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Our favourite Chapa of

Three years ago to our little daughter, Alyona, presented a fluffy lump - a pekineska. We called her Chap since Alenka told on her “tyap“, well, and Chapa turned out. And since then we never left it.

If we go on a visit or to have a rest - our Chapusha (as we like to call it) always with us.

She very much likes to eat with

bananas and apples, and for a piece of carrot will consider you as the dearest person in the world.

Once when we went for a walk with it, our Chapa was lost. We ran, looked for it everywhere very long. But suddenly it ran out from - for a corner all dirty, scared. And from her big eyes the most real tear ran! I never thought that dogs are able to cry, but believe - it is the truth. When she saw us, began to wag a tail and to jump around us, showing thereby as she is glad to see us again. We came home, washed it, fed. And since then she does not run away from us, it is visible, is afraid that she will again be lost.

of the House she behaves as the most real child - very much loves when play with it, talk.


always near our daughter. If Alyona sleeps - means, and she sleeps if the daughter plays - Chapa near it.

Half a year ago we had both Natashk`s turtle, and Chapa now always about it - where the turtle creeps, there and a dog.

Somehow took out a turtle on the street, and our cat of Stesh approached it. Chapa began to drive away a cat though at them with Steshoy the friendly relations - both sleep, and eat together.

our doggie still very much likes to feign

. We carry it every year in veterinary clinic, to do an inoculation. While Chapa was small, we behind her noticed nothing. But when this year did it vaccination, she at first began to cry, and then fell and did not get up on paws. We thought that to it something was damaged, brought it home, laid on a sofa, ironed, kissed all evening, and she did not get up.

was sent Then from the room and began to spy upon it slowly. And she while does not see us - runs, does not even limp but only we appeared - begins to fall. Here such cunning doggie at us.

But, despite it, we very much love it, and we do not represent our life without it.

In the childhood I had a dog - Timk`s spaniel. He lived with us 12 years. I always cared for it - fed, walked and even trained him. I knew that I have someone to whom I am necessary who waits for me! And therefore I want that also my daughter knew that she has a canine friend who waits for it while she in kindergarten, feels sorry for her (though like a dog) when she is ill.