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Our big cat`s Siberian family of

my story will be both ridiculous, and a little sad. I hope that it will touch your hearts. So, we have 4 cats (be not frightened, all one after another): the most senior - Larsik (11 years), then goes Katyunya who is 4 years old (the firstborn Larsika and future mother) and, at last, Gold and Umk - their three-year-old children.

Larsika was 7 years old when we decided to get one more kitten (he very strongly missed, when we were not at home, especially during holiday). In 90 - e years when we in a row drove several years in holiday the car, we took it with ourselves. He visited many interesting cities, including the Crimea and Sochi. Our Larsik, without exaggeration, very beautiful, a peach color, a large cat. It has big turquoise eyes, long wool, and paws - not just paws, and some lipishch! On travel the people meeting to us could not always define who it? Cat or small doggie? All had a desire to buy it.

he Lived at us in clover as the king - on vitamins and delicacies. But the trouble comes always when you do not wait for it. In November, 2003 found diabetes in it. Before he was never ill us, and here suddenly in 9 years to him it became suddenly bad. What happiness that our mother - the nurse. Thanks to her efforts our Larsik recovered! Mother constantly did it analyses: bought the test - strips and took blood from an ear to determine sugar level in blood. Pricked to it insulin. It was very difficult to calculate a dose: sugar raised, went down. In practice it was not yet that treated animals for this illness, we, probably, the first (to find insulin it was absolutely difficult: for animals of insulin, per se, is not present). Mother had to come from work during a lunch and to prick it on 3 times a day, to feed from the syringe. How many times we found Larsika when it could not keep on paws, shook it. In such cases it was rescued or tinned peas and corn, or water with sugar. It was terrible. And here, you represent, lowered a dose there is no place more, and to it it is bad. Mother made the analysis, and it has normal sugar. Did not prick one or two days, it became better for it: recovered, wool became same fluffy, red, again as before. Now and not to recognize him!

Doctors from work just could not believe

in it, not to mention veterinarians at whom the solution consists only in a lulling to slip. Here so mother made impossible. Larsik perfectly feels now. It is interesting whether it managed still to somebody to make similar? If cases are known to you, write, please. Thanks in advance.


The same year, in April, at us held an exhibition of cats. And I so dreamed to reduce Larsika. He, however, still was ill and strongly grew thin, but all the same remained is beautiful. The exhibition was held at Mir movie theater, not all that well, of course. Could be better. It was necessary to prepare a cage, to decorate it. For this purpose we with mother specially bought fabric, made blinds, a pillow, took beautiful soft toys, frames with photos Larsika, photo albums. The lodge at us left, without exaggeration, best of all! The truth to organizers of a competition was on it to spit if only to tear off money (besides that was paid by us, so also visitors). But any of them did not pass by our cage not to look at a photo album and not to admire ours a simpatyashka. All wanted to have kittens from Larsika. Everything ended with what to us was given out by several pieces of paper (other word and it is impossible to pick up; even could not issue as follows - at us, hastily, wrote with clumsy handwriting the simple handle moreover and the proofreader managed to cover) where assured that our cat - the Siberian breed. We and without them knew it. No incentive prizes existed, tried more. Cats like a sphinx, tailless won. But we were removed on local television.

Katyunk`s Cat, as well as Gold, as “louse on a comb“: on hands you will not take, right there begins to dodge in every way - nearly to a head to lift up paws. And as she likes to eat! And it it is not important at all, she ate an hour ago or a second ago. Once somebody goes to kitchen, our Katyunya as a meteor runs us forward - only paws flash. When lies a kalachik, on it it seems and it is not visible that she eats much. But once she sprawls on a back, becomes similar to a carcass of a squid.

of Gold - the poured-out copy Larsika: same fluffy, and wool soft - soft, as silk (by the sizes - that it most less, as toy). It to us was returned, could not be brought up. Now with it there are no problems. Unlike other cats, besides canned food, she likes to try also what we eat: potato, macaroni, stewed cabbage, vanilla pastries and even porridge! Once we sit down at a table, it here: will get on the handle of a chair and waits, and being silent. Expression of a muzzle at it at the same time so amusing all the time. But that the most ridiculous, she at us still sucks a paw (when to us it was returned, told about it what it was difficult to believe in): will take seat, will settle on someone from us and let`s bash out, smacking the lips. At the same time Gold touches pads moreover and shows the teeth. When we give it vitamins or something from dairy, she begins to imagine and run from us. Here such amusing “child“ at us.

I, at last, my favourite - Umka. In a family it at us the most youngest. Umka was born krupnenky, a beige color (from red - that cats!) . When was born, the pleasure was not a limit. Well, how not to keep it? The kindest, the most tender of all cats. And not to compare to the father of family: here also got to me from it in the childhood! Went in tears and scratches all the time. And Larsik all of a sudden attacked. Will approach behind and as will seize a leg teeth and claws. You will begin to try to unhook hands, will seize also them. Now though the heat also ceased, but continues to know the price. What only whim it does not throw out! That, as a result of diligent washing and a pochesyvaniye, will wrap ears in the opposite direction and will make such serious physiognomy! And that will push paws in slippers as though and it is necessary.

Every morning at me begins

with the fact that the alarm clock rings, and I go to feed cats. Umka does not move a step from me, to him not to food. He runs for me a bullet in a bathroom, purrs and does not lag behind me until I do not caress him. Once, when I did not pay it due attention, he even slightly bit me for a heel. Therefore surely I set an alarm clock for 10 minutes a bit earlier.

are Loved by us and to have a sleep with pleasure as angels, changing every time of a pose. And noses - that at all different: at whom red - red, at whom pink and who at all white - ridiculous, has no words!

With little kittens the same history. We had two times of a kotyatka. Now we sterilized Katyunka. In - the first, was worn out, and in - the second, such kittens heart clenches to someone to give, then also return. And in general, at us already the fourth album is filled, and portraits everywhere on the apartment are hanged out...

I cannot but tell

about it, but when, we only - only recovered from an awful illness Larsika, the misfortune concerned also our Umki. When there comes the summer, and together with it flies, butterflies and any there living creatures, be extremely careful with the favourites, opening balcony windows. It happened in a year before last. Gathering in the morning for work, I heard a roar and a gnash of claws on iron. Having come running on a balcony, I did not find the Umochki there... Heart was without restraint clogged. Looked down (from the 7th floor!), it there. Thank God, he was living, blood was not. Mother right there carried it in a veterinarka, made a X-ray. It turned out that the pad is broken, it was necessary to impose plaster under anesthetic. There was an intolerable heat. Two days he lay in this closeness, in a somnolence, and groaned, ate nothing and did not drink. To relieve to it pain, we turned on the fan. Then it became easier for it, 2 weeks he jumped in plaster. Now he does not limp any more, but when I want to take out it to take a walk, he hides from me (probably, in memory all - there was a horror of an event).

Here our such family. I wish all love, good luck and good with the pets. Good luck you and your four-footed favourites. All kind.