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Dzherili of

Bark and a povizgivaniye reached both there and here. Somewhere in a corner the Persian kittens plaintively peeped. In a far corner the puppy of a Rottweiler was restricted in a cage. Ill-matched puppies of different breeds played and pottered in the spacious hall of the unfinished house. The Shar-Pei and a black spaniel huddled in arenas. In a small shed, behind a partition, large black and red ears of the grown-up puppies German and East - the European sheep-dog were seen. Again there was a vanity. Some unknown people sometimes came and, having chosen somebody, took away themselves. This time arrived for sheep-dogs. We scurried about behind a small partition, inhaling an unfamiliar smell of new visitors, felt mood of the hostess. It was excited and joyful. This time the bargaining went slowly, it was visible that to buyers to be pleasant to watch puppies, to iron and scratch behind an ear. The man and the girl long listened to the manufacturer and here were defined. Chose the cheprachny girl of two months. Us remained three.

- And this puppy? - unexpectedly she pointed to me.

Ya sat aside and looked at them. Sometimes I jumped up and was rubbed the nose in master`s hands in hope that I will be noticed, but every time it offered with all other puppy.

- And it is the girl, - the hostess quietly answered and called up me.

Ya ran up.

- Good, tender, but hernia began to be formed here. We carried to the doctor, he told that small operation is necessary. Absolutely small and not expensive.

the Girl ironed my large ears and tenderly looked in the face. In my opinion, I was pleasant to it. Nearby the standing man, efficiently nodded, then felt my warm stomach, having groped a soft ball there inside, rumpled it and discharged me. Having paid off, they took away the first chosen puppy. Us closed. Having been absorbed in fence cracks, we lingering watched them leave. Took away two later at once. And I remained one. Sometimes I was let out that I ran about on the yard. Behind the house in the open-air cage there was an old St. Bernard Brenn. How many to it was years, I did not know, he - that also explained to us why we are taken away or bring newcomers. I and my little sisters was brought here when I was very small. It was cold and rainy. Any more the warm shaggy mother`s stomach smelling of milk was not near. There were no pleasant caring hands ironing us sometimes. And cheerful children`s voices above. Strangers, a shed with a heap of rags and a new tasteless forage. But then everything began to be forgotten. But sometimes I dreamed the mother`s black nose sniffing me. The hot language washing to me and little sisters a tummy, and tasty milk. Cheerful games, good-natured grumble of mother. And someone`s shaggy slippers similar to me. The St. Bernard heaved a deep sigh and rattled; nabegavshis, I laid down near it, and we thought. I looked in the clouds which are flying by over the head and, having remembered sisters, long sniffed at a ball on the stomach. When I pressed on it, he began to ride. Unless at others not so? Turning over, the old St. Bernard began to wheeze from pain and rose by the shivering paws. It was hurt by joints. Having lost teeth, he ate corn porridge with forcemeat. So delicious smelling. I, having pulled a nose, licked lips. We it were not given. Filled dry balls with a sausage smell. Having smelled porridge, the dog departed and, having failed as knocked down on a floor, pushed a bowl to me. Having jumped, I picked up teeth a bowl, brought closer to a wide crack of the open-air cage and began to lick. Tasty. When business was made, I settled again. The former champion of exhibitions good-natured looked at me, dripping saliva.

When he was in mood, he told about awards, jog before populous crowd of fans of dogs and about a medal on a red ribbon. The hostess very much loved it and did not decide to bring, lull. And old bones hurt, and heart already not so well knocked. When he went to the box, I long thoughtfully looked afar at the burning-down decline. The sun as if a medal, sparkled on a scarlet strip of a firmament.

- Well, the Blot? Do not want to take you, - after the next viewing the hostess told, - we will go, we will perform operation.

