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Pierre Beskhvostov of

- I, certainly, can give to Kostya the keys, but where a guarantee that he and will not lose them?. - nervously Sergey walked up and down on a drawing room.

- Kostya, pockets checked everything? - Katya worried.

- All. Even in winter clothes … - reached from where - that a children`s voice.

- And in the car could not forget yesterday?

- Well, and as if I got home after school? - the eight-year-old little boy crept out on all fours from - for a sofa and is guilty stretched: - And that is ut there is no All family …

, except for an old fifteen-year-old dog of dark color, rushed on the house in search of the lost keys. Mother Katya in half an hour went to studio, on the way abandoning Kostik in school; the head of family was already late in office, and the damned sheaf belonging to the forgetful son did not wish to catch sight in any way.

- And these hard workers, - Sergey suspiciously looked at the wife, - well which connected a cable television … They could not whistle?

Ekaterina shrugged shoulders:

- I could not watch each their step. Kostik near them turned. And Pierre.

- Kostya what they spoke about?

- Well, about wires, about flat-nose pliers … I about school was asked. About estimates.

- Nda - and, just in case it is necessary to change locks, - the father grumbled.

the Dog it is noisy sighed, turned the head and with sad disgust looked at vanity. Having risen, slowly went to a corridor.

- Watch

! - Katya whispered and nodded after Pierre.

the Husband stood, watching a dog leave; solemnly also Kostya began to smile.

In a hall something tinkled, and later couple of seconds the pet came back to the hall, carefully bearing the lost keys in teeth. Having approached the eight-year-old friend, put them before him on a floor.

- the Fine fellow, Pierre! - the son began to jump for pleasure. - Rescued me from scolding.

- Well, gives!. - the head of the family shook the head. - As if understands all our words.

Katya patted a dog on a dense nape:

- the Clear head you are ours.

the house became empty Soon, all parted; the dog remained to wait for not fast return of owners alone.

* * *

“Pierre … Invented imechko! It seems, the famous Russian classic presented with the same sobriquet the literary hero; besides at my daddy the nickname began on “P“. Porthos, it seems, was, - through a sticky sleepiness it is lazy the old dog reflected. - Well though ears did not touch. What you will not tell about a tail …“

Each weekday it remained alone before the return from cheerful Kostya`s school - home to that was permitted to go independently. They went at once to the street where Pierre imposingly celebrated dog need; slowly walked around the house. Also went back, haughtily looking at coward neighbour`s cats. Then the little boy had dinner the delicacies which are in advance prepared by Katya, without forgetting to share with the friend generously.

For now the dog peacefully dozed waiting for familiar children`s steps on a footpath that an arrow crossed a green lawn before a new two-storeyed mansion.

“Strange however. Very few people remember, whom it happened to be in antecedents. And I to see, the lucky, - with the same measured not haste difficult and not dog thoughts enveloped the big dog head, - precisely I know: was a writer! Also suffered in a literary field - died to term earlier“.

From - for the gushed memoirs the bit of a tail moved; from nostrils the lingering sigh escaped.

“The real writers - it is similar to the flying programmers. Once the plot arises, the spoon with soup on the way to a mouth brakes, while contents do not become a jelly. Or in a toilet go with the handle in teeth where zamesto the necessary business a scribble strikes on toilet paper, and members of household, unconcernedly, howl and jump under a door. Or to take, for example, my tragic case …“

Pierre slightly opened one eye, hardly guided sharpness of the sight which sat down by an old age: the dial of a floor watch showed midday. Early.

“Romanchik perhaps I then wrote

? Or glued a short povestushka from stories - I do not remember. One in virtual memory strongly got stuck - everything in work shone genuine gloss: an evfoniya, an exposition, very tectonics, an intrigue, and even the cooler a locale came to lovely sight! Yes here the trouble - seemed unsuccessful an outcome. It did not turn out, figuratively speaking a man`s clause. Though castrate - I will not remember that mean sophisticated a sloves, however terms everything in a head remained!. So, about what I?. Ah and! About tragic death, my premature demise …“

of the Paw from sharpness of the culmination strained; ears gathered to the top, having wrinkled an accordion skin under the thinned wool: “I crossed the road, reflecting on alteration of the final. And once the fresh breeze blew, having disseminated utter darknesses fog, rubber began to squeal on asphalt, and struck sideways an opposite muzzle of “Tavriya“!. Eh … Yes what from that car to take?. Such equipment in it is poisonous - orange color needs to be painted that normal people far off noticed and jumped aside!.“


I again in a drawing room distributed a heavy dog sigh. And again one eye adjusted sharpness - to consider melodious blows of hour timpani there was a laziness …

* * *

- As you could?. - Ekaterina sobbed violently. - How you raised a hand?!

