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The top - 10 autumn procedures of beauty

With approach of fall descends from skin the suntan masking minor defects, and for long winter memory there is a skin overdried by an ultraviolet, mimic wrinkles and the centers of hyperpegmentation.

But also good news is: the fall - ideal time for a set of saloon procedures which will help not only to be restored after summer but also to be made ready for the winter. So, a top - 10 autumn procedures of beauty.

1. A peeling

the Peeling - the king of fall. This procedure helps to increase elasticity of skin, to get rid of minor defects of skin and to improve complexion. In a warm season it is impossible to do a peeling: how exactly ultra-violet radiation will affect the gentle updated skin difficult to foresee, but nothing good will definitely be.

the Sense of procedure - mechanically (ultrasound, vacuum, the laser, srubs with abrasives) or chemically (organic acids of different concentration) will be skimmed by

skin, recovery processes become more active.

  1. of Kalinovaya a mask for prevention of eels

    Freshly squeezed juice of a guelder-rose to impregnate with

    of 5 natural autumn masks a fabric napkin and to put it on a face (avoiding area a century) for 15 - 20 minutes. Then a mask to wash away and apply the moisturizing cream on skin.

  2. the Sea-buckthorn mask for dry skin

    One tablespoon of gruel from a sea-buckthorn to mix

  3. with an egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey. To put mix on slightly steamed out face for 6 - 10 minutes, then to wash away warm water. This mask well nourishes skin and helps to keep suntan longer.

  4. Apple - a potato mask for fat skin

    Grated apple to mix

  5. with the kneaded potato “in a uniform“ and 1 - 2 tablespoons of milk. To put the turned-out gruel on a face and a neck for 20 minutes, and then to wash away warm water.

  6. the Srub from a semolina for sensitive skin

    Semolina to mix

  7. with olive oil (from calculation one teaspoon of a semolina on one teaspoon of oil) and to put the rubbing movements on a face, lips and a zone of a decollete. In 5 minutes to wash away warm water and to wipe skin dry.

  8. the Pumpkin mask for all types of hair

    to Mix 200 - 300 grams of the pumpkin crushed to a condition of gruel with olive oil (one tablespoon), to apply structure on hair, to wrap up them polyethylene, and then a towel. In 20 - 30 minutes to wash out hair with shampoo. This mask will add to hair gloss and silkiness. It is possible to repeat procedure once a week within a month.

the Peeling happens superficial, median and deep. Procedure of a superficial peeling is appointed in the absence of pronounced problems with skin. It can be seen off as in house conditions - masks with the low content of fruit acids or srubs with firm particles which carry out a role of “a gentle sandpaper“ (not incidentally process of their drawing assumes a light massage), and in salon - a superficial chemical or enzymatic peeling.

Other types of a peeling are carried out by

only in salons. Uncontrolled use of professional tools for a median peeling is dangerous to skin. And the deep peeling is at all carried out with anesthesia - it assumes actually cutting or burning of skin on a certain depth and becomes only on age and medical indications.

2. An epilation

After laser and photoepilations skin needs to protect

from an ultraviolet about 3 - 4 weeks. Completely to get rid of undesirable hairs, from 3 to 5 procedures with an interval about a month between them are necessary. So fall - ideal time to start an epilation course - by spring everything will be smooth.

3. Bleaching

All bleaching procedures are carried out by

in a cold season not to stimulate melanogenez. It is possible to delete fresh pigmentary spots - result of beach rest, a hloazma after pregnancy and since the childhood the bothered freckles. In house conditions of the bleaching effect it is possible to achieve by means of a cucumber, a lemon, parsley and special creams and masks, in salon - by means of the professional cosmetics reducing pigmentation and a peeling.

4. Removal of birthmarks and warts

to get rid of them, are used a scalpel, the laser, liquid nitrogen, electricity and various chemistry. What suits you, it is necessary to solve together with the cosmetologist and... oncologist. Problem of the last - to define, removal of skin “outgrowth“ in each case is how safe.

5. Photorejuvenation

by means of the directed bunch of high-intensity light it is possible not only to clean a vascular setochka and to eliminate the defects connected with skin color but also to stimulate updating of skin.

the Effect of photorejuvenation is reached by

, first of all, due to stimulation of production of collagen - the protein which is responsible for elasticity of skin.

6. The permanent make-up and a permanent make-up

are better to Put and clean tattoos in a cold season too: in - the first, healing will go quicker, in - the second, a tattoo it is necessary to save some time from an ultraviolet. All this belongs also to such type of a permanent make-up as a permanent make-up. But it, in addition, is carried out by less resistant paints and over time burns out on the sun so, having decided on a long make-up in the fall, it can enjoy longer.

7. Treatment of the weakened hair

Those who strictly carried out summer instructions “to rinse hair with fresh water after the sea, to carry a headdress and there are more rich a beta - carotene of yellow vegetables and fruit“, this point, for certain, will pass. If in the summer hair became with wind, heat and sea water closely acquainted, then in the fall they will demand special attention. At first it is necessary to get rid of split ends, and then to be engaged in restoration of structure of the injured hair. For normal slightly overdried and lost gloss usually there is enough course from 4 - 6 house masks, and here with more serious problems it is better to address to salon and to pick up the concentrated medical serums.

8. The manicuring

Skin of hands, initially by nature rather dry, reacts to summer heat and the sun suitably. Therefore in the fall it needs additional food and moistening. It is possible to restore vodno - lipidic balance and elasticity of skin of hands by means of a parafinoterapiya or the way known still to our great-grandmothers: for the night to oil hands peach or olive and to put on fabric gloves.

10. Prevention of a kuperoz

From the beginning of cold weather vascular asterisks and setochka on a face begin to declare themselves. Until temperature drops on the street and in became critical, it is worth being engaged in prevention: to increase intake of vitamin C in an organism, in coordination with the doctor to spend on drink askorutin or other preparations strengthening vessels, to begin to use creams and ointments for prevention of a kuperoz and, at last, to remove old “asterisks“ by means of already mentioned phototherapies or the laser.