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Our favourite wild beasts of

U me two dear daughters. They do not imagine life without animals. Constantly ask to bring the new family member - moustached or striped. In total they have not enough though at us and there is a lot of living creatures in spite of the fact that we live in the apartment. It both cat Mashunya, and grape snail, and aquarian small fishes, and now also hare Ushan. Yes, the most real hare, gray and with long pads and large ears. How it at us appeared? Now I will tell.

Once in the summer, at the dacha, early in the morning my oldest daughter Anna went to a kitchen garden behind a cheesecake, but soon came running back, shining with happiness, holding a small gray lump in hand.

- the Hare! Hare! - Ania squealed for pleasure. Yes, it really was the hare who was such tiny that did not even manage to escape from it. Our giving is located near the wood, and sometimes big hares ran on kitchen gardens and ran to gnaw to us cabbage. That it is necessary to let out it the daughter did not want and to listen, at her at once peas from eyes shed tears, and I had to reconcile and accept in seven one more members - a hare Ushanya.

So we it called

not at once because when it was small - ears were small too, but in process of growth ears began to increase considerably. Often there will be ours ushastik and ears will be exposed as locators in different directions. And such impression that honor trunks and is not present, one ears.

As Ushan absolutely small got to us, probably, to it then one and a half months were from a sort or two, no more, we had to bring up him a milk from a small bottle. In the beginning the zaychyonok did not understand how it should be drunk, and the milk spread by a mouth, and sometimes got even into a nose, and the hare sniffed. Tried the medical syringe with a pipette and a children`s small bottle, but the toy small bottle most of all was suitable for feeding of the Aniny doll. From it it was most convenient to hare to drink, and he fell in love with this business.

When we brought the hare home, our cat Mashunya met him very friendly. It at us absolutely black, with beautiful yellow eyes and extraordinary tender. She sniffed at it and zamurchat as though it was her kitten though it yet never had kittens. The hare too ran up at once to a cat under paws and tried to find everything at her sisyu with a milk. It took a cat for a doe hare. Here so they also made friends. They began to run together on rooms and if the leveret was killed into any reserved corner, it was easy to us to find it as the cat always sat next and watched it. And still quite often the cat showed maternal care, licking the hare as though the native kitten. The hare did not refuse such gentle care.

On a balcony we had a special cage with the taking-out tray from below, as for hamsters. There also we lodged our new pet. In a tray I spread at first rags, and put a grass on it. And every day changed everything on fresh and as the hare grew up, and is more often - two times in a day. Ushan liked to sit there, to have a rest quietly from an importunate cat, to gnaw a grass and to make “affairs“. Though nobody accustomed him, but the hare got to us quite clean. He did “things“ regularly - only in a cage on a grass. And when it grew up, and we cleaned a cage, having left only a tray, the hare continued to write and leave “peas“ in it. Well unless sometimes in addition “peas“ which - where rolled on a balcony.

the Hare grew at

very quickly and soon itself learned to drink a milk from a small saucer. It ate quite variously, loved apples, carrot which while it was tiny, I grated different greens, cabbage. Ania brought fresh leaves of a willow and dandelions. Then I bought in specialized shop a set grain for decorative rabbits who were to the taste Ushanya too, but all the same milk remained the most favourite his dish. He drinks it very quickly, quicker than a cat. Mashunya puts the nose in a saucer with a jaundiced eye too (what he drinks it with such appetite?) but is disappointed when noses out that it is all - navsy milk.

Now to our greyish friend, I think, there will be five months soon. The hair became more rough, reminds hair of a dog to the touch. It not such and timid as in books write about hares. Ania plays with it a soft toy, and Ushanchik sniffs and safely beats her with paws. With children and a cat likes to run about on rooms, of course, it is not such territory which would be for it in the native wood. All are run, and then lie hekat - have a rest.

I Know

, in the wood the hare would have absolutely other life, more saturated. Though it is unknown how there would be its destiny.

Here it is loved, and he feels it. Some get in the apartment of decorative rabbits, and we have a hare.

Still wants to tell about a little animal who lives with us, about a grape snail. This favourite animal of my younger two-year-old daughter Alice. This ideal animal for people who want to make the little friend, but the territory or shortage of free time do not allow to make it. Snails - rather unpretentious beings. They do not take a lot of place.

Alice likes to play

with a snail, it is almost located at it in a palm. And absolutely it not opposite as many think, and even cheerful. The daughter likes to touch to rozhek on a head of a grape snail, and the snail hides them. But for a while, having long hidden to sit it is uninteresting. Alice cheerfully laughs. How many pleasure at the baby!

Grape snails - herbivorous. Daughters with pleasure collected for it a clover, dandelion leaves, and it is possible to give salad and a germinated grass for cats (from pet-shop) also vegetables, fruit, sometimes an egg shell, they need calcium. She lives at us in the closed terrarium. In it there is for it every day a fresh clear water. To clean a terrarium so far to have more often to me, but the main thing is that we teach our girls to care for dumb animals, we teach them to kindness. Looking at us, adults, children learn to love animals, to look after them, to feed, clean. Carrying out all this, children grow and become attentive and observant, sensitive and careful, and, above all kind and hardworking people.

to our father love to aquarian small fishes was imparted since the childhood, and it does not represent life without them. Can sit for hours near an aquarium and watch favourite skalyariya and gura.

I it is not important at all who lives with us under the same roof, the barking or mewing, singing or absolutely silent being, that positive that they give us, cannot replace nobody!