Sergey with emotion walked up and down on kitchen; Kostya smeared tears on a sofa in a drawing room.

- Got excited, pancake. Forgive: Did not want: - the head of the family justified himself. - These devil`s suppliers frazzled all nerves!.

- And at what here our dog?! - the young woman sobbed. - Pierre left to meet you and … and … and received a kick! No way!! Just our daddy at work has troubles!!

- My God, well I am guilty. Nonsense talked nonsense, did not restrain! Vee - but - watt!!

- It is a member of our family! And we, by the way, are obliged to it by much!

- Everything, - Sergey gave up, - I get into the car and food it now to look for. Only calm down itself and calm Kostya. He does not talk to me.

Later a couple of minutes gate of the garage which is built in a socle rose. Dark “BMW“ gave a ride on a path, stopped at the quiet street as if solving where to turn and, having blinked the blinker, jerked to the right.

* * *

Pierre loafed on the city in awful mood. No, the city it it is thin - poorly knew and was not afraid to get lost - business was in another. Never till this day tested similar “manner“ from the head of family - family in which the whole short dog century lived. Therefore, having received a weighty kick, broke directly from garage gate, having collected the last forces of the weakened organism for breakthrough. Ran it is unknown where minutes five, from chest rattles language did not fall out yet … Grew dark. Warm windless day faded, adjusting short summer twilight. The dog looked back on the parties, for the first time tried to understand where brought paws.“ Park. Here we dropped in with Kostik and Katya, - he sighed and trudged to openwork gate. Somewhere the round lake surrounded with the equal berezhok which overgrew a grass lived in the center of big park. - There I will also sit, I will restore composure, glyadyuch on a water smooth surface. Such contemplation helped with antecedents …“

On the big glade adjacent to a reservoir, the youth had fun: drove balls, knocked rackets on flounces, sat in Turkish flocks and hissed beer. Closer to water had a rest in a different way: vozlegal on colorful laying also ate the reserved food.

Pierre found the free town between big family and lonely the sitting girl; arranged the back on a grass; raised a muzzle, inhaled fresh air. And again the dog soul was torn by doubts: the pressing melancholy for dear people urged on, drove back home; offense for humiliation and misunderstanding of its nature pressed on heart, held.

- Hey, you how to call? - suddenly the low voice was heard.

the Dog inertly looked at

to the right. The girl friendly smiled and stretched a fancy bread piece.

“What to you, young lady, difference?“ - he wanted there were to turn away, however, decencies for the sake of, approached and carefully took a delicacy from hands. Having swallowed, sat down nearby and again thoughtfully stared at water.

- Give

, I will name you Caesar? - the young person was not appeased.


what: Vespassian it is possible. And Kaligula is not necessary“.

- And I am Ira, - that was presented. Also bethought: - You want more a roll? You, likely, hungry?.

He shook

the head, lay down on a grass. And about a quarter of hour they silently looked as twilight enveloped a lake as the distant woody coast disappeared in a gloom.

the New acquaintance stroked its withers, and a dog, having covered eyes, presented as if lies at home at a sofa and in wool Kostya or Katerina starts a palm …

- it is time for me, Caesar, - interrupted pleasure a female voice.

He rose, sat down, stretched at parting right “palm“.

- My God, what charm!. - she marveled, shaking a paw. For an instant having reflected, offered: - Time you neutral and such brought up whether you want to take me in the hostess?

“Neutral. Lived … As in that fairy tale about a blind horse, - Pierre bitterly grinned. - Well, the person you is kind; you are able to keep silent - not the chatterbox. Besides and at you on heart the grief was got. So, relatives we by misfortune“.

I, having stuck with a wet nose into a hand, carefully intercepted teeth of the handle of a shopping bag. Having entrusted it I carry, Irina walked nearby, with amazement swinging the head:

- Well, you give, Caesar! Perhaps and you will take me by an arm?

“Delov - that!. - mentally the gentleman grumbled. - Would take and am afraid, in circus for such numbers will banish. And I to your measures under eighty - as on pension should idle twenty years. And in general, you would get to me in antecedents! I not only “took“ you by an arm. Devil`s “Tavriya“!.“

* * *

- Yes, it began to surprise still with a puppy … - is lost Sergey murmured. - And you remember how he rescued two-year-old Kostya?

a Hour ago the head of the family returned after unsuccessful searches. Testing fault before Pierre, before a family, he traveled all over all area; looked to the yards, on waste grounds, on buildings: And was not even too lazy to reach to the river though understood: to the age pet not in power to overcome such distance.

