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My diets of

the Diet are my way of life. Here I drew such conclusion for myself. After million attempts and wanderings from one diet to another, I decided that the diet has to become my way of life.

About my 18 years I had a remarkable figure, and weight - 47 kg. But after 18 years there was a hormonal failure, and I began to recover slowly. At first I did not notice it at all, though work in the market, and constant trips broke normal food. And when by 22 years my weight began to approach 80 kg, I also began the experiments with diets.

That I only did not try - both kefiric, and apple, and many others. Yes, weight left, but then again came back.

I Saw a doctor, but the doctor, to my astonishment, at first asked how many I earn, and, having learned the sum, told that with such salary to me to be treated very long. Of course, after such words the desire to see a doctor was gone.

Already absolutely having despaired, I decided on hunger strike. The whole month I practically ate nothing, drank tea for weight loss. My flavoring receptors so became aggravated that when I ate soup, felt all ingredients of soup. I cannot tell that I at all ate during this period nothing - no, of course, ate, but very little. It was difficult only the first week, and then it is normal. I even during this period did not watch TV and almost with anybody did not communicate. Read books and listened to music. Generally, spent holidays in solitary life, plus to everything I went on foot much every day. It, naturally, yielded the results, and 15 kg just disappeared. My pleasure was not a limit, and, naturally, after I slowly adjusted the diet. The greatest pleasure was to buy new things which well emphasized my figure.

But in half a year I started gaining weight over again. And all my dumped 15 kg slowly, but returned to me. And again campaigns on doctors. They only made a helpless gesture and spoke:“ Well what it is possible to advise - diets“. However, one doctor advised me a preparation for weight loss. Having spent on drink packing, I dumped 5 kg, but again for a while.

Once I met by

the acquaintance who grew thin by means of an enema. It lost weight, but such weight loss, sorry, on the fan. I, naturally, tried. Yes, the effect was, but eternally it is impossible to be engaged in it and guts can be ruined. Generally, everything that dumped, again slowly gathered.

Perhaps of course, at me and a family tree such - mother not strongly full, and here the grandmother weighed 90 kg.

Soon I decided that with diets it is necessary to take a break, and registered to the pool. Began to go three times a day. Practically did not lose weight, but the feeling of ease very much was pleasant. Gradually to the pool added a bath of times a week to campaigns. I even registered in occupations by oriental dances and began to go constantly. Generally, developed to itself the schedule and, of course, slowly began to lose weight.

Though doctors also said that even from - for weight I will not become pregnant. But I do not know what influenced me, but in a year of such mode “the pool-dances-a bath“ I became pregnant.

Well, and here - that my organism cleared up … Not to tell that I ate, on the contrary, even less usual much, but, of course, gained weight. After the delivery and epiduralny anesthesia. Already in maternity hospital I grew thin for 10 kg. Then could not eat the whole month practically normally, appetite was not at all. Weakness was awful, and here still it is necessary to feed the kid. Ate kaloriyno and restored forces. As soon as began to feel better and ceased to nurse the kid, naturally, was accepted to diets. At first month arranged herself fasting days with special cocktail. Took on one orange, a lemon and grapefruit, squeezed out juice and mixed everything with 1 liter of mineral water without gas. Dumped 5 kg. And here I reflected how to make so that they, kilograms, did not return. I decided after 6 in the evening nothing is. But not only some there mesyachishko and how many I will hold on. And already one and a half years I quietly do not eat after 6 in the evening, and weight slowly leaves. And if one and a half years ago I weighed 95 kg, then 85 now. Of course, to it slowly I begin to add physical activities - the pool.