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Life on light of

Natural lighting of your apartment is predetermined by planning and entirely depends on an arrangement of windows, there`s nothing to be done. But use of lamps in an interior gives a scope for imagination.

the Central chandelier

two traditional systems of lighting - local and ceremonial Exist. For the first the sconce, desk lamps and floor lamps allocating certain sites of the room, and for the second - the chandeliers which are lighting up all room in general serve.

In modern premises the central organization of an interior meets more and more seldom. Today it is not actual, in fashion more convenient planning. The apartment breaks into separate functional zones - rest, food, work. In this case existence in the center of the room of a traditional chandelier is absolutely optional. It can quite be replaced with the small light sources placed in various parts of the room.

Local lighting

it creates mood in the room - working, intimate, festive.

the Local light source besides esthetic has also functional character. For example, that is the center of gravity in hall ? Correctly - a mirror about which both guests, and members of household smarten up. Ustanavite of a sconce on both sides of a mirror at the level of the head. Above - it is impossible as the shadow falling from them darkens reflection.

of B to a bedroom night lamps can settle down as on bedside tables, and prikrepleplyatsya to a wall. Supplied with hinges, they allow to change a lighting orientation depending on the situation reading. For such lamps opaque lamp shades are recommended not to stick together an eye to the spouse who is peacefully sleeping nearby. For creation of the intimate atmosphere it is possible to use the lamp with color illumination.

Light has to fall at the left!

we try to follow This rule, establishing a desk at a window. And if it is necessary to work in a night-time? As for an artificial light source, not only desk lamps, but also floor with a mobile arm which can be established at discretion are very convenient. It is not necessary to use bulbs with power over 60 W. The dazzling stream of light reflected by a white surface of paper gets directly into eyes and damages eyesight.

All - to a ceiling!

of B to a nursery it is better for h2 not to use portable desk lamps. It is easy to overturn them that can bring unfortunately, especially if in the house the small child. The trailing lamp moving in the horizontal direction is very convenient. Supplied with a long cord, it can be used also as a local light source over a table for drawing, in a corner for games or at the child`s bed. Recently very cheerful lamp shades with machines, bears, hares etc. who, for certain, will please your child were available for sale.


At a table, under the lamp shade

of B of a drawing room , in a food zone, most often use the suspended illuminants which are going down to a dining table. Their quantity and an arrangement depend on a table form: over a round or square table they are grouped around one center, over rectangular - settle down linearly.

In kitchen additional lamps are necessary for

over a workplace. The ordinary halogen or luminescent bulbs attached under the top number of lockers significantly facilitate work.

America? Europe?

Modern light direction is conditionally subdivided by

into the American and European styles. At individualists - Americans all lighting of the house is constructed on a sconce. They practically do not apply chandeliers. As it is paradoxical, the apartment saturation wall lamps allows to save money - the person always is only in one place. And full illumination joins only to arrival of guests that there at them happens not so often. Similar “zones of illumination“ psychologically separate family members, but everyone has the private, “isolated“ from all world.

Unlike American the “European“ style assumes use of a chandelier. Bright ceremonial light which as if unites a family in a whole. What to choose from the esthetic, psychological and economic points of view - completely depends only on you.