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Zakarpatye: Winter`s Tale in a new way

well in the winter in mountains! Fresh frosty air, snow-white slopes, skiing and sledge... Certainly, it so... ideally. Here only winters not always indulge now the “correct“ weather. All road to mountains of a fir-tree in fluffy snow encouraged us - everything is all right, winter on the place. Only not in Zakarpatye! The snowball thaws, the sun shines - here so January! What to do? To tell: “Yes, with weather it was not lucky...“ ? And to stay all holiday days in a hotel room, sighing and taking offense for the whole world? Or on the run to think up to itself new “Winter`s Tale“, it is not worse traditional? Our option!

Winter entertainments: ice-boats and mulled wine

This our first winter travel with children. Decided to stop in the village the Glade (that where spill the Svalyava and Kvasov`s Glade mineral waters) near Svalyava, in one of small nice hotels which here a set. Everything was pleasant to children: and mineral water directly from the crane, and the various menu (everyone could order to itself(himself) dishes to taste), and a spacious room - luxury, and a gym in the cellar (the truth, after “invasion“ of young athletes it was providently closed on couple of days - that was more whole). But all day animated cartoons you will not watch and drink mineral water! Boringly. Means, we go to the mountains! For the present all snow did not thaw... In vain, perhaps, we were so carefully equipped with ski trousers, warm mittens and, the main thing, ice-boats? It is urgent to ride!

A on the mountain - the real winter! Fluffy yalitsa and pines, the stupefying air and is a lot of - a lot of snow!. So driving worked well wonderfully well. Who on an ice-boat, who under the own steam and without any devices - manage to go round fir-trees only! Full boots of snow and wet jackets are such, in general, trifles. But cheeks as burn!

After a lunch decided to return on the mountain already without sledge - to cook mulled wine. We, of course, forgot a kettle, but oriented on the district: bought the biggest can of tinned pineapples, in a trice ate contents, and adapted ware for a saucepan. Fire was made, however, long - winter nevertheless: all branches which seem dry, actually very much even wet. But so much pleasure was when drink at last began to boil! And to taste it we went home - already got dark, and all a little bit froze.

Summer entertainments: the campaign, fishing and the pool

“A grass turns green, the sun shines...“ Such picture waited for us in the morning. From yesterday`s snow there is no trace left also. Ice-boats lonely stood in a corner, and nobody invited them to drive.“ Means, today we have a hike on the mountains as in the summer“, - the father offered. Yes, we love it. We go to investigate new top! While dokabarkatsya on it, all were dirty as pigs, especially 3 - hletny Senka - on South side of the mountain the real spring... And dirt too. And at top, seemingly, at all summer. Children undressed to t-shirts - hot! Even it is not believed that just at a mountain foot we passed across the frozen lake... In general, in mountains you understand that the fairy tale “Twelve Months“ - any not the fairy tale at all, and an honest truth. Here we just “spring“ and “summer“ passed, and hardly turned down - pulled cold. Here “fall“ - the wood with a carpet of fallen leaves, a characteristic mushroom smell... In places the snowball lies, and from - under it, just from snow the green young growth of the curling ivy grows! And perfectly feels at the same time. Below, at a mountain foot, in general a frost: jackets, caps and mittens - in places! Here to you and fairy tale...

A then we went to fishing - and not so winter! And even quite civilized - in trout farm nearby. The catch is guaranteed! But that is simple to hook fish not so - - at mother it did not turn out, at Senie too, the Subject “organized“ the father, but Andryusha pulled out even two big fishes! Such predatory, toothy - and very tasty! To us they right there were also fried, and all devoured instantly. Though houses my boys fish for some reason not really favor...

was decided to be finished in the Evening adequately our “summer“ day and went to bathe to the pool. Yes not simple, but thermal - with warm water and under the open sky! It in Beregovo, on border with Hungary (hour of driving from the Glade). Service alas, ours, to Europe very far... But it is my personal impressions. And boys were delighted! Still, it is so pleasant: to lap in warm water, in a cloud of steam, to jump out on a frost again to dive into “summer“... Hardly pulled out bathers - the pool was already closed. Got off, only having promised to return here still (and kept the word!).

Green snow and ice “ice cream“

Summer - it is good, but now winter... And we already became sad, missed snow. What to do? To go to the mountain pass (two hours of driving plus in the afternoon to turns on the elevator) and to go skiing? While also skis - that at us is not present, and “goers“ we, frankly speaking, so-so... Or to get gloomy ice-boats and to move off in snow searches? It is solved!“ It as in the fairy tale “Winter Quarters of Animals“, - with a clever look is noticed by the Subject. - Only animals there looked for summer. And we - winter“.

we Travel about after the district, estimating mountains regarding “snowiness“. Here the mountain nothing to themselves so, and they are even better! You will think that snow - actually frozen grass, green such snow. But it is possible to ride! On an ice crust, with a breeze! On one and whole company - how many the ice-boat will sustain. In a cap instead of a helmet. In a sviterka, because hot. And even in pants, because trousers already “any“. Generally, a round - though on a cover! And all green (hands, cheeks, clothes). And it is very cheerful! Unless usual can be compared to such driving? Also do not ask.

When also the last ice on the mountain thawed, got over down, in a shadow - to jump on the frozen pools, to beat splinters and to treat with this ice “frozen“ each other. To ride besides, only ice.

to Say goodbye to this to the surprising ziyena - the summer fairy tale because tomorrow it is time to go home. A little bit sadly - there will be no green snow and bathing in a bathroom with mineral water...


On the way back we are also pleased by fir-trees in snow caps because, having driven off hardly only kilometers hundred, we find out that the winter is - the most real. It in Zakarpatye it another - European, and Europe absolutely nearby. Let`s know. It is good that did not learn in advance! On travel the main thing that? Adventures! And at us is them how many!.