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Quite often it happens that the child wants to practise music, to play a violin or a piano, but all around - and you too - consider that it has no ear for music. “He has Van Gogh`s ear for music!“ How to arrive? To follow the tastes of the child, dooming him to failure in the chosen activity (at other children coming to music school, good, and even perfect ear)? Or, while the getting is good, to convince the son or the daughter to try something another - in sport or drawing? And the child continues to ask: “Mother, I want to play the piano!“

can almost unambiguously be told

In this situation: if calls him to himself the sounding world, so hearing good. Just in a chain of communications “perception - fixing - reproduction“ some link is inexact works. For example, your child the fidget, actively jumps over his attention from a subject regarding - in perception “white spots“ are formed. Or the acoustical baggage is insufficient - it listened generally to music from advertizing on TV and music to animated cartoons. Acoustical idea of big music did not develop, as well as an associative array and emotional responses to it. It seems to it the stranger. Adult listeners often endure the same feeling of rejection of new style. In the history of music many facts when even frequenters of concert salons and halls violently rejected music, new on style, are known. So was with early compositions of ingenious Prokofiev. Some compositions of Chopin whose music is considered harmonious and masterly now had very negative criticism in the press. Its harmony was not understood and torn away. The child has the same selection. And only at repeated listening there is “acceptance“ of sound forms and their experience, fixing in memories, recognition and requirement to experience them still. Reproduction which a criterion in definition “it becomes suitable - it is unusable“ at inclusion in music school, - at all the factor depending on many circumstances. The most banal: nobody sings the house, the child closed badly makes musical contact, the problem of musicality, endowments of the child in a family concerns nobody. And on the child brand:“ And mine has Van Gogh`s ear for music“.

Think - and your child, without having been born yet, hears, distinguishes speech intonations, the increased tone, nervousness, pleasure, despondency or notes of happiness in mother`s voice. Hears also music - this richest well of intonational sense and emotional experience of mankind. The music coding sensual, intellectual and physical forms of our existence gives to the person the world absolutely simply - through hearing. Even in mother`s womb the child, listening, absorbs a lot of things that is inaccessible to his experience so far, but it is available to feeling. The child who is regularly listening to good music differs from peers in more difficult inner world. His speech is more developed. It “why“ is covered by wider area of things and problems. It is reasonable, capable to difficult speech communication. Its texts adequately emotionally and intonatsionno are painted. The big pleasure - to communicate with such kid!

Never late to help the child to develop hearing, to help to understand music, to accustom to listen and hear it.

As it is remarkable that the Japanese children in the schedule of school lessons have every day a music lesson. All study music, irrespective of endowments, material prosperity, desire of parents. They learn to play instrument and learn music language. It is difficult to find the best educational tool, than music - art, with such efficiency and with such intensity changing and improving mental experience of the person at the beginning of his life. Let at your kid at receipt in music school something did not turn out - can be, intonation brought, sang not that, defined something aurally incorrectly, with a rhythm not everything passed smoothly. You do not despair, do not allow to despair to the child! It is possible to be prepared for the following examination better, you have ahead the whole year. If the child is not ready to be supported at music school - address to musical studios at the youth centers, at Recreation centers. There pass sets of children in bands, and it is possible to find group on desirable specialty. If it is not possible to get there, take private lessons. Then the child will pass the theory with the teacher in the specialty, and the care of his musical taste and an outlook will lay down on your shoulders. Any consultant from notno - musical department of library or the teacher musically - theoretical disciplines of music school will help to choose a bibliotechka for your child. You need a record library which should be filled up with disks with good classical music. The list of the works studied by children can be found in the same textbooks on musical literature. You will have an excellent opportunity in the evenings, having opened the textbook and having put a disk in the computer or a player, to plunge in novel together with the son or the daughter.