of independent research search (leaning napomoshch teachers, but only in the volume, necessary for the child) itolko then to get acquainted with results of activity Great, the kid from the earliest age is purposefully stuffed to the dalekena always with knowledge, timely and necessary for its development. Training on reading, the letter and the account, do not allow to develop to bazalnymosnova for development of children`s thinking: to feelings, perception, imagination, overloading children`s memory huge kolichestvomchuzhy verbal garbage.

Especially destructively similar system of training influences napsikhichesky development of boys. To a male brain in bigger a stepenisvoystvenna right-hand asymmetry, they study and learn the world, relying on figurative relationship with the world more. At boys later, than at girls, the thinking begins to lean to name. Therefore at the advanced school age boys whose razvitiyeshlo in the natural way, possess perfectly developed ability kabstraktno - to logical thinking whereas at girls it chashchezastrevat at a stage verbally - logical.

As to boys more can with interesomzanimatsya by the fact that for them actually right now as ikhmozg it is more focused on the decision poiskovo - issledovatelskikhzadach today, they easily learn the world of the exact sciences. Tolkokhorosho understanding the exact sciences, the vnog can go really over time.

What happens to intellectual development of the boy at school? The literature cult reigns in elementary school. The humanities are completely fixated on the past. But not so far to study mythology, art, musical creativity of classics, and to comprehend okruzhayushchiymir in the symbols and images which are a basis of bases of the vospriyatiyaokruzhayushchy world. Children learn verses, write dictations, statements in the text apprehended aurally, vskorochteniya on the texts which are of very somnitelnuyukhudozhestvenny value, and not having any musical, color, motive, that is causing razlichnyeassotsiation, maintenances are trained.

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I to high school when there are such objects as physics, geometry, biology which assimilation requires otlichnorazvity imagination and figurative thinking, to children how to continue to use svoyeyvydressirovanny slukhorechevy memory, and in the excellent students of a vykhodyatrebyat capable to jag huge texts.

As all vremyado it none of adults were engaged in creation of a psikhicheskoybaza for development of thinking of the child, it begins to lean NATO that remained from his memory: slukhorechevy memory. And it dlyamnogy boys becomes an excessive task.

Thus, the most urgent task for the parent, the teacher seeking to begin training of the child for school and, in that zhevremya, not to the person interested to do much harm his mental and a fizicheskomurazvitiya, is studying of regularities of development of vysshikhpsikhichesky functions in ontogenesis and the bazalnykhfaktor of mental development which are their cornerstone.

the Following task of the parent and teacher is razvitiyesposobnost not to force an event, ability to respect the child`s segodnyashniyeinteresa. And in time to switch when dominantadetsky development moved from the center to the periphery ilinaoborot.

For example, in the first two years of life the highest mental function taking the central place in intellectual development of the baby is the perception. Bazalny factors of development of this function with which the nature gave the child from the birth, yavlyayutsyamodalno - specific (taste, sense of smell, touch, hearing, sight), kinetic, kinestetichesky.

It is natural that a task of the training adults cannot in it vremyabyt training in reading or the letter. The main objective of the adult vetot periodyavlyatsya the organization of that developing environment in which rebenokbudt to carry out activity on further sovershenstvovaniyusvoy taste, sense of smell, sight, hearing, a taktilnoychuvstvitelnost, the psychic - motility. That then when pridetvremya, the child himself learned to read and write, minimum an opirayasn the help of the teacher.

the Following task of the training adults is the sistematicheskoyevedeniye of the diary of development of the child. It will help to orient vty unique, peculiar to this kid, the line of development, its speed and rates. In the diary it is obligatory to dolzhnaproslezhivatsya dynamics of development of the child: to the kid bolshesvoystvenno the step-by-step movement, or periodyzamedleniye, jumps, regression are observed.

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In five and a half years the first soft diagnostikugotovnost to school. Having revealed those factors which can get to a risk vgroup, intensively work over identification and ustraneniyemprichin neopossession of this or that skill which will be a pomogatrebenka in study. In six years if the child experiences difficulties of a vovladeniya the general and thin movements, is at a loss in opredeleniiskhema of the body and badly is guided in space, it is necessary to consult with the children`s psychologist.

the task Following on the importance is the choice of school of a vsootvetstviya with an orientation of children`s abilities. First of all it is necessary not to try to realize through ambition rebenkasvo, the unfulfilled dreams, and soberly otsenitnasledstvenny factor and an actual level of development of razlichnykhsposobnost of the child. Only very trained professional can make the forecast of learning ability for those or inympredmeta.

Therefore, dear mothers and fathers! If at you in a family almost everything - humanists, and at the child is not revealed endowments to a kmatematika or other exact sciences yet, do not hurry to give the kid vmatematichesky school only because it is more prestigious to study there. Wait before the termination of elementary school which to postaraytespodobrat, as much as possible considering requirements of development a vashegorebenka: proximity from the house, a psikhologicheskayasovmestimost with the teacher, ease of occurrence in detskiykollektiv, implementation by the teacher of an individual approach. Then by the time of transition to high school (even another) rebenokbudt to have so positive experience of communication with obuchayushcheysredy, his body, emotions, intelligence it is reached that a stepenizrelost that he will be capable to adapt to training razlichnymusloviya easily.