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The best nurse of

It is not always easy to trust the child to strangers. We want to be sure for hundred percent of competence of the person who will look behind our precious child the whole day. However, having chosen the worthy candidate, we can face the following problem: the nurse perfectly gets on with the kid, but some features of its character create excess difficulties to us, adults. How to be in this difficult situation? The most widespread claims from parents to the nurse are commented by experts.

  1. It walks with the child

    Kazhdy knows insufficiently that the child needs to be in the fresh air every day, even in the winter. However, perhaps, you just insufficiently clearly explained it to the nurse when employed it? However, never late to tell:“ I would like that you walked with my child every day. It is very important for me“. If the nurse is afraid that the kid will catch a cold, calm it: there is enough that she dressed it as you consider it necessary. She does not know where to go for a walk with the child? Walk few times together with it, prompt it the best places in the area near the house which you prefer for walks with the kid. Besides your remark that, having played enough much on the street, the child will behave more quietly than the house can become powerful argument in favor of daily walks, so, it will be easier for nurse to cope with it during your absence.

  2. She feeds with
  3. the child same. All week on a table mashed potatoes with ham or ham with macaroni.

    “It is known that we are what we eat. And such menu, naturally, is absolutely unacceptable for the kid. If you employed the nurse through special agency, then it is simply obliged to know the children`s menu, ways of preparation and all variety of dishes for children“, - Elena Proskuryakova, the CEO of agency on staff recruitment for the house “tells Valdai - Service“. However if you found the nurse through friends, acquaintances or according to the announcement, you needed to discuss at once with it this point and in advance to make the menu for a week in which various dishes and products would be presented. Explain to her that to the kid very important correctly and variously to eat. You will not offend the nurse if you speak on behalf of the doctor: the pediatrician observing your child strongly recommends to include siliculose haricot, carrots, spinach, apples in his diet... Ask the nurse that is not enough for it to make full-fledged lunches. If any additional products are necessary, buy them. And if at the same time the nurse does not show special enthusiasm, and you in any way not can it now it is necessary to lose, so to make lunches for the child most.

  4. her thirteen-year-old daughter periodically remains to
  5. with our child while it leaves behind purchases...

    “In my opinion, it is absolutely unacceptable situation. Why we invite the nurse of which are sure? Because the behavior of the child, his state can be unpredictable. For example, it can thrust into a nose or swallow something. Of course, it is rare or even the rare occurences, but who from them is insured for 100%? Nobody“, - says Elena Proskuryakova, the CEO of agency on staff recruitment for the house “Valdai - Service“. The adult will quicker understand a situation, will take adequate actions. The teenager who does not have experience and psychologically not ready to stressful situations can make a fatal flaw in which he will be innocent. I consider that the nurse as “Pater Noster“, has to know what cannot be subcontracted the child. Otherwise it will be better to refuse its services and to look for more suitable person for a role to “Mary Poplina“ for your kid“.

  6. B than they reproach us

    of the Nurse - the same employees, as well as all others. They have rights: on timely salary payment, on holiday etc. Imagine, as if you were surprised if your chief forgot about these elementary rules. Let`s learn to be punctual, and in case of the delay from work we will be good enough that we will warn the nurse by phone and we will thank her for the fact that it meets requirements of us. It is better than to rush home, to be enough the child for hands, having muttered after the leaving nurse something like “Good-bye“. As though it is the nurse it is guilty of traffic jams or bad weather!

  7. my son had chicken pox, and the nurse refuses to look behind it...

    “For a start find out a cause of failure from the nurse, - the psychologist Olga Ostashko advises. - Perhaps, she never had chicken pox, and, as we know, the adult has this disease much heavier, than the child. The fact that she is afraid to infect someone from the members of household can be one more cause. In this case it is necessary to explain to her that chicken pox is not transmitted through the third parties. Let she will inquire - it is its right. If it is a simple whim or its excessive uneasiness is in this way expressed, I advise you as to mother to become thoughtful. Its bespokoynost can be transferred also to your kid“. Anyway, the way out is always. As an exception you can stay with the child of the house several days, having in parallel been engaged in searches of less timid nurse.

  8. my child quite uneasy, not easy to cope with it, but the nurse says that with it he behaves perfectly. To me in it it is trusted hardly.

    Often our children behave with other people differently, than with own parents. Some - the real angels at the nurse (or at the grandmother with the grandfather), and with parents become the real little devils. To enrage mother so interestingly! Do not reproach yourself: you good mother. Look at a situation on the other hand: such behavior testifies rather to the developed mind. Your kid understood that he is not able to afford those tricks which to it escape house punishment with other people. He adapts.

  9. If to you something is not pleasant to
    , try not to offend and not to criticize the nurse at once, allow for a start and to it to express.
  10. in the Evening the nurse mostly is silent. As a result I do not know what occurred in the afternoon.

    As well as you, in the evening the nurse hurries to finish the working day and to return to a family. At least sometimes try to come from work before usual, then you and at it will have time to quietly talk and discuss all concerning questions.“ You speak with the nurse directly, tell it that to you as to mother, it would be desirable to know more from it about the kid, as it is sad, she sees him much more often and more, than you, - the psychologist Olga Ostashko says. - Besides, be with it allies! Most likely, it will have for you time, and she with pleasure will share with you the supervision over the kid during the day“. You can also suggest the nurse to get “a notebook of supervision“ in which she would write down every day that was eaten by the child, what is the time he slept whether it walked what played and so forth. Of you, you could write