Not including light, they sat with Katya in kitchen; on a table there was a vodka bottle, on a saucer the cut pickle darkened. Kostik did not leave the room - lay on the sofa, having buried in a pillow.

- Of course, I remember … - Katya in the glass splashed. In a volley, without having a snack, drank. - The first time my heart nearly stopped when heard a heart-rending cry of the son. Ran in to the hall - Kostya is torn to a wall and bangs in some plastic piece of Pierre on the head. And that seized teeth its panties, suffers these blows and does not let. Suffers and does not let. Suffers and does not let …

the Husband carefully touched her hand. That ceased to be shaken, opened eyes, regained consciousness. Also continued:

- At first itself wanted to slap a dog a towel - what to the child became attached! Yes the intuition prompted in time: our Pierre never gets up nonsenses. Looked narrowly at this plastic thingummy, and everything grew cold inside - a cover with the socket! As Kostik managed it to tear off - I will not apply mind.

- Yes, if not it …

- Could kill with current! You represent?! Kostya to these bared pieces of iron was also torn. And the dog did not let... I started howling then: from a fright, probably … Kissed Pierre`s muzzle and understood: God presented to our family this treasure. God …

Sergey sharply overturned in himself vodka, knocked on a table-top a glass and resolutely declared:

- will not manage to break Tomorrow from work - the most responsible moment in negotiations. But you call and keep me informed. If by the evening it does not return - we will go to look for and stick on the city of the announcement.

* * *

“It is good. And, it seems, not silicone - a smell opposite I do not feel a boob. Though, what there … Soon and meat for me divine aroma will lose. Mdya … It is not an old age any more. It is death again. In the image of “Tavriya“ …“

Ira just woke up, sat naked on a bed and with pleasure stretched.

“You, however, hurry up, the hostess - my friend Kostya would run with me on the yard long ago, - stood nearby and the dog shifted from one foot to the other from a paw on a paw. - Or you do not know that dogs should be walked in the mornings? In the morning you me, we will exchange in the evening … I, of course, can use quickly a toilet bowl and I do not wish to break an established order“.

the Girl smiled to

, patted the new resident on a nape, got up:

“Oh, shit!. - Pierre blinked from fantastic beauty. - Put on rather! It is impossible for me for nothing blood on a body to drive - to the head, back“.

to See

, in this house of dogs was not found hitherto - collecting on walk continued the whole hour Irina managed to sing couple of songs, standing under a shower; then it was painted, drank coffee. At last, having got from where - that a collar with a lead, called:

- is Sent, Caesar!

“Okhrenet, - with amazement the dog rolled dark eyes, while on a neck set up a harness. - You, Irochka, still thrust my mug into a muzzle! That the mouth did not reveal, and the last canines on the road did not drop out. You, people, each other have to be afraid, but not us - animals …“

They went outside, Pierre delicately came into bushes and performed morning ritual. Then Irina led it on a shady alleyka.

- the Girl and how call your doggie? - towards the company of guys stamped.

Having stood aside, Ira did not answer.

- Well, then tell your name? Let`s get acquainted!.

“They you are pleasant to

?“ - the dog interrogatively looked at it. That frowned.

Having adjusted basses, Pierre began to roar and loudly barked, having accompanied a sound with the sharp movement to the closest Casanova. The guy jumped aside aside; the company quickened the pace, having left the very young young lady alone.

- Thanks, Caesar! - Ira whispered and turned to the house.

* * *

the Girl fingered the cell phone and thoughtfully looked out of the window. Pierre sat near a sofa and watched its finger dialing the same number.

“In two hours Kostik will return from school, - with melancholy the dog for the hours hanging in the hall was lop-sided. - Probably, he misses. As well as I.“


Every time, having finished number set, Irina`s finger faded over the green button and nervously moved to next “with“ then from the screen all figures disappeared.

“I hope, it did not lose the keys any more, - Pierre thought and shook the head: to a shower some strange presentiment, bad and still inexplicable consciousness a guess pricked. - And suddenly it did not go today to school at all?. Katya by the got rule landed it at a schoolyard in the morning and went further - to studio. And Kostya, also strongly enduring our separation, easily can move off in searches“. Irina threw phone on a sofa, sadly sighed.

