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The story about how we met

- There now, - the doctor of a maternity welfare unit on the next survey - told the 39th week. Let`s give birth soon!
- Oh! - scaredly and at the same time impatiently I exclaim. - And is soon when?
- Perhaps in May, and can - and in June...
- Is better in May!
- If in May, then you can also at us; and here if in June, then, most likely, it is necessary to look for other maternity hospital. This from the 5th on a washing will be closed.
- As so? - nearly I pay. - Said that after 20...
- Who spoke?
- Means, we will give rise in May! - categorically I declare.

I Leave an office with firm intention to give rise here. By the way, the maternity hospital about which there is a speech is remarkable nothing of that kind special. Neither the modern equipment, nor modern separate chambers “mother - the child“. And the building did not know repair long ago. But for those nearly nine months that I weekly passed by its windows and saw faces of really happy people, it became me native and about any other maternity hospital I also did not want to hear.

went to a stop So far, all the time talked to the sonny (I already precisely knew that I wait for the boy) - asked to hurry with birth. PDR put on May 27, and it was Monday - 19.

Sitting down in a minibus, felt slight pain in the bottom of a stomach. Noted at home that pain amplified. Decided to lie down. By the evening everything passed (as it became clear later - it is and there were those training fights about which write very much).

collected by

a bag in maternity hospital Next day. So. Just in case!

All next two days ran hourly in a toilet - looked for a mucous stopper. The stomach fell long ago - about two weeks ago.

On Thursday woke up, as usual, at six in the morning. The stomach ached a bit again. But this time more skhvatkoobrazno and with breaks. While the husband had breakfast, I sat opposite and about myself reflected how it is better to arrive: to stay at home one and if what, it is simple to call “ambulance“ or at once together to go to maternity hospital? I will tell honestly, one it was terrible...

I here when the door began to be closed behind my darling, I did not bear and cried: “Stand, it seems to me, I give birth!“ It is necessary to pay it tribute, it kept the good fellow! In common we made the decision for a start to go to my doctor, the benefit consultation was directly opposite to maternity hospital.

All road me the fever banged though behind a window there was a fine May morning. Somewhere halfway I began to stammer shy that already everything, apparently, passed, and, maybe, it is time to turn back... The husband was unshakable. Stepped over a threshold of an office of the doctor. At once it became somehow easier for me (probably, I understood that there is no place to recede now and there is no need).

- the Head of the child is already probed - the doctor reported.
- Oh, oh, oh! It I am direct an ugly face now?
- Now... It is direct... But today - tomorrow you will precisely give rise!
- Means, it is possible so far home? - with hope I peeped.
- What “home“? In maternity hospital! Vividly!

Having received the direction with the conclusion about harbingers of childbirth, we go through the road to doors of delivery room. I try to joke. Inside everything shivers. On hours - nine mornings.

B reception us was met by quite pleasant woman of average years and asked to wait a little. At this time I manage to call mother, to point to the husband to the stand where it is written what is possible and what cannot be brought to women in labor, and in passing I note that for April - May nearly one boys (and speak, on 10 little girls were born...). Minutes last painfully long. In soul the whole cocktail of feelings. Here and the pleasure from a fast meeting with the kid, and fear of childbirth, and pride that could, reached a home straight, and it is a lot more what unclear is added.

the voice does not allow to Understand itself the same woman from reception: “Well, who here at us gives birth, you?“ I answer that I... Heart starts over again beating without restraint. But in passing I catch myself on thought that it is awfully pleasant to me to hear it!

Further happens as in the slowed-down cinema. Filling of a heap of papers, inquiries about the course of my pregnancy, measurement of temperature, pressure etc. At last, all preparations are finished.

- Give all your clothes. With only a bottle of water and objects of personal hygiene - a towel, toothpaste, a brush, a hairbrush, toilet paper, soap. In total.
- As - “all“? And, I`m sorry, pants, shirt, dressing gown? And cell phone, and favourite detective?
- Here to you not the resort! Will once read books, and all necessary you will be given. Use of the cell phone is forbidden, pants just will not be necessary for you to the extract.

Ya shocked! Frankly speaking, did not expect that everything will be so strict.

Contents of my package smoothly pass

to the husband. My honesty also brings me! Really, I remain with a tiny plastic bag in which several hygienic accessories lonely dangle. I say goodbye to the husband and again I catch myself on thought that did not even manage to have a little cry, as usual, in especially solemn occasions at him on a shoulder.

