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Just dreams of

Before deciding that to you in a dream the Lord was and were dictated by the new list of precepts, think: can be, it is all about the stale celery eaten the day before?

Interpretation of dreams shamans, magicians, sorcerers and sorcerers were engaged in em in

from time immemorial, and after them philosophers, psychoanalysts and even physicians replaced. In some cultures the dream could become the rise reason on the highest step of social hierarchy or, on the contrary, full deprivation in all rights. For example, if the woman from the Indian tribe to a si dreamed herself dressed in men`s wear, she acquired the right to refuse a female path and to track down bisons on an equal basis with other hunters. In the return situation the man was recommended to commit suicide or to become the derelict at whom all tribe laughed.

Long time was considered that dreams are nisposylat by gods or spirits.“ Dirty“, that is erotic, dreams were attributed to a devil, and as atonement it was necessary to confess, pray and fast. In the Middle Ages it even was a fashionable subject of scientific works.

Psychoanalysis injected a new life into craft of interpretation of dreams. Freud and his followers claimed that he in dreams proves unconscious, and in their correct analysis it is possible to learn in what the reason of complexes and neurosises of the person. In this case the therapist spent a huge number of time for understanding symbolics of a dream and “to translate“ it into the language clear to the awake consciousness.

Opponents of a freydizm believed that dreams are just a product of activity of the brain which is constantly processing the arriving information, and there is no secret sense in them. This hypothesis was actively investigated in the Soviet Union, especially before World War II and during war when the designers occupied with development of new types of weapon and fighters, time for a dream practically did not have. Then it became clear that the long deprivation of a dream (by means of special preparations to people did not allow to sleep on eight at all - ten days) leads to development of crazy frustration and even schizophrenia.


In the 20th century allocated four phases of a dream: a stage of a slow dream, a dream stage with FME (fast movement of eyes) and two transitional stages differing from each other in a rhythm of brain waves. Duration and sequence of different phases depend on age. In the childhood people spend more time in a phase of a slow dream while they in old age practically lose ability to plunge into it and often wake up. Nearly 80% of dreams are the share of a phase of a REM sleep. If at this time to wake the person, then he, most likely, will tell about what was seen. And the slow dream almost does not “create“ any bright images and the more so plots, it reminds smooth reflection of something very uncertain more. Cognitive scientists (supporters of the concepts considering all activity of mentality as process of knowledge) connect a REM sleep with active processing of information which is saved up in a day, and attribute to a slow phase function of its preservation, “record“.

But even that who sacredly believes in psychoanalysis should not try to discover signs of an Oedipus complex or a complex of castration in each dream. Especially when the dream can be explained with ease quite material reasons. For example, what happens to a body of snovidets while his owner travels in parallel reality.

Dream of century. to a plate

From nourishing food drives in a dream. However, especially at a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, too fat and hot dishes, and also the products promoting gas generation (cabbage, grapes and many others), can cause gloomy, heavy dreams and even nightmares. The reason is simple: weight in a stomach, congestion of a gastrointestinal tract and a saturation of blood products of processing of food cause in an organism association with poisoning and threat of life, on as the brain answers, producing images of danger. Therefore nutritionists advise not to gorge on for the night and the more so not to abuse alcohol which, being a strong stimulant, is quite able to upset a dream. The easy dinner can be eaten hour for four before you go to a bed. Especially heavy it is necessary those who have stomach ulcer, a duodenum and other diseases connected with the increased acidity. At them during a phase with BDG secretion of hydrochloric acid increases many times over. Acid hurts both burning, and the person dreams the fires, accidents and other troubles.

“We smothered them - smothered...“


At malfunctions in work of respiratory organs, especially at bronchial asthma, or just in hard cases of cold from - for shortages of oxygen in blood to the person can dream that he is smothered or that it sinks. As a rule, in the same cases there comes more difficultly the phase of a slow dream as it requires full relaxation and deep breath. As a result the poor creature badly gets enough sleep and feels tired. If this state collects, dreams about helplessness and pursuits come, and images of a dream become indistinct.

Similar visions arise and at apnoe (respiratory standstill in a dream on quite long, of 10 seconds and more, time), only the picture is added by dreams of “sticky horror“ from which it is difficult to wake up, or impossibility to move.

of Missile defense it

Erotic dreams “watch“ about 60% of men and 50% of women from time to time. More precisely, even not “from time to time“, and it is quite frequent: 8% of dreams have sexual implication on average.

in 1972 the Soviet researcher Z. Rozhanovskaya conducted survey of 500 women from whom a little more than 20% admitted (or bragged?) what from time to time they can endure in a dream and an orgasm. Contrary to an ordinary stereotype, generally it were the singles who are not deprived of man`s attention, and on the contrary, women, and in reality having sex there is a lot of, is active also with pleasure.

Female erotic dreams of a fantaziyna are also emotional

, in them sexual plots, often appear in reality for one reason or another impossible or simply unwanted, including rape. Men “prefer“ intim with strangers and scenes of group sex.

Sometimes erotic dreams have under themselves very prosy background - the crowded bladder. Especially at men: the bladder presses on a prostate and creates a blood stream, there is an erection, sex hormones to which the brain also reacts sexual dreams are produced. At women the similar physiological mechanism “is arranged“ slightly more difficult, but too exists.

Flights in a dream and

Children and teenagers fly in a dream because grow. The vestibular mechanism “is guilty“ of everything: the irritation of this site of a brain “responsible“ for balance, even during wakefulness causes feelings of flight or zero gravity. And the teenager`s blood - the ocean in which hormonal storms, and also typhoons and a tsunami continuously storm. If the next splash happens in a dream, it “seems“ to the center of balance that his owner flies, and consciousness which “knows“ that actually it not so, “is disconnected“ and cannot object.

At adults dreams with flights can demonstrate violations in work of a vestibular mechanism or just overfatigue.

the Flame motor

Upon transition of an organism from one phase of a dream in another rate of functioning of different systems in steps changes. In particular, 82% of the attacks of stenocardia happening in a dream fall on a phase from BDG when sharply raise muscular and neural activity. Before such attack the person often dreams something connected with big physical activities, or on it just rolls an attack of panic or fear.

And meanwhile...

the Chaotic pictures which are sharply replacing one another, the mad talk interfering in a plot, strange smells, sounds and many other things often come to a dream from the outside. The matter is that a dream - one of kinds of trance states at which the way of a filtration and processing of the signals given by sense organs changes. It is noticeable already at falling asleep: drops unheard before from the leaking crane can begin to dement, and the hand of the beloved husband - to turn into immensely heavy weight. Therefore if the mirror turning with an awful scratch, then, maybe, it and a harbinger of horrors and failures dreamed you. And maybe, just wind opened a window and shook a frame to a scratch.

So, having seen a strange dream, you do not hurry to thumb through dream book in search of interpretation or to keep within on a couch in an office of the psychoanalyst: the real reason can be very simple and quite material.