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Joint gift for mother of

At the wife the sliding schedule and therefore she the birthday at work carried out Last year
in the Morning I opened eyes - to me it became bad, the wife on birthday I did not buy
And frankly speaking, is hard to please it - Without it I would not decide to buy
something acceptable. by
Perhaps to make a dinner festive, to wash the floor and to tidy up the house, an order with a tasty dinner for the wife to present
Only got down I to business, my son Sashka began to groan: to
“The father, the father, it will be possible to help I too?“
Ya thought and solved:“ Will be together more cheerful,
And business - that with the assistant will quicker move“. I Began
with cleaning of kitchen: cups, circles washed up,
However, my assistant nevertheless couple of mugs broke.
Ya removed dust, filled a watering can and solved - I will water flowers, Only I see
- something white already watered them. Sashka made by
an explanation: “I poured kefir in flowers.
“You drink kefir - you grow quicker“, - you often spoke to me“.
needs to wash up a floor. And Sashka, having run up to a bucket of water,
Overturned a pack of “Tayd“ and told: “For purity“.
That`s all, remained only which - that to me to wash, to
Sasha here: “I wish to push linen in “Indezit“!“
In boiled water under ninety “Indezit“ washed clothes, But on the end of washing I all black got
Unloading towels, undershirts, sheets, pants,
Ya was found by already not black leather jacket of the wife... We finished
with cleaning and took seat at a plate -
festive for mother we have to make the Dinner.
Ya put all saucepans on slightly visible spark
I, having awfully got tired, on a sekundochka lay down.
For now I on a sofa had iridescent dreams, Sashka took
and against the stop on a plate opened cranes.
Only when on all apartment of children and a soot spread,
Ya woke up and saw that in saucepans - pieces of coal.
Sashka cried, pounding the sea slyozok and a snivel:
“The father, I wanted that the dinner was made quicker“. “That will we do
, darling? How to correct an error?
Oh, is necessary at restaurant a dinner now to order.
at mother - birthday. Without dinner it is impossible for us. We it will order
, only in soot all plate now.
Well, saucepans in a case we will hide - not to spoil purity,
But a plate - in a case you will not hide that - it is necessary to clean to us a plate“.
I so far by phone I ordered food, my assistant white paint painted with
a dirty plate...
Oh, now will come the wife. Late to us to change something,
Perhaps, while everything dries, we will not open a door?
Sitting in the middle of the apartment, mother half an hour cries:
“Is never better to meet this birthday to me!
As it was necessary “to be sung“ and to make every effort,
That is so much affairs “good“ yes so quickly to make?“
the Son clung a cheek to mother: “Mummy, forgive me,
We tried that today you happy were“.
Mother a look became warmer and, having brushed away a tear from a cheek,
Whispered: “I on you do not hold offense any more“.