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Floating: immersion in itself

Completely all this is possible to relax and feel yet not been born baby - during a floating session.

In the West float - chambers (from the English float - “to float on a surface“) enjoy wide popularity. They are in each decent SPA - salon. Procedure essence: you plunge into strong solution of salt which holds a body on a surface. Water temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, around complete darkness and silence - a chamber does not pass sounds and smells. Quite so the child in a stomach at mother feels.

was Invented by a floating in 60 - x years of the XX century the American neurophysiologist John Lilly. He developed a method of a touch deprivation - a blackout from external irritants to understand how the brain works if the person is completely isolated from the outside world. Put the first experiments of Lilly over by itself, in passing, however, accepting LCD.

it is popular a relax Now - practice (minus drugs, of course). The inhabitant of the megalopolis overdriven by life during a session in float - a chamber can be fenced off completely from all and all and remain at last alone with himself. During trips abroad I had not to visit such procedure therefore as soon as I learned that float - the chamber appeared in Moscow, solved: it is necessary to go!

In the black, black room...

In the small room where there take place floating sessions, nothing superfluous: shower cabin, chair, hanger and a chamber. Outside it is similar to the strange refrigerator with a door - the hatch. Inside - black walls, a black ceiling and the water illuminated by space bluish light.

- Water level - 25 centimeters, - Nail Gareyev, the head float - the center tells. - In it 400 kg of Epsom salt which, as in the Dead Sea, will hold a body on a surface are dissolved. Temperature is so comfortable for an organism that skin does not feel is warm, cold weather. After each client water is filtered by special system of cleaning so from the point of view of hygiene there is nothing to be afraid.

Inside float - chambers are the switch: having plunged into salty water, you turn off the light. And how those who are afraid of the closed spaces? They have nothing to be afraid too: a door in a chamber so easy that it is possible to open it one finger. So if panic suddenly will capture, it is possible to turn on right there the light and to come to light.

Nail warned that you should not rub eyes and to taste water. Nothing awful, of course, happens, but will pinch eyes, and salty water on taste opposite.


the First session of a floating lasts 60 minutes. Notifies a melodious ring of a hand bell on the beginning and the end of procedure. Remembering all preventions, I take a shower and a back I come into a chamber. The feeling strange - probably, same happens at astronauts. And still it appeared, salt has a specific smell - not to tell that unpleasant, but such, chemical. Quickly you get used to it and you cease to notice. I lay down in water - it is impossible to drown also the truth! Through some time I understand that forgot to close ears special earplugs. I lie and try to hold the head over water that it did not get inside - what relaxation here! I decide to be interrupted, I get out and I take plugs for ears. Judging by hours which stand on a chamber, there passed 5 minutes. It is necessary as time slowly passes. Having closed ears, I lay down in a chamber again. I do not catch a salt smell any more. On a forehead the salty drop creeps and gets, certainly, into an eye. Not fatally, but pinches! But the main ambush appeared not in it.

Ya understood

of Part of a body that I cannot relax a neck and shoulders at all! Nail warned about it: it appears, for the person an enormous problem to cease to support the head, this habitual tension which in usual life already and imperceptibly, but from it is not less harmful. In float - a chamber I felt it fully: as gave internal orders to cease “to hold“ the head, nothing left.

as a result the area of a humeral belt was

one painful zone.

I it is one more effect of a floating: in zero gravity it is possible to experience very accurately the muscular blocks, to realize what parts of a body are in constant tension and to try to dump it. As a rule, it manages to be made for several sessions.

... I soar in zero gravity, I get used to darkness and silence, I listen to myself. Obviously I feel how in an organism there are some processes: liquid is redistributed, heart fights... I move with fingers and I hear a scratch of joints. This simple sound seems absolutely unusual here.

Out of time

Gradually a neck nevertheless managed to be weakened. Surprising state: both you do not sleep, and you do not doze, but obviously you are not awake. Nothing is visible, is heard, neither warmly, nor is cold. And it is not terrible, by the way, though in general I am afraid of the dark. Imperceptibly for myself I begin to remember travel to India, pictures pass before eyes...

over time the strange thing occurred: it as though contracted. At the moment when the gentle bell ringing reported about end of a session, I had an accurate impression that passed minutes 10! I as though just closed ears earplugs and waited until salty water from an eye is washed up. Hour passed as was not.

I Get out of a chamber, I take a shower, and feelings unreal as if I visited some another dimension.

Whether flew to space, whether in the Egyptian tomb went down... There was also some disappointment what, likely, is at the astronauts who did not perform a task. In total - there was a wish to relax and experience completely some deep transformation of consciousness in full isolation. Well, to experiences I will come for these still!

Eight bonuses of a floating
  1. Weaken

    , improves a dream. Reduces production of hormones of a stress - cortisol and adrenaline. Increases in blood amount of endorphins - pleasure hormones.

  2. Removes corporal stress. At pregnancy allows to unload joints and a backbone.
  3. Relieves
  4. of pain at arthritis, migraine, back pains, changes. Accelerates process of recovering from injuries.
  5. is Reduced by a blood pressure and normalizes pulse.
  6. Removes stress after long flights. Improves a state at chronic fatigue and a depression.
  7. is Raised by efficiency of practice of yoga. Deepens meditation.
  8. Helps to understand himself better.
  9. Stimulates with
  10. work of a brain. Ideal space for search of creative decisions!