Me, absolutely naked, is transferred to the nurse`s hands. Further events develop quite promptly. Enema, washing, subhairstyle traditionally stupid scissors of already short nails. Pobrivki was succeeded to avoid happily (managed to make it on the eve of the house). I feel perfectly. The stomach hurts poorly. At monthly feelings are much stronger.

I here I dressed in the dimensionless, but absolutely pure and starched nightgown and the flannel dressing gown which is washed off zapashny, probably, not up to the end in time to dry out after washing go to a subsoil of maternity hospital. Before it the woman from reception approached me with a type of the conspirator again and put cellular in a pocket of my dressing gown. It appears, the husband managed to finish it, and, absolutely free of charge. However, as then it became clear, cellular in maternity hospital at all with itself.

we Rise with the nurse by the second floor. On the first those who on preservation lie on the second - rodzala, the operating room, prenatal and postnatal chambers, on the third - office of pathology. I am transferred now to hands of the young girl again - the doctor. It fills in on me the map, in passing very in detail asking on everything that concerned not only the pregnancy, but also the period before.

I Go to prenatal chamber. Chamber big - on six people, but I there one. My bed is already made. Directly before a huge window. I lie - I look at the street. There, in morning beams of the sun, people hurry on the affairs. At heart light-and solemnly! The stomach almost does not hurt. Then the doctor came. Invited in a viewing office. After survey on a chair doctors puzzly exchange glances.

- Well and what disturbs you? - ask me.
- Pains in the bottom of a stomach, similar on monthly.
- Long ago?
- Since the morning.
- as fell down at Night?
- As killed!
- Yes, the darling... It is not childbirth yet. Early you to us came. It is necessary to wait still.
- How to wait? Where?
- On the first floor to lie down. In office of gynecology.
- And how many to wait? If long, I so can is better home so far?
Look at me as on abnormal, but explain quietly and patiently:“ Home it is impossible. You can give rise in any day“.
- Day?
Ya in horror! But already nobody pays attention to me. Viewing became empty. The nurse helps to get down from a chair, gives a dressing gown and slippers.
- Eh, in vain only klizmitsya! - she laments.

I Am got up and move behind it on the first floor. We pass by the delivery room. Behind a door someone gives birth. Starts over again podtryasyvat me... Now obviously for fear!

On the first it is cheerful and noisy. To and fro pregnant women with huge and not really stomachs scurry about. All of them in the pajamas and cozy dressing gowns. I look on their background as the orphan - the girl without dowry. The mood finally falls. I come into chamber number zero. There are three beds. Two of them are busy. As it becomes clear then, girls are neigbours on deadlines too. Lie more than a week. Nightmare! At once I begin to touch the affairs planned for today mentally. And ahead days off, behind a window of heat of 30 degrees! In chamber closeness, and somehow again drives despondency (why I here; what was not stayed at home...) . I call the husband. I report that I do not give birth yet, I ask to bring a package of things back. I complain of what is unknown how many now it is necessary to lie here, and I am angry with the special consciousness.

the Stomach starts over again aching foully. Also the feeling of hunger joins. The house was not succeeded to have breakfast, I was late for a local breakfast, and a lunch not soon. Little girls guess my thoughts and treat who than. In passing I learn that at one of them the mucous stopper departed still a month ago, and in general term already approaches 42 weeks, and at another the stomach aches as at me within two weeks. Absolutely I lose courage!

Which - as promayalas till a lunch. Descended to the dining room and understood what is absolutely it was ceased to want. In the evening the husband brought a distressful package, and for dinner I already left in full rigging - in the pregnant shirt and a dressing gown. I try to fall asleep at night. In chamber hot and stuffy, mosquitoes peep, the throat for some reason hurts and the stomach continues to ache, but now also somehow strange pricks. It seemed, I begin to doze. Suddenly I open eyes from sharp noise and I see that one of my neigbours is on the bed on all fours. I ask: “What happened?“ And it: “Waters, apparently, departed“. Urgently we turn on the light - precisely, indeed. In total around in water (never thought that it will be very much!). On hours 01:30. Ran for the sister on point duty, that called the doctor on duty. After survey the verdict - gives birth. Said goodbye quickly. Traditional wish “Good luck“, traditional answer “To hell“. I am shifted to its bed - there though blows a little. Again we turn off the light. Now I lie and I listen - suddenly already gave rise.

