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Date from a stone of

If you suspected of yourself tendency to experimental botany, immediately put in a pot with the earth a date stone. And then you will be able to observe how the date palm tree grows on a window sill. Years through 10 it will turn into the real tree!


Where dates grow?

Huge date palm trees at once are evident to the tourists who visited green oases of Egypt, Israel and other countries of North Africa and Hugo - the Western Asia. Usually they tower over all okrugy, representing nearly the highest trees - on 15 - 20 meters with the direct and thick not branching trunk on which top rustle and are shaken to fifty huge plumose leaves.

of People grows up date palm trees since the most ancient times. And not so much for appearance a landscape, how many with the practical purpose. Their fruits are tasty and nutritious, contain a huge amount of vitamins, mineral salts, sugars and other useful substances. The local population prepares from them hundreds of various dishes, drinks, medicines.

That, in advance I warn that the palm tree of fruits which is grown up in your house will not give, alas.


It is possible for

of the Subtlety of landing, of course, especially without reflecting, to put a stone in a pot with any window plant in quality whether “neighbor“, whether “guest“. It is quite possible that date by some miracle will survive, poorly - will poorly grow, and then and will force out, fighting for existence, the former owner. But it is much more effective to arrive differently.

Skilled experimenters know that fast emergence of sprouts in fresh stones is prevented by a firm cover. Sometimes it is tried to be nadpilit a file or to soften hot water. I advise to do without these extremes and just to create for germination of seeds the best conditions by means of two elementary operations. In the beginning for two days place stones in a thermos with the pure and slightly warmed up snow water - ideally with a tiny additive of natural biostimulators - sodium humate preparations. And after that shift stones in any small closed container with damp hydrogel, a moss - a sphagnum or at least sawdust and take one or one and a half months at the battery of a central heating where temperature - 30 - 35 °C.

Later the inflated seeds should be checked 3 - 4 weeks periodically: they should not dry up. And at emergence of peaked sprouts at once seat them in pots 10 - 12 cm high with the friable damp soil - in mix from the cespitose earth, peat and sand in equal parts. And it is better not to stick the sprouted stones vertically, and to put horizontally, a section down, having filled up with the soil on 2 - 3 cm. You do not hurry to rearrange the landings to a cool window sill where besides excessively dry air. Business will go far quicker if up to emergence of shoots (up to this point lighting it is not necessary) to place a pot in the transparent and densely tied plastic bag and to keep in the warm place, for example in kitchen, near a plate.

When landing in the winter shoots, similar to thick green carnations, will appear in the spring, but not earlier than April - May when on a window sill becomes warmer and will not be threats of frosty drafts. Optimum temperature for shoots - 20 - 25 °C. Further the grown-up date palm trees in the ziyena - are reconciled spring months with a temperature of 12 - 15 degrees, and in summer - with that that happens in a midland. The main thing that plants received the maximum quantity of light and stood as it is possible closer to glass.

Further leaving

Development of a date palm tree is accelerated by change: to three-year age replace a plant annually, further - once in five years. Replace (more true, pass) with a former earth lump as the palm tree very painfully reacts to traumatizing though thick, but very gentle and vulnerable backs. By the way, roots at a date palm tree rod and very powerful therefore plants put whenever possible in the deepest cone-shaped pots, first not really big. On a bottom of such ware it is necessary to fill a two-centimetric drainage layer from charcoal, expanded clay or a moss.

Earth mix for cultivation of a palm tree has to be friable, damp, nutritious and consist of the cespitose, sheet earth and sand taken in equal parts. It is useful to add a little ready purchased humus to the most usual poor earth, in the ratio 1 part of humus and 5 parts of the soil.

If in the summer you move to the dacha, it is better to take a palm tree with itself: she will perfectly feel on a light terrace or a verandah. From June to August the plant can be exposed on the street, at an entrance to the house or under krone of a young apple-tree.

your plant will take the Form of an exotic palm tree with rassechenny leaves not in the first at all and even not for the second year - first leaves grow linear, not similar to palm. Rassechenny and beautiful they will become later and to bring closer this time and “to receive“ leaves without the dried-up brown tips periodically moisten air: spray leaflets water from a spray with a small spray, and also in the veseena - winter months each 10 days feed up solution of flower or complex mineral fertilizer.

At mass distribution of insects - wreckers - lozhnoshchitovka, web pincers, a plant louse - it is necessary to spray a palm tree one of strongly operating insecticides.


So, having armed with knowledge why don`t you undertake creation of a personal palm grove?