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Features of vacation of the woman in situation

As are pleasant preholiday efforts! We make plans, we choose a route, we do necessary purchases and we anticipate pleasure the sun, by the sea, the wood. The subject of vacation becomes especially actual for future mothers especially as the kid will be born soon, and properly will not prevent to have a rest before this event at all. However, planning travel, it is necessary to consider a set of important conditions.

Part one and most important: what will be told by the doctor?

Surely discuss holiday plans with your doctor. If during pregnancy there are any complications, most likely, he will recommend to have a rest in a radius of 50 - 100 km from the city in which you live. It is very important that you had an opportunity periodically to come to it to consultation, and in case of need - to get access to the emergency qualified medical care. Problems which can change the planned course of events can be such: If it is located

Fortunately, serious problems with health pass most of future mothers, and it means that the doctor will not be against your departure. Especially as during pregnancy it is necessary to have a rest and not to limit much itself in positive emotions.

Part second: the choice problem

to Decide by

on the vacation spot sometimes happens hard - just eyes run up. Planning travel, you remember that there are directions which are contraindicated to pregnant women. First of all it is about exotic rounds. For example, the trip to Africa is fraught with danger to catch serious infectious diseases therefore all driving off should do vaccination against yellow fever, and then to accept an antimalarial preparation in the preventive purposes. It is natural what pregnant women neither that, nor another cannot do. Besides, the exotic countries (Cuba, Mexico, the countries of Africa, the island states) are too far, and the forthcoming long flight (sometimes and with change) will be extremely tiresome for any person, not to mention future mother. Pay attention and that these countries are in other climatic zone and in May - June air temperature exceeds 27 - 30 °C there. It is desirable that travelers “in situation“ took care of the long, tiresome road and a heat. It is better to choose for rest of the country whose climatic conditions are brought closer to habitual, and it is worth going not there in the hottest months (that is not in July and not in August). Conditions of the resorts of the Baltic States, Croatia, Turkey (Marmarus), France, Spain, Switzerland are good. However there are also some of most preferable vacation spots, first of all the Crimea. The arid climate of this peninsula is much more favorable for pregnant women, than a humid climate of the Caucasus. Planning travel, do not forget also about even “the Russian Switzerland“ which is insufficiently estimated by us: Valdai and Seliger. The climate of these places is very useful to future mothers, water in lakes pure, berries, mushrooms, local dairy products and fish - too. One trouble - mosquitoes, but also they disappear by the end of July.

What can be engaged in

on vacation? Anything if only these occupations were not connected with big loadings. Slowly and with pleasure it is possible to walk on the wood, to pick berries, to boat, at desire to catch fish.


As for resort pleasures to limit itself it is worth sunbathing in pleasure. On that is the serious reasons:

  • stay on the sun can cause uterine bleeding;
  • load of heart during pregnancy increases, and future mother risks to overheat and faint quickly;
  • under the influence of the sun the varicosity progresses;
  • if on a woman`s face there were pigmentary spots connected with pregnancy, they can increase.


In general, in hot months of summer (in July, August) to future mothers it is necessary to spend as little as possible time for the sun. In the afternoon during a heat it is better to take air baths in a shadow. Besides, do not forget to take with yourself on the beach water and from time to time to fill up its stock in an organism.

to Pregnant women it is very useful for p to bathe, but to do it better in the morning and in the evening. In water future mother feels easily, she relaxes and refreshes a body in hot day. Besides, swimming is a fine training for respiratory and muscular systems of an organism which will help to be prepared for childbirth. You should not forget also that occupations in water can help to improve the wrong situation of the kid (cross or pelvic). Therefore swim in pleasure, but avoid overloads, do not arrange competitions, do not dive.

I about bans: do not overcool, be careful on water, remember that you are pregnant!

As for food, do not experiment with new products, be not fond of exotic. Believe, this vigilance is justified, in case of poisoning the risk of premature birth increases.

Part third important: insurance

If you go on the vacation abroad, the travel agency which processes your documents has to provide you the health insurance. By the international rules of insurance it includes the insured events connected with pregnancy but only to the term of 12 weeks.

Unfortunately, recently the majority of the Russian insurance companies in general refused insurance of the cases connected with pregnancy, explaining it with the fact that all expenses connected with normal and pathological pregnancy do not become covered and the companies remain at a loss. Their experience shows that the cases of complications of a course of pregnancy connected with flight and change of a habitual climatic zone are not so rare.

So, the health insurance during a trip does not include the insured events connected with pregnancy. Therefore, going to travel, take with yourself the additional amount if you need medical care.

Part fourth: a type of transport


After 7 months of pregnancy it would be reasonable to avoid long trips on any kind of transport.

during a trip needs to be careful not so much of danger of a certain type of transport how many fatigue from the road. For future mother the exhaustion is fraught with waist pain that can lead to pregnancy interruption threat, and long overfatigue increases risk of premature birth. Therefore, after 7 months of pregnancy it would be reasonable to avoid long trips on any kind of transport.

Plane. This type of transport not absolutely suits pregnant women. The matter is that at take off and landing there is rather sharp change of atmospheric pressure which can cause reduction of vessels and a premature otsloyka of a placenta, especially if for this purpose there are prerequisites (for example, a low attachment of a placenta). Of course, if travel on long distance (more than 1 000 km) is inevitable, then the plane - the most acceptable and least tiresome type of transport. For the period of a trip try to settle as it is possible more comfortably: fly a business class, in this salon is more spacious. Let`s repeat that since 7 - go month of pregnancy it is better to refrain from trips in general.

Train. Try to choose such place where it is possible to reach by train or the car for rest. Travel by train has the only inconvenience - it tires therefore, buying the ticket, choose a first-class or compartment car to have a maximum of opportunities to relax.

Car. to avoid fatigue and waist pain during a trip on the car, put a pillow under a back, do small moving (to 200 - 250 km) and stop for 5 - 10 minutes to move. Besides, travel on the car is dangerous that at sharp braking it is possible to hit a stomach against a control panel. Therefore settle down on a back seat and if there is no such opportunity, do not forget about a seat belt (it is necessary to put on it, insuring a stomach from above and from below).

we Will sum up of

the result

If future mother has no problems with health and the doctor allowed it to go to travel, it is desirable to choose the country with close to habitual climate. It is necessary to plan a trip not for a hot season. As the health insurance on pregnancy is not provided, it is necessary to take with itself the additional amount in case future mother will need consultation of the doctor. On pregnancy term of 26 weeks it is better to go to have a rest on the dacha (in 50 - 100 km from the house), and in the last two weeks before childbirth - to be at home, is closer to maternity hospital.