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My way to successful breastfeeding of

during pregnancy and, actually, and to it, I was firmly sure that I will be, so I will be able, to bring up the kid a breast. I just did not see other alternative, despite existence of a large amount of mixes in the market. My mother successfully brought up 2 children (and one more dairy child) that only strengthened my confidence. But it turned out that I should fight for breastfeeding!

A business was so. I gave birth long since the baby was large, but everything managed, and from childbirth I had only kind memoirs. Put to a breast as it is necessary, in the rodzal. The kid (the sonny we called Mishutk) greedy stuck and then happy fell asleep. I had a chamber “mother + the kid“ that only pleased, however, the first days brought Mishutka to me on feeding since on childbirth many forces left. From second day we were separated only on survey of the doctor. But in the first days I was unpleasantly surprised that kids in the nursery are finished feeding mix. Finished feeding also mine, motivating with the fact that a lot of food is necessary to the large boy, and I do not have milk.

Milk came only for the 5th days. And by the time of an extract for the 8th days the child was still finished feeding by “well-wishers“.

When we, at last, appeared

at home, dokorm I did not begin to enter, nursed only on demand, including night feedings. Mishutka perfectly felt, however, some days we spent at home on a sofa behind feeding, so often he asked a breast. But, in general, everything was safe: nights are quiet, developed normally, urinated perfectly. And here, like a bolt from the blue, - weighing in policlinic in 1 month. An increase - 0 gr.! The pediatrician told what should be finished feeding mix. I, naturally, was against. And if I then did not go to the dacha, then all subsequent mistakes could be avoided. And at the dacha mother and the grandmother and lack of the Internet. And here, on a nauskivaniye of my native women, who unanimously repeated, that the child thin that it is necessary to feed in 3 hours and by no means at night, that it is necessary to be decanted after each feeding that should be dopaivat water and that in general I “not dairy“, I became, creaking heart, to finish feeding the son mix.

Should tell

that he ate reluctantly and then often belched. Offered mix I after feeding by a breast (sometimes and from two fed) and after control weighing only 3 times a day (a breakfast - a lunch - a dinner). This disgrace proceeded 1,5 months. Weight went to plus on what mother and the grandmother approvingly began to nod the heads - here see, milk was a little. Also it is unknown what it would end, it is known more precisely - the breastfeeding termination if the spouse did not carry out the Internet at the dacha. Then I began to look for information on features of an increase of weight at large children (and we really large were born - 4660 gr. and 58 cm), about the mixed feeding. It turned out that quite often large children not only do not add in the first months, and even continue to lose weight. It calmed me, and I decided to return completely breastfeeding while the getting is good.

By this moment the kid ate no more than 120 ml of mix per day. Having armed with information obtained from an Internet subsoil, I began to reduce gradually daily amount of mix, up to full refusal of a dokorm. At the same time the frequency of applyings to a breast reached sometimes 20 per day, began to sleep together with the kid and on each his concern to give a breast at night. Quickly enough the amount of milk increased up to need of the child, and till 6 months I nursed only.

That is interesting, increases of weight became even more than when we were on the mixed feeding. Now my Mishutke is 6 months old and 3 days, we began a feeding up, but he eats it reluctantly. Breast milk prevails. I continue to feed at night, sometimes and each hour since teeth began to disturb. We as left 2 months giving and we live, thank God, separately since I did not find understanding and support from mother and the grandmother. Feeding on demand mother calls “chaotic“ and every time in conversation will not forget to remind that I spoil the child, and about a joint dream I also do not stammer. But the main thing that at me turned out. I am very happy and I test enormous satisfaction from the fact that I feed the kid. Mishutka pleases with excellent mood, good appetite and excellent pribavochka of weight too. In total - it is very important - to listen to the intuition and to the child, but not to opinion of people around including, unfortunately, doctors. Nobody knows and feels your child better, than mother! I want to wish to mummies future and to be strong, successfully to resist to public opinion present and to do as you consider it necessary. Because mother - you!