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“Bukvarika“ and the fattened Pekinese of

of our red friend of breed to a cha - a cha we got with the husband still being students. Whether It is necessary to tell how many joyful moments this “guinea pig“ presented to us (in the early childhood it was often confused to this animal), and later the real handsome, the devoted friend and the defender Lex what is translated from Latin as “law“.

Here, perhaps, one of the most amusing stories which happened to us.

Morning, for us really early morning. As always we go to walk. Time just barely enough: we and ours a miracle - the pet like to have a sleep. The habitual, fulfilled by years route around the inhabited massif. And here... Towards to us the column of first graders led by the teacher moves forward. School students are conducted on excursion in showroom of aquarian small fishes. Knowing what furor is created by our matured “guinea pig“ on children, for the purpose of saving of time we decide to bypass the house on the other hand and to turn out through the neighboring yard to ourselves home.

we Bypass

, we stop at the next entrance, and on a meeting to us there are not one, but two, three, four columns of first graders. All parallel of “bukvarik“! There is nothing to do, it is necessary to come back home. We meet halfway, come what may! Having seen our miracle, the teacher fades in amazement, children pull hands, already in chaotic crowd dialogue of two children is distributed (one of them even on appearance typical comical Vovochka):

- Watch

, same a Pekinese! - alleged Vovochka speaks.

it is in reply heard shy objections of the girl. To all appearances, the girl is familiar with this breed, but she cannot remember its name. She even claims that it is the Chinese breed, but can remember nothing any more as she tries. One is clear: the girl knows well that it is any not a Pekinese.

All this time of Vovochk continues to draw

on the, begins to raise the voice and to raise fists at the girl.

the Teacher understands that it is time to clear up a situation, estimates that shaggy smashed obviously does not pull on a Pekinese, and Vovochke says:

- Vovchik (indeed Vovchik, - nearly sprinkled I from laughter), is not a Pekinese, look - it is a big dog.

I here just terrible argument of Vovchik which does not want to be given for anything:

- Yes same a Pekinese, just it fattened!

all “Fell“: both children, and the teacher, and I, and passing by the gaper.

the Teacher decides to fill with

up to the end information vacuum at the wards and specifies how this breed really is called. Having obtained from me the necessary information, loudly recites to children:

- Children, this remarkable breed of dog is called to a cha - a cha.

the picture as in the surrealistic movie is farther than


of All 30 children as at a lesson chorus begins to be repeated: “H - and - at - h - and - at“!

At this time my podiumny dog begins to pace as Zhukov`s horse on parade - pulls socks, lifted up the head also with feeling, plainly, arrangement defiles along a parapet. It, of course, is aware that it to a cha - a cha, but not some Pekinese!

Me simply paralyzed

from laughter. The first column of children was followed by the second, third: And all with genuine pleasure repeated: “H - and - at - h - and - at!“, “H - and - at - h - and - at!“

Demonstration performances from windows was observed by not one ten neighbors. From this day of questions of what breed our dog, there was much less.