Rus Articles Journal

Night horrors of

Sleeplessness... In a similar situation when all in the house sleep, and at me as sober as a judge, I try to be engaged or reading, or I sit down to write.

this night when once again I was visited by sleeplessness, I decided to be engaged in something in more trudnenky and undertook a translation of the article on Greek. Fairly pomuchivshis, at two o`clock in the morning having with pleasure yawned, I decided to depart at last to a dream. Having curled up in the spacious bed and having wrapped up in a warm blanket, I already plunged into a deep sleep.

Suddenly I was woken by strong bark of dogs who were attached on a terrace. Shooters on hours showed four o`clock in the morning. I slightly opened a door and shouted at dogs, usually it helped and they calmed down. But this time nothing similar occurred, dogs became enraged were torn from a chain. Having thrown with a jacket, I plunged into a cool of night and rose by a terrace. Near our house the wood Seius is located - SU, pulled cold and dampness from there. It was drizzling and the lowering dark sky covered the gloomy wood. Somewhere at heart the easy chill of fear moved. But I was calmed that nevertheless a number of a dog. One of them pitas - bulls (it Snupi called), a dog fearless and fighting, another - a huge, but kind playful dog by nickname Dexter. Animals were brought by my sons, and it was necessary to look after them, of course, to me.

Having got closer to animals, I saw how at Dexter the withers bristled; grinning, it became enraged barked at the box, without risking to climb nevertheless there. Snup in a fighting pose growled, expecting a right moment for fight. The behavior of dogs was so unusual and frightening that I did not risk to approach the box close. There can be a wolf or still what living creatures from the wood got there? And can... (the chill in me was replaced by horror) - the werewolf! I read any mysticism. Hair began to move on the head, and already it seemed to me that from the box the attracting, fascinating eyes of a night monster look at me. The minute ostolbeneniye was replaced by desire to be removed somewhat quicker out of harm`s way. And dogs barked in a back, accusing me of treacherous retreat.

my men amicably with pleasure pokhrapyvat

as though the bark which lifted up all to the district (as it seemed to me), at all and did not disturb them. With a reluctance having left the warm beds, muttering to itself under a nose, under my rough pressing, having woken at last in itself a hunting instinct and having taken a rake and a shovel in hand, my men surrounded the box, ready to fight. Having taken courage, all of us - cautiously carefully glanced to the box...

Ha - ha - ha! Cat! Having rejected attack tools, my men began to twist the box in different directions, shook it, beat about a terrace, but the cat masterly clung to walls of the box and with firmness held the positions. At last, without having sustained a dizzy attraction, she jumped out and rushed directly to Snupi which only both waited for an opportunity and linked the iron jaw at a cat on a throat. Men became puzzled as they loved animals. I in horror thrashed Snupi on each side, but she had a grip of steel. And only when I seized her by a collar and lifted in air, she, at last, released a cat. And where, you think, the cat rushed? Again to the box! Men grabbed the box and again began to twirl and shake it, but as pasted a cat, she took a dead defensive position in deepening of the box.

At last my hunters, the charter and having weakened from night battle, dragged the box on other end of a terrace, turned it upside down, having left to a cat a way to retreat, and went to examine the dreams. Having calmed dogs, I started wandering after them, laughing at the incident.

What. She did not want to yield the taken position at all. And even sausage did not help. Having impudently spread a tail and having bristled up, it dexterously scratched to me a hand. This time my husband, having surely seized a rake, nevertheless pulled out the aggressor from the box. But even after that the cat turned, long thinking, to concede or defend the won cushy job with such work. Here to you and cat, actually panther. And how many noise and the spent forces, and, above all - emotions!