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Why I am tired? The Breakdown we got used to write off

for avitaminosis, but in the fall this explanation is no good. And it is correct: researches of neuropathologists show: in 4 cases from the 5th the fatigue has absolutely other reasons.

1. Reaction to adverse weather.

Magnetic storms, wind, differences of atmospheric pressure and temperature exhaust nervous system and cause slackness and indispositions.

What to do? Use acupressure. Clamp a little finger of the right hand big and index fingers of left. A thumb tip strongly press and intensively knead a middle part of a little finger. If in a few minutes the fatigue did not recede, periodically repeat massage within an hour.

2. Effect of a strict diet.

the Low-calorie diet - a serious stress. Are especially harmful monocomponent, based on one product (for example, kefir or apples). They do not provide an organism with a totality of nutrients, and he answers with delay of exchange processes. Besides, together with fat you lose muscle bulk, so, weaken in a literal sense.

What to do? To observe the quota of feedstuffs recommended by nutritionists: 60% of carbohydrates, 24% of fats and 16% of proteins of the general caloric content of a daily diet. Lean on fresh fruit, accept complexes of polyvitamins and minerals.

3. Sweets on a hungry stomach.

to Fight against hunger by means of sweet bars - not the best exit. Sharp rise in level of sugar in blood forces a pancreas to produce insulin actively. He quickly utilizes the simple carbohydrates which are soaked up from the eaten candy and as further receipts of nutrients do not happen, reduces the content of glucose in blood below an admissible limit. Result - strong weakness and dizziness in 20 - 30 minutes.

What to do? Have a bite bananas, apples or oranges. Besides simple glucose and fructose which is instantly soaked up, dulling feeling of hunger, in them is also difficult - pectin, cellulose, starch. They are acquired gradually, supporting an optimum level of sugar in blood within 1 - 1,5 hour.

4. Stagnation of blood in veins of legs.

you Walk

all day? They also hoot, and strengthen the general fatigue.

What to do? Prepare for

5. Excessive eagerness on exercise machines.


membership in fitness - club? At first you are waited by muscle pain and lead fatigue of the body which weaned from exercises.

What to do? Prepare the weakening fragrant bathtub. Mix a teaspoon of berries of a juniper (reduce pain), on the 2nd tablespoons of a grass of mint, a marjoram, flowers and leaves of a lavender (remove stress). Fill herbs in a sack from dense fabric, lower in a hot bathtub and lie down in it 10 - 15 minutes. If muscles still ache a bit, use a sack instead of a compress.

6. Premenstrual syndrome.

the Adynamy and the general decrease in working capacity at the end of a cycle are caused by hormonal changes. In fabrics liquid is late and complicates work of venous system.

What to do? One week prior to critical days begin to accept grass collecting. Mix a root of a valerian, the hop cone, leaves of a peppermint and watch three-leaved (1:1:2:2). Fill in 1 - 2 tablespoons of collecting with 2 glasses of boiled water, draw half an hour, filter and drink on a half-glass in the morning and in the evening. A course of treatment - 2 - 3 weeks.

7. Excess weight.

According to the last researches, excess body weight, especially if you took her quickly, leads to an adynamy. From - for the speaker of a stomach at stout persons the center of gravity is displaced and the bearing therefore they quickly get tired is broken.

What to do? The American biochemists and endocrinologists assure: meditation helps to get rid of obesity! Volunteers were divided into two groups. Other things being equal suggested to read to the first in free time, and the second to listen to the weakening music blindly. At the first group weight did not change, and at the second - considerably decreased.

8. A habit to do several things at the same time.

It is very tiresome

for nervous system, and for men more than for women. Experts do not advise at the same time to read the book and to trace the course of a football match, to look through documents and to keep up the conversation, to talk by phone and to watch TV...

What to do? Before drinking neurostimulators, try to get an organizer. Psychologists assure: many grab everything at once because do not know what to begin with.

the list of necessary affairs is Often enough to make

and to note made to remain vigorous and full of strength.

9. Dark clothes.

Many women prefer to put on in black. It slims, but does not add cheerfulness. Scientists found out that on receptions where it is accepted to be in tuxedos and dark dresses, guests are tired twice quicker, than at informal parties.

What to do? You feel a squeezed orange? Choose clothes of red color - it will load with energy. You spend forces too actively, are excited, excited? Put on blue or green - these paints immerse in tranquility and serenity. You are tired of communication with clients and the family? Pay attention on beige and light-brown scale - from it blows as heat, trust and friendliness.

10. Smoking.

Nicotine narrows vessels, worsens blood supply of fabrics and causes oxygen starvation. Result - fatigue. Some famous experts do not undertake to treat at all for an adynamy of smokers as consider it as waste of their money and the time.

What to do? Having refused cigarettes, do not wait for immediate inflow of forces. In the first weeks weakness will amplify. Nicotine affects nervous system as a dope - there will pass time before it weans from it and will begin to be recharged not by tobacco ashes, but clean air.

11. Driver`s fatigue.

the Inconvenient pose, a visual and nervous tension, monotonous actions, infinite traffic jams very much tire with

. Symptoms of driver`s fatigue - the glassy look which rested against one point, the slowed-down reaction, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, the passive movement with one speed.

What to do? Have surely a bite before a trip, but it is a little also low-fat food. In salon it has to be cool: heat weakens and drives in a dream. Felt fatigue? Slightly open a window or turn on the conditioner.

12. Work with the computer.

the Monotonous image, blinking of the monitor and a pulsation of the shining signs very much tire with

. In several hours the fatigue covers all organism, leading to a headache, despondency, loss of appetite and other troubles.

What to do?

13. Evenings at the TV.

From televiewing sight gets tired quicker, than from any visual work, and also other consequences soon follow: nervous tension, irritability, sleeplessness...

What to do? You do not watch TV without additional lighting. Sharp contrast of the bright screen and a surrounding gloom is adverse for sight therefore light a desk lamp or a floor lamp. On the screen there should not be patches of light. Having switched off the TV, look at some time in a window, and it is even better - make at least 10 - 15 - minute walk at this time of night.