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The kid does not want to eat or How to feed the child of

Ya - young mother. First child, first experiences, pleasures and difficulties. In my immediate environment there were no mothers with kids, and opinions of own mother to me seemed outdated.

the Sonny grew at

and together with it there were first questions. When and how to begin a feeding up? The doctor and my mother convinced that it is possible to give juice from 3 months, to enter broths from 6 months. I looked for the answer on the Internet and found only contradictions. Then I was helped by the husband who told:“ Accept that opinion which corresponds to the phrase “do not do much harm“. Considering it, I made the decision that it is not necessary to hurry with a feeding up. There are many responses that the early feeding up caused various problems with health of children. But I did not find responses from which would follow that at introduction of a feeding up after 6 months and later children had dystrophy or that they lacked something (an exception when before introduction of a feeding up already costs such or other diagnoses demanding an early feeding up).

Thus, I decided that it is not necessary to hurry with a feeding up and what for? the Opinion that it is necessary to give earlier that all to be in time - is not proved. Early introduction of juice can lead to diseases of a gastrointestinal tract and an allergy, and introduction of fruit purees before vegetable can lead to the fact that the child just will not like taste of vegetables.


of the Recommendation about introduction of a feeding up from literature and the Internet. And here what problem I faced what itself drew conclusions, I want to share.

At first the child tried everything with pleasure, but later when it was necessary to replace dairy mix with normal food, the son began to refuse to eat.

the Small appetite or even full refusal of food - young mothers often meet such problem. And there are no unambiguous decisions.

In my case, perhaps, from my persistence or from features of the child the son had an emetic reflex. And practically on everything. Especially on porridges and new products. Often sat down to a table to eat and began to cry at once. Often ate standing on its stool or sitting on hands. Not to express it in words when you understand that it is necessary to feed the child when it is necessary to give vegetables, to enter meat, and he so reacts. In the summer all gave to children of berry, and to mine put in a mouth, and it at once back, plainly without having tried. And it is senseless to distract. Thought out ways, looked for various options to feed the child. And my efforts were not vain. The child changed. Began to eat more, began to eat meat, potatoes, etc. He began to eat what caused in due time refusal and such strong emetic reflex!

Now the child sits in a stool and eats, tries even independently a spoon. So far hardly there are pieces, the food which is badly crushed or meat, difficulties with introduction of new products. And I look for again new ways that the son ate also it.

I understand

I how many still we should pass to adjust food. Having passed already main stage of a feeding up, I drew conclusions:

  1. not to force the child;
  2. to
  3. so far it small, and it is really terrible to leave it hungry, it is possible to allow to eat something else. Kefir, mashed potatoes, milk or mix - everything that eats though something to calm a little itself and not to leave the child absolutely hungry;
  4. to feed with
  5. slowly;
  6. to try to draw attention to food, to show how mother eats or even if a bear but not to distract from food on another, not to arrange representation before it;
  7. it is possible, to put to itself on knees, having become slightly more senior, the kid will get into a plate allegedly to mother, and actually to himself;
  8. to allow it a spoon that there was a desire most to inform
  9. itself of food;
  10. before food, for example, before a lunch, it is good to take a walk without having a snack, then the child will have an appetite, and in the evening after water procedures; it is obligatory for li to praise and tell
  11. : “As well you eat as mother is glad“, “Oh as you eat!“ “as it is tasty“, etc.; to smile to the child and to show what mother pleases that he well eats.

I most - the main thing to behave and not to swear, not to shout.

If to the child only enter a feeding up, then the reasons why the child refuses food, much - did not try out, it is necessary 10 to give time, does not know that it is possible to gorge on, etc. Therefore it is not necessary to hurry and it is necessary to offer through time again and again.

If the child is more senior than two years, then it is possible to learn to agree, make together the menu, etc. That is to use pedagogical receptions in education. To buy a plate at the bottom of which interesting drawing. But that to see it, it is necessary to eat everything. Only to put at first absolutely a little bit that the child could master and see result. If the child is even more senior, then there and between meals not to give food, but when the child already understands it why do not give.

the Most difficult age just of a year to two when the child already eats normal food and at the same time cannot understand and agree with mother still. Mother should listen to the child, to observe him. Well there cannot be constantly a child hungry, he eats something. Perhaps to add little by little, maybe, soups will better go. Here fish at my child did not go, and fish soup eats well. I try to rejoice to each spoon.

Should remember

that all of us have fact what we do not like to eat that there can be teeth, or not moods and that there are children who badly eat and already at more advanced age. And that to avoid the last, it is necessary to make efforts for education of healthy nutrition at the child.

Should look for options, to try to approach differently food of the child, and all both at you, and at me will turn out. I dream that I will cook well to the child, and he will eat everything greedily. Also I trust, time was overcome by problems with a feeding up, means and everything at us will happen next. The most important - tranquility!