the back Begins to ache. Strangely enough, but it pleases me (can, moved off dead center?) . I go to a toilet. Coming back, I understand that again I want there. The back aches more and stronger. In a stomach pricks already too mighty well. To fall asleep there are no chances. I leave in a corridor, hoping to find the nurse on point duty on the place. Anybody. Pokhodiv minutes 15, I come back. My neigbour peacefully sleeps. Again I lay down and try to doze. Still remote feeling of alarm joins pain. And again the route which became already habitual in the last hour: chamber - a corridor - a toilet - a post - chamber. Pain all amplifies! Begins to reach is fights! I give birth! Mummies - and - and! More likely, to find the nurse. I run if it is possible to call it so, along a corridor in search of the nurse.

At last, approximately through an hour and a half I understand that it is time to undertake something. I awake the neigbour. But, as it becomes clear, she does not know too where the nurse. I run on the second floor. There the silence and only somewhere in the distance with insult cries the baby. In the head knocks:“ Still slightly - slightly - and mine too here will also begin to cry!“ It gives me speed. I run again down. In reception. Already dreaming to find though someone from medical personnel. And, about pleasure, I hear someone`s sweet posapyvaniye. It appears - it is that nurse. Back we run already together. And again survey on a chair, but now the same doctors that rendered a verdict to my neigbour 2 hours ago. Looked - conferred. Wanted to puncture a bubble, but changed the mind. Asked the nurse to make to me soothing and still some two pricks, and to me advised to have a sleep. I come back to chamber. I lay down. The stomach hurts intolerably. On one or four hours of morning. Constantly the nurse with a question looks: “You do not sleep?“ But what to fall asleep here... I lie and I pay. I ring six to the husband, I say weepingly that I give birth that to me it is sick and terrible... He got agitated, but tries not to give a sign. Calms. And I can already speak only between fights. In the rest of the time very quietly I howl. I persuade myself not to shout at any pain. Regular contractions - each 4 - 5 minutes. The nurse comes, calls on a chair again. There change already another came, and I get to that young vrachikha again that yesterday accepted me (there is no escaping fate). She looks and the manager of office. State disclosure of a neck on 4 fingers. Puncture a bubble (I am bent to look in a basin - waters pure and very warm); with waters also the mucous stopper departs.

of Fight after that became absolutely painful. Again I come back to start: enema, washing etc. It is good that though documents had to be filled in still yesterday. Now these procedures to me seem intolerable. Back the nurse supports me already. I move legs between fights. In the head rustles. It seems that from pain here - here you will faint. Nevertheless, we reach the second floor without incident. Again it appear in prenatal on the same bed opposite to a big window. And again one. Only now I do not care resolutely there is nothing. The husband calls. I in semi-nonsense something answer, I apologize, I pay and I say that I, probably, die. I call mother - I bellow! To Creech in a corridor that I cannot more that it is time for me in patrimonial. The doctor, and with her the midwife - Raisa Ivanovna comes. Look, try to calm... I cannot rise and go any more. I try to prodykhivat fights, mentally remembering everything that read. It turns out figovo! I lie and sob in a voice. From the beginning of my emergence in prenatal there pass about two hours. In intervals between fights which are shorter and shorter I manage to think that, probably, my neigbour in chamber already gave rise. Awfully it becomes is a pity for itself. But the new wave of fight covers completely, without dismissing any ideas in the head. At last for me come. Hardly, at a snail`s pace, I dopletatsya to the delivery room. The benefit to go only couple of meters. There I appear not one. On the next table my neigbour. Lies and quietly so postanyvat. I from surprise and surprise even became silent.

Which - as got on a table. Put on a disposable paper hat, the same shirt the head; on legs - cellophane boot covers. Connected a heap of droppers, some devices. Lie, speak, suffer, and, above all breathe correctly (and I so hoped that business approaches end...). Intervals between fights descended on zero. Pain became just brutal. The midwife approached, and I to her shout: “Raisa Ivanovna, my dear, make something, I die - at - at - at!“ And it to me: “It is so direct and you die?“ And slowly corrects a dropper. After that, however, the lovely man - anasteziolog came and vigorously so inquired:“ Well, girls, to whom narkozika?“

- Me, a skor - e - e! - I zaprichitat. - Anything, only that became easier at least slightly - slightly! Stuck to us with my neigbour epiduralny anesthesia and after that I solved: “Here it, happiness!“ However, why it to my neigbour was made, I did not understand since it already lay as then it seemed to me, practically without fights. As a result I appeared the rights in the suspicions. Doctors waited a little more, then conferred and took away it on unplanned Caesarian (as it became clear, in time, because the child was twisted with an umbilical cord; and this fact confirms high qualification of doctors only once again). But at that time still nobody knew about an obvitiya and when all left, about me there were only a nurse and two girls - probationers. It is necessary to tell that before the heap to the people was pushed around. I lay, having covered eyes, and already even began to doze under a measured potikivaniye of hours over my head when suddenly air cut through loud, healthy children`s crying. And so to me at heart became well, so quietly...
- Gave rise, thank God, were in time! - the nurse exhaled.

A in a few minutes by was carried by absolutely tiny, wrapped in an old flannelette blanket, the newborn sonny of my distressful neigbour. I looked at it and understood that for anything, under no circumstances I will not die here! Now, when I in one step from a meeting with the own child, I have to, I am simply obliged to try with the last bit of strength!

When in half an hour all returned again in rodzat, over my head all the numerous lamps the huge surgical chandelier brightly flashed, the anasteziya was already disconnected and pain started over again penetrating my body, concentrating now mainly in the left side. There was a feeling that from insekh painful points it removed exactly there and from it is such notable. Next check of disclosure of a neck of a uterus.
- Disclosure full, is time!

the Table under me is transformed by

to a chair. Around me people in white dressing gowns crowded at once. The manager quietly explains how it is correct to make an effort. The nurse wipes sweat from a forehead and quietly whispers: “Give, pretty, pull the socks up, it is absolutely sensitive remained!“

On my stomach the hand of a young vrachikha appears. “Time - - give two!“ Anything. By. Explain what I do not so. Again fight, and again attempt to make everything it is correct. And again by. I nearly pay. It seems that now my body will become torn on thousands of small scraps, and the child promoted on only several centimeters. And here the midwife reports that she already saw black volosik of my boy for a moment. It gives me forces and on the next attempt, not without the aid of a scalpel, I felt how the volume weight which was coexisting with me all these 9 months and became already integral part me promptly moves down. The stomach last time rose, published farewell “blyum!“ and in hands of the midwife my long-awaited kid dropped out!

My God what it was happiness! In the next minutes my nerves did not sustain; those emotions which I persistently muffled in myself the last 9 hours escaped outside. I cried as I, probably, never in life, told all thanks, pressing the hot, for some reason seeming to me then dark, desperately shouting lump to the breast. It were tears of joy, fatigue and huge, just inhuman happiness! What can be more important than this minute in life...

So on May 23, 2008 at 13:05 in Sokolsky maternity hospital of the city of Lipetsk I after three years of expectation became mother of the most wonderful kid - my Arseny. Everything that happened to me then on a maternity table, already concerned me a little. The afterbirth birth, process of mending and processing of external and internal seams, a washing - everything had no value any more. I saw before myself blue eyes of the child, and it seemed, in the whole world there are only we together! Somewhere in an hour I heard as on a post phone impatiently calls. Then the midwife came and reported that it my husband called, and she congratulated him on the son`s birth. And still she told that the voice at the husband shivered. Or perhaps it only this way seemed to it, but I want to think quite so, so, so it also was!

In two hours when the last dropper dug out, and ice on a stomach already rather melted, I was transported in chamber. There, except me, only one girl lay. At it in two days the daughter was born before. Phone this day did not stop till the evening.

the Description of mine, to be exact, now of our further stay in maternity hospital is already absolutely other history... But, probably, finally it is necessary to tell about the following.

Me pleasantly was struck by the relation of medical personnel of maternity hospital. In the beginning I wrote that the maternity hospital is perceptible nothing special. It`s not true! It is remarkable! Also it is remarkable people who work there. I consider that I was very lucky in the almost casual choice. Now I advise all the friends and acquaintances to give birth only there. Any employee from the ordinary nurse and to the manager of office is an excellent expert and just sensitive, sympathetic person. Not without reason in the most imperceptible corner I found the magazine of reviews of maternity hospital, literally up and down used up by one warm words to health workers.

I I did not become an exception. In the response I wrote large letters: “Thanks for the son and that you do not discourage at people to return to you again!“

Ya very much I hope that I will be able shortly to fulfill this wish!