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With children in travel across the Golden Ring of

Excursion trips with children even on small distances have the features. First of all, if you want that the desire of the child to travel, learn new places was not gone, and natural curiosity was not extinguished finally and irrevocably, choose routes taking into account interests of the child. Also do not forget to learn in advance where you will be able to have a rest, bite, play at a playground.

Why Golden Ring?

there was a large number of the interactive programs and excursions adapted even under participation of children of preschool age Now. In many cities there are places, attractive to children: small theaters, unusual museums, original monuments and fountains. The well-known cities of the Golden Ring which are most close disposed to Moscow perfectly are suitable for the first travel.

the cities are a part of the Golden Ring: Vladimir, Kostroma, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Sergiyev Posad, Suzdal, Yaroslavl. Many travel companies offer the trips across the Golden Ring including visit and other cities: Alexandrov, Bogolyubovo, Gorokhovets, the Goose - Crystal, Ivanovo, Kalyazin, Kideksha, Murom, Palekh, the Reach, Myshkin, Tutaev, Uglich, Yuryev - Polish. Belonging of these cities to the Golden Ring causes disputes, but does not influence appeal of these ancient Russian cities to tourists in any way.

Sergiyev Posad

About such sights of the city as - Sergiyeva of laurels and museum of local lore, is written to the Trinity quite a lot. But, perhaps, on travel with children the main thing not it.


the museum of a toy most of all will interest In the city of Sergiyev Posad of children. Besides an exposition in which toys Old Russian are presented, a toy of the different countries, a toy of an imperial family, on Sundays the little audience is invited by the puppet theater bearing a name of the founder of the museum N. Bartram. Every day there take place three different performances. The beginning at 11, 12 and 13 hours. Fascinating adventures of heroes, simple kind plots, music bewitch also children and parents.


the City of Alexandrov is known to

for the memorial estate “Aleksandrovsky Settlement“ (the Aleksandrovsky Kremlin which was some time the favourite residence of Ivan the Terrible). Ivan the Terrible loved the palace in Alexandrov and that says it all: there are a lot of beautiful and graceful architectural complexes, in expositions the rich collection of table silver and other utensils is presented. Here real vaults, high steps, stone walls. The remarkable place to touch history of Russia, to get acquainted with the identity of such ambiguous person as Ivan the Terrible closer, to visit the real imperial palace and to see life of an imperial family. Here it is possible to see the real imperial bed, clothes of boyars of that time, a huge barrel for storage of a pickles (very much impresses children), coins. And the staff of the museum carry out for persons interested the interactive program with tea drinking and an entertainment in imperial chambers.


Is considered

that the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky - one of the richest with monuments history, architecture and the Russian architecture. Here Goritsky Monastery and Spaso - Transfiguration Cathedral is a lot of beautiful places, for example, but it is not all. Pereslavl-Zalessky will surprise little guests with the unusual museums: museum of engines, teapot, irons, Russian flax. In vicinities of Pereslavl, on the Pleshcheevy lake, young Pyotr 1 floated the first Russian military flotilla. It is possible to get acquainted with this history closer in the memorial estate of Botik Petra 1. In the city there is also an arboretum, the beautiful place for walks and rest of young travelers.

Vladimir and Suzdal

Suzdal and Vladimir - those cities of the Golden Ring where travelers across Russia try to visit surely. Besides expositions of the Suzdal Kremlin (surprise the child with the fact that the Kremlin is not only Moscow), the city is beautiful wooden architecture. One more original idea of residents of Suzdal is the Festival of a cucumber which is widely celebrated in the summer, with the big and various cultural program for guests of any age and, of course, with sale of cucumbers: fresh, salty, marinated, souvenir. Vladimiro - the Suzdal museum the reserve pays much attention to children. In the children`s museum center in the Suzdal Kremlin will tell available children language about history of the city and life of its inhabitants, and having appeared in the similar center in Vladimir, children will be able to appear at Old Russian school, at a fair, to get acquainted with ancient toys, to travel through centuries and to appear in the dwelling of the ancient person …

Uglich and Myshkin

If you choose by

Uglich, then and there to your child will be not dull. Here it is possible to glance in the museum of city life and to listen to “Fairy tales of the old house“, to visit the home museum of a family Kulaginykh where you will be acquainted with art of bell ringers, and also to get acquainted with works of local artists - puppeteers in gallery of dolls. Probably, you should not visit the museum of prison art with children, and here children are more senior, fond of fortune-telling and signs, will remember visit of the small uglichsky museum of myths and superstitions.

From the city of Uglich can go to the city of Myshkin. Myshkin who is in a distance from large highways kept the atmosphere of the small cozy provincial Volga town, having appeared in which, residents of the megalopolis can feel and see a lot of unusual. People here not on - Moscow friendly and simple and to you with pleasure will show the way to the Museum of a valenok, Mouse Museum or the house of crafts.


to Children who love fairy tales will be pleasant to

the program which to you will be offered in Yaroslavl. Residents of Yaroslavl consider the ancient village Kukoboy as the homeland of a fantastic Baba-yaga, here it is possible not only to see its izba and life, but also to participate in the interactive program with competitions, difficult tasks and riddles. The city suggests children to get acquainted with an exposition of the museum of fire business, to see inhabitants of a zoo, to visit planetarium and to buy a hand bell for memory in the museum “Music and Time“. The art museum and the museum of history invite guests too to see exhibitions and to participate in their programs.

Rostov Veliky

Rostov Veliky - the city where guests are waited by the Kremlin, the museums with unique and surprising ancient things, the master - a class in the museum of enamel, it is informative - entertainment program in a smithy and other fascinating excursions. Here it is possible to walk on the quiet small streets adjacent to Nero`s lake, in the yards to see the drying real fishing boats, with all the heart experienced grace of the well-known Rostov bell-ringing.

Others …

Each city: The goose Crystal, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Rybinsk, the Reach, Palekh - has the highlight and is in own way remembered to travelers.

For the child any trip to the new place - an event. Each city will surely be remembered to inquisitive guests. You teach the child to rejoice to travel, to notice trifles: unusual beds, original sculptures, fountains. Both the carved porch of the ancient house, and a weather vane on a roof, and the live horse harnessed in the cart can surprise the child … Travel, look to the small towns which are in the neighbourhood photograph more often, sketch impressions, rejoice to communication. Travel, even small one-day, strengthen the relations, rally a family, develop also children and adults. My acquaintances have one secret: when the working mother and the father feel that they were tired at work, began to hate life and to break on children, they in the day off go in the morning to a trip to some nearby located city, the ancient estate to Moscow area or go to park, the museum or theater together. Enriched with impressions, come back in the evening, tired, but happy. Day passed not for nothing, they perfectly spent time, and the good mood, as we know, considerably adds vital forces and allows to cope with daily stresses and fatigue.