But later brought puppies of the Caucasian sheep-dog, and to it had already no time for that. I even began to be forgotten to be released. Somewhere on boondocks the Julienne, the huge spiteful dog breaking loose when I ran raised a howl. I terribly was afraid of it. A mongrel howled so plaintively that in soul it became sad, and in a stomach reduced cold. All night long the Julienne provyl, and other dogs tightened layushcheyu muster. I, having been curtailed a ball, dozed, being frightened by sharp sounds. It was terrible and lonely.

in the Morning I released

to run about, and I rushed to Brenna at once. The huge dog lay on a floor and, rattling, jerked paws as if he ran somewhere. Sometimes I so in a dream run, and unexpectedly I wake up, but his eyes were open. Only they looked through me as if they did not see... Bright gloss of brown eyes slowly went out. Once again, having strongly shuddered, the St. Bernard was extended and stood. I screamed, jumping up and running all over the open-air cage. Then began a bark. A voice at me loud, basisty. But he did not even raise the head, did not move a muzzle... I ran and barked. The julienne began to break on me spiteful bark. The come running young woman, the hostess`s daughter, tired out me. Then it stood at the open-air cage and went to the house. Left already with the mother. They came to Brenna. Having felt it, something began to be told in a small box, holding it at an ear. The voice at the hostess was excited. I looked in a fence crack, I sometimes barked, but nobody paid attention to me. In the evening after there arrived a woman in a white dressing gown whom I remembered in a smell of alcohol and sick pricks in a paw, the St. Bernard was taken away by car. Only differently, than all puppies. To me it became sad. And I spent the whole day locked up.


chose puppies Again. Also took a spaniel. I was stroked on the head and frayed for cheeks. Bought kittens, puppies of other breed, but not me, having listened about my ball on a stomach, left, heaving a deep sigh.

there Came September, leaves began to fly and turn near a nose. Nobody occupied the open-air cage, and it lonely was empty. The julienne not so often broke. And I infrequently was released now. Gave to drink, fed, having fluently stroked on the head, left. And absolutely seldom called the Blot.

- Well - go to me! - the hostess called up me, brought out of a fence, caged.

It always so did

when had to watch a puppy. Put that from a fright the puppy did not escape. Me what, will be watched? I is excited twisted the head, but saw nobody. The hostess opened a gate, and let in the girl.

- Here our girl, - pointed it to me.

the Girl approached

me and smiled. In her sad eyes the sun, as at Brenna sparkled. It touched by warm fingers, my moist nose, and me it became so good... She attentively listened to the hostess, sometimes nodded and ironed my large ears. And again she was told about my stomach. Having concerned it, she groped a ball too.

- And what you still have puppies? - she took an interest.

- the Sheep-dog only one, is a Shar-Pei, - the manufacturer showed a puppy in an arena.

Having stroked it, the girl turned back to me. I was pleasant to it. She called me “fox“. Who it, I did not know, but was good and cheerful. I was got and put on a floor. And when, having felt wash paws, it concerned a lobe of my nose again, I for pleasure peed the pants. Having discussed something, they paid off money which unpleasantly smells of paper.

- Well, you will go with me, Dzherili? - joyfully the girl said, having called me.

I, shaking with fear and new pleasure, I was thrown to it in hands. Priobnyav me, it gently pressed to a breast. And I felt how her heart is knocked. Mine, seemed to me, ceased to knock. But it knocked, knocked on a step to another. Put on a collar with a lead me, and we went beyond a gate.

it became already dark, and drizzled a rain. In the car I got on a back seat near the new hostess. Having nestled on it, I blinked from light of the lamps which are carrying by by. Having ceased to shiver, I fell asleep, and I dreamed mother and Brenn...

Later me performed on

operation, a ball on my stomach, disappeared. Also there was an exhibition, that about which Brenn where I got a medal “Perfectly“ told.

Having risen from the first fluffy snow on a glade, black East - the European sheep-dog, turned back on the hostess. That, inhaling a smell of pines, smiled. Having caught ate noticeable gesture of the To Me! team Dzherili darted off. Raising soft snow paws, she rushed towards to the hostess as birds whom she recognized how a cheerful ball, as wind, as pleasure that for two.