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Artificial feeding: questions and answers of

questions the employee of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Pyryeva Ekaterina Anatolyevna answers.

my kid eats

acidified milk formulas, at the age of 4 - 6 months began to give mixes on goat milk since as it became clear that it has an allergy to cow`s milk. It is expressed in rash and an intestinal allergy (a green chair). Refused breastfeeding since after delivery of the analysis found staphylococcus and many other things. Received medical treatment. Now eats sour-milk “NAN“ and sour-milk AGU, and also cottage cheese, plus I add mashed potatoes, fruit, juice, vegetables, meat. Whether prompt, please, really it is an allergy to cow protein or something else, and we eat how properly?

Grudges that you refused breastfeeding - at least, staphylococcus in women`s milk is not for this purpose contraindication. Moreover, in the presence of a staphylococcal infection at the child or at mother, it is impossible to refuse feeding by a breast at all: at correctly picked up treatment it is possible to cope with this problem quickly and successfully.

Since the birth completely it is not expedient to p to be on acidified milk formulas really. But as the child, judging by the range of food, already rather big, at such diet twice a day it is possible to feed with acidified milk formula of the kid.

At our child an allergy to cow`s milk, to the food made on its basis (including cannot use it and mother - the allergy at the child arises all the same). Why in dairy kitchens something is not provided for such children? What mixes it is more preferable to us?

the Feeding mother whose child does not transfer cow`s milk has to be on a hypoallergenic diet, including, completely exclude fresh milk from a diet, pass to fermented milk products. Your task - all possible ways to stimulate a lactation, to try to keep chest food as when feeding any artificial mix to such kid it will be even worse. It is difficult to recommend something more concrete - you did not specify age of the child. Perhaps, it needs fermented milk products, in them protein of milk is presented in the fermented, more usvoyaemy form. whether

frequent and strong? We use “Enfamil“ for the corresponding age...

As a rule, the child reacts to improper artificial mix in a different way (skin manifestations, change of character of a chair etc.) . More rare I am vomiting. But plentiful vomiting, and in volume of each feeding, demands obligatory consultation from experts: it is necessary to exclude pathology zheludochno - an intestinal path or neurologic pathology.

you did not specify age of the kid: if vomiting appeared upon transition from breastfeeding on artificial, then, perhaps, they are connected with the wrong technology of feeding (the child swallows too much air etc.) .

It is possible, you need also food replacement (to choose the artificial mix suitable your child not so - that simply). Consult with the doctor.

the Green chair and locks for the first time arose when the child was still completely on breastfeeding. Introduction of mix (“Frisolak“) did not exert special impact. Then there were “Bifidus“, the kefir “Agusha - Bifi“, “Narin“, “Laktobakterin“ (according to the recommendation of the doctor from “Semashko“). Improvement is, but there is no resistant picture of a normal chair, besides diathesis on cheeks periodically develops. What it can be connected with and whom it is better to address?

All above-mentioned can be connected by

with features (immaturity) zheludochno - an intestinal path and its fermental systems. The healthy nutrition, and here an organism cannot digest it properly yet. Not really it is clear about introduction of the mix “Frisolak“ and fermented milk products: if you transferred the child from breastfeeding specially on this mix, then there is no sense in it any, “Frisolak“ is not medical mix. Kefir is entered into the child`s diet about 8 months: you did not specify age of the kid therefore it is difficult to judge expediency of the appointed food and preparations.

can Consult concerning food in an office of food of Konsultatsionno - the diagnostic center at city children`s hospital No. 9 of Speransky. Weekly reception is conducted here by specialists of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Record by phone of registry: 259 - 13 - 07, 259 - 01 - 08 (at itself to have the copy of the insurance policy of the child and the direction from policlinic).

Very often at artificial feeding locks (especially later chest) arise. What with it to do?

As long as possible keep breastfeeding, even in the mixed look (mother`s milk plus mix as a dokorm): women`s milk - the best product on comprehensibility all of them possible For children - bottle-fed babies with tendency to locks special medical products - for example are recommended, to the mix “Semper Bifidus“, “Frisovom“ etc., and the corresponding products of a feeding up. At inefficiency of correction by means of food, it is necessary to consult at the expert (for example, at the gastroenterologist).

to our child since the birth in maternity hospital began to give to

a certain mix, and we began, certainly, it to use. Interestingly, how many firms pay also whom that children were “accustomed“ to their food (alternatives, certainly, do not offer)?

In my opinion, the question is raised not absolutely correctly. Any maternity hospital (as well as houses of babies, and children`s hospitals) independently does not sign contracts with firms or the trading companies. All baby food arrives centrally from warehouses of the relevant state organizations.

Since the birth in maternity hospital of the baby needs to be nursed - here to you and alternative. Maternity hospitals of children should not feed with mixes (and, especially, to accustom!) and have to finish feeding only in case of need. As becomes. In our country the program for protection, support and encouragement of breastfeeding is already adopted - as they say, “process went“. At the choice of maternity hospital consider the medical staff relation to breastfeeding: if start is successful, many problems as with health of the baby, and household, you will manage to avoid.

U me twins. I feed girls from the birth with the mix “Humana“, but also fed up chest milk while was. Often poured out pryshchichka on a face and potnichka, but I could not understand on what an allergy. To them now for 7 months, and I learned recently that they have on a lot of things an allergy and to casein too. What to do?


to Children with displays of an allergy showed a hypoallergenic diet which consists not only in selection of mixes, but also in the choice of products of a feeding up. Such kids need a special diet. If the allergy is expressed just as you described (that is, in an average form), then it is not necessary to transfer to other mixes of children - mixes - hydrolyzates, for example, after 6 - 7 months difficultly to enter because they bitter on taste. In spite of the fact that the allergy to casein came to light, introduction to a diet from 8 - 9 months of fermented milk products (children`s kefir) is possible.