“Keys … The lost keys … Why they appeared behind a hanger? And why from them far off bore plasticine? - more and stronger the dog was nervous. - Think, the former writer, think! You specialized in detectives. Also cooperated not with some shady business establishment, and it was published by decent circulations in huge and prestigious “Eksmo“! Think!!“

of an Eye of the girl became damp. It seems, she intended to start howling. Pierre rose, approached, put the head to it on knees. That stroked his neck, and right there the first teardrop left a damp path on a cheek …

“There now!. Began. And here tragedy! You know what I would tell, having vocal chords, similar in a structure? - he swore about himself and looked at Irina with a speaking glance. - The getting smart alecks of the man are not loved, but also pride has to observe border. In the person of all has to be gradually. As in “Russian salad“: you will go too far in potato, pickles or capers - write was gone. Not salad, but snack: Though it is impossible to go too far in veal language, in my opinion. Generally, call! - he nodded and a nose pushed closer to her hand phone.

Irina lifted up a puzzled look on a dog:

“My God, what dull! To write to you, perhaps? Two paws …. Now vsyak it is ready to flatten after fifteen claws of the button. And will not connect couple of drizzles by a hidden thread; and three words in a gladenky line not ulozhit, and there - the writer!. Give - give - call! I will bring a scarf so far. “

- You consider, I have to take a step to reconciliation of the first?. - at last she guessed.

the Dog accurately hooked teeth on the kerchief lying on the edge of a table, gave it to the girl: “One just once it is possible. I as a true dog tell it. Call. And everything in your life will be adjusted!“

I, conducted by inexplicable concern, went to a door. At a threshold stopped, looked back. Having grabbed phone, the girl looked after Caesar. Having returned, that reached her face, licked the second teardrop which stiffened over a dimple of a cheek and rushed to an exit from the apartment:

* * *

In prompt cross-country Pierre put all the forces. When the painfully familiar two-storeyed mansion, a logical chain of the events threatening with terrible danger ahead seemed found the finished look in his consciousness: quiet hints of two hard workers on a family solvency, a mold of keys in plasticine, careful questions to Kostik of return time from school … And today the little boy could skip classes and, without having found him, to come home earlier.

As the dog also assumed

, near the house there was an unfamiliar car, and the entrance door of a mansion was open. To a descent having rammed it, Pierre rushed into a hall and with terrible roar rushed on the closest man. Jaws tightly seized a throat of that which dragged two days distributing of a television cable on the house earlier.

On noise from the hall the second robber came running. Blows something heavy fell down. But canines did not weaken a grasp even then when from - for a sofa Kostik crept out and heart-rendingly began to yell, two extended hands showing the cell phone:

- Here! Look at my proceeding! I already called all, hear?! And mother with the father! And in militia! And to the uncle Sasha! And in service of rescue! And …

Blows stopped; hasty steps were heard; the entrance door slapped. And the man whose throat was squeezed by Pierre`s jaws, lay without movement.

Kostik fingered a dog and cried:

- Pierre! Pierre, tell that you did not die! Well, tell!.

“Alas … I do not want to deceive you … - with sad slowness floated the last thoughts in the head blood-stained dog. - I believed, washing death is similar to “Tavriya“ … Was mistaken …“

* * *

Dark “BMW“ smoothly drove off from a porch of veterinary clinic, turned on the alarm system, was attached in an extreme right row and slowly went towards the house. Katya sat near Sergey and constantly turned around back where Kostik carefully embraced the bandaged Pierre`s head and looked forward when that opens eyes.

“Years two of your pet still will stretch

, - the veterinarian smiled at parting. Also added: - I wait for you in the same time tomorrow. Let`s look at seams, we will prick antibiotics, we will tie up …“

half an hour Later all family sat in the hall around the favourite reclining on the best duvet. Several warm human hands at the same time ironed the faded wool. Ironed with such tenderness and love that soon Pierre regained consciousness.

- Forgive me, buddy, - bent Sergey, and kissed him on a nose, - I very much am guilty to you! Please, forgive.

Katya brushed away a tear and embraced the smiled son.

“All right what … - the dog a tail stump poorly wagged. - You remember, in the childhood I sgryz your new American boots? And you regretted me, did not punish … Told, all one would not begin to drag them and, having called a cheap hand-made article of the American orthopedists, threw out. You remember?.“

Katya escaped on kitchen and, having returned, put before a dog muzzle a huge plate with real “Russian salad“.

- you Sing, Pyerushka, - she sat down nearby. - You very much love this salatik. Here all: both hazel grouse, and veal language, and crayfish tails …

“To me to a bough … By itself, not now! In such look I am not a dog, and Shchors under a red banner. But to recovery - would not refuse. Eh, it is a pity, I am not able to speak, and would tell that … And how I love you. Well and about a bough, of course …“