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Not dull museums for children of

the Museum... Someone from adults, hearing this word, suppresses yawning, at someone in eyes curiosity lights up, someone solved for himself long ago and forever that “to go on the museums - it is boring“, and someone treats them with mistrust and expectation: whether “there will be something interesting there?“ . All this is result of their meetings with these “the culture centers“ and children`s impressions. What your child at the word will feel “museum“?

That meetings were desired and emotions from visit of the museums positive, parents need to be prepared well. It is necessary to think over what museum to children will be interesting, in advance to be prepared for visit, to learn about what interesting programs offer the museums to young guests...

What museums happen?


, it is worth dreaming up with children on the return subject: what museums do not happen. To think up the museum which is absent yet - a fine creative task for development of thinking. Of course and there is a lot of decisions at such task, but it is not so simple.

of the museums exists much and the most different: there are museums natural-science where it is possible to get into secrets of the world surrounding us and live organisms, to glance for the end of the earth, to get into the past. In Moscow it is, for example, the biological museum of Timiryazev, the Darvinian museum, the Paleontologic museum, the museum of Physical geography...

the museums devoted to equipment, for example, the oldest such museum of Russia - Polytechnical where not only it is possible to learn about history of development of the computer or a microscope Are, to listen about achievements of science, but also to visit evening of an author`s song, to visit a meeting with the real scientists, to visit on fascinating occupations, lecture with demonstration or a holiday. Unless it is not fascinating to visit on New Year`s to a ball of chemical elements or to participate in game programs of the cycle “Technical Fairy Tales“? The technical museums - it is interesting, grandiose, surprising, all this is created by people. There is a museum of the most real military equipment, ancient cars, aircraft and astronautics, the museum of engines and others.

the memorial museums devoted to life and creativity of outstanding people of the most different creative specialties Exist: writers, poets, artists, actors, singers. Among them there are museums - the apartments allowing to like life of the author and the museums full of unusual and mysterious things. In many of them give classes for little visitors. K. I. Chukovsky`s museum to Peredelkino is especially popular.

Still? You and yours of children wait for the local history and historical museums where it is possible to get acquainted with life and history of the city and country, to learn more about the Great Patriotic War, to see the real knightly armor.

the Museums of arts and it is decorative - applied creativity will find too, than to surprise and strike the child: Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts of A.S. Pushkin, the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, the museums decoratively - applied art or gallery, devoted to works of one artist.

the museum of “one subject“ which to visit also very interestingly and informatively Is: the museum of Water, the museums devoted to history of theater, the museum of a water supply system, irons, crystal, a mouse, unique dolls, tea, the museum of Mosfilm... And as it is interesting to visit the museum acquainting with life of other people of the world and their traditions! Oriental Museum makes very bright impression on many children. And many even do not represent how many various musical instruments the mankind created. They can be seen in the museum of musical culture of Glinka.

A still is memorial estates and the historian - archaeological reserves, there are parks in which excursion work is conducted and children`s programs, for example Kolomna or Kuzminki will be organized. There are places where it is possible to get acquainted with the live organisms unusual and unique, some kind of “museums“ too: Pharmaceutical kitchen garden, Botanical garden, zoo, oceanarium...

does not have

such child and such family for which there would be no interesting museum. This is true. Look for “the“ museums and you surely will find them.

What is offered by the museums to children?

Besides traditional viewing of expositions and purchase of souvenirs, the museums offer a large number of various programs. What can be learned in the museum what to participate in? Let`s begin, of course, with excursions. Many museums began to offer audioexcursions which can be interesting to teenagers, public excursions on days off, the excursions calculated on visitors and the most early age - preschool children.

Now excursion is not just walk with the guide on quiet halls of the museum. There was a concept “museum pedagogics“, workers thought of creation of attractive image of the museum and began to develop fantastically interesting programs, game excursions. Many programs in the museums give to children the chance not just to listen to the guide, but also to touch, look how works, to smell, sort and collect anew... For example, in the biological museum to them Timiryazeva is the Room of Opening program, and the museum decoratively - applied art on Delegate holds a festival of children`s creativity of “Master“ in which program the most different the master - classes. And expositions of some museums include viewing of thematic video movies or an opportunity to use computer help on exhibits of this hall.

Many museums offer

performances and children`s holidays. It is, of course, traditional New year or Maslenitsa, but also not only. For example, the Darvinian museum spends holidays of different subject regularly, during the whole year.

In some museums can even celebrate birthday. Main “counter“ of such programs is interactivity, that is active participation of children and an opportunity to touch museum pieces in literal sense of this word.

we will not forget

about an educational role of the museums. There it is possible not only to play, but also to buy useful books, cards or the developing games, to pass across halls, performing the tasks devoted to an exposition to get for memory of a card or badges, stickers or the training disks.

How to be prepared for a visit of the museum?

Of course, it is necessary to acquaint the child with what is the museum previously. The small can tell that you go on a visit to the house where there live beautiful pictures or ancient magic things, and children are more senior will understand also more prosy explanation. In - it it is necessary in order that the child was ready that you go not just to play, and to watch the first stage at something interesting and unusual, and could apprehend rules of conduct in the museum. It will be so simpler to the child who will understand that he waits for him in the museum and you should be nervous less.

with 3 many children books about animals or albums on art like to consider

of Years, to learn about dinosaurs or cars. You should not force events and to force the kid to remember names, but to maintain this curiosity costs. Reading fairy tales, show unfamiliar objects on pictures, tell about them, let they will become clear and familiar. And how many pleasure will be then at a meeting with them in the museum!

Can think out fairy tales about heroes of pictures or objects, to read or compose myths with children, to draw pictures - “copies“ of the known cloths. Let the world of museum pieces organically fit in your life.


Choose the museums “close“ to hobbies of the child. The boy loves equipment - go to the museum of ancient cars or Polytechnical, all children love animals - a sure bet - the Darvinian museum. Watched the movie about Egypt or visited there a tour? The Egyptian hall is in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

I do not try to bypass all museum with the child. For a start several halls are enough. Main not quantity of what was seen, but emotions of the child, his impression of a visit of the museum. If it was pleasant to it, there is a desire to come to the museum still - means, everything worked well. And it is not important, there were you in one hall or bypassed almost everything.

Where to go in Moscow? The most popular museums and museum programs.

the All-Russian museum decoratively - applied art. There are a lot of interesting expositions and excursions acquainting children with various crafts and types decoratively - applied creativity, coming to the end with occupation on which children will make with own hands a hand-made article on an excursion subject. In the museum there is a Children`s center.

the Paleontologic museum of Yu. A. Orlov is famous for the collections, skeletons of the died-out organisms full-scale and remarkable guides.

Darvinian museum. One of the most modern museums. In halls there are computers, movies are shown, thematic books with tasks which can be executed are offered, attentively studying show-windows. It is possible to listen to voices of birds, pressing the buttons about the corresponding picture, to hear voices of different types of toads, to compare the weight to the weight of a mouse, cat, elephant, to stand at a submarine window. There is a game corner, often on days off there take place holidays.

Museum “The Doll House on the Barbarian“. Here the most different author`s dolls, at each of which the fairy tale, the history are presented. Dolls live not in show-windows, and in special lodges, here the small lamp magically shines and music plays... The doll house invites children to performances and excursions.

For school students interesting lectures, excursions and game programs is offered by the Historical museum. Children learn a lot of things about life of boyars, will appear in the real stone chambers. Here it is possible to organize also children`s birthday which will begin informative excursion, and will come to the end with a meal and games in the company of boyars and the Tsar.

can also see

In Polytechnical Museum a lot of entertaining. Still, area of all exposition halls about 10. 5 thousand sq.m, and route extent - more than 8 km. Of course, you will not bypass it for once. You will choose that you want to see more:“ Sewing machines“, “Radio receivers“, “Light sources“, “Typewriters“, “Time devices. Hours“, “Telephone exchanges“, “Motorcycles“, “Cars“, “Cameras and belongings to them“, “Cinema - the film-making equipment“... In Polytechnical Museum chemical and technical shows are carried out, the scientific game store works.

the Moscow museums can be told

of Missile defense much. Even it is impossible to list everything. Museum of water, chess, fairy tales, woods, underwater fleet, Zoological museum, museums of sport and Moscow Metro...

Where to go to spend time with advantage - is. Choose and derive pleasure from perfectly spent days off.