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Domestic dragon of

- I want such! - there is enough your hand child and drags to a terrarium with iguanas in pet-shop.
- As can be looked at it in general? - you exclaim. - Yes it is a nasty lizard! there is no
- mother, is a dragon. Give at our place there will live the real little dragon!
Having given in on arrangements - “a dragon so a dragon“, - you try to keep step with a purse. Hm... There is a dragon cultivated not kopeks and care, for certain, behind it quite difficult...

Ears, legs... the main thing - a tail!

Being going to get this “small lizard“, keep in mind that in a couple of years it can reach in length more than two meters! Be not frightened that to you in the dwelling it will become close to adjoin to “Godzilla“ - 2/3 from total length “will occupy“ a tail.

take purchase of an iguana seriously - having got the patient, sluggish, with obvious skin diseases, you risk “to lose“ it literally in couple of days. Eyes of “drakosha“ have to be open and clear, without allocations. Coloring bright, dark is a reason for concern - perhaps, the animal cannot normally otlinyat. Ask the seller to show a mouth of the green baby - a cavity at a healthy reptile pink, without pus and tumors. Pay special attention to nails - whether all on the place and whether there are no suppurations, whether “fingers“ are broken. Well and, of course, a tail - its basis has to be thick and well-fad, skeleton ledges at the top of the tail basis should not be looked through.

Pay attention as the iguana costs on a plain surface. One of signs of lack of “marriage“ - absolute symmetry of extremities. Yes, and surely take an interest at the seller (and it is even better that he provided documents on an animal) in an origin of this “tropikanka“ - brought or adjustable. As a rule, adjustable individuals (who were born in bondage) much better - they are deprived of many diseases which often occur at “outlaws“.

the Branch - in a cage

Before bringing a reptile home, it is necessary to take care of its PERMANENT RESIDENCE. Usually for an iguana big terrariums with the small pool, massive branches, stones and many other “conveniences“ are used.

So far an iguana small, it is possible to be limited to a small terrarium. Consider that in it it is necessary to maintain temperature in the area 28 - 30 degrees in the afternoon and 20 - 22 night, and humidity has to make about 80%. A certain humidity is reached by means of fountainlet with the filter, the sponge which is constantly moistened with water or spraying from a usual sprayer for flowers. Heating lamps or special thermorugs will help to warm a little body of a reptile.

Place a branched massive branch which will rise the branchings to a lamp in a terrarium. Then your iguana will be able to control temperature - having got above to the artificial sun or in tenechek to the basis of “tree“. “Drakonchik“ requires continuous availability of clear water. It is better if it is not a small drinking bowl, but the small pool. But consider that it is obligatory to change water in it every day - reptiles often suit the bathroom there. Also in “a dragon cave“ UF - a lamp is necessary. Do not forget to leave openings for ventilation which close a grid.

the Tropical vegetarian

the Tropical guest - the convinced vegetarian. In the nature it eats leaflets yes florets. In bondage indulge the favourite a various forage. Ideally it has to consist of vegetables (30 - 70 percent), greens (30 - 70), fruit (5 - 15) and grain (to 10). The iguana cannot regale from a “lordly“ table at all - it is necessary to control strictly the content of various substances in their diet, otherwise she can seriously get sick.



grow at

of the Iguana quickly therefore feed additives with the high content of calcium are necessary for a young reptile. But the mistake of many owners of iguanas is that they literally stuff pets with tablets of a gluconate of calcium or an egg shell. And digestion of construction material for bones, calcium, happens only at “presence“ of the D3 vitamin formed under the influence of an ultraviolet. For this purpose also UF - a lamp is necessary.

That the Iguana, as well as a lizard did not reject a tail

, can “reject“ a tail. It is not deadly, but a show, so to say, not really pleasant. At a little iguana he, maybe, will also grow up, and here the adult individual will remain scanty forever.

Learn to take it in hand. Carefully clasp Stroptivitsu from above at forearms, having fingers so that to press forepaws to a trunk. And hold with other hand hinder legs and a trunk, but not tail. First communicate with an iguana in leather gloves. Then she will gradually get used to you. And considering that there live these reptiles till 20 - 25 years, for you she will become just native “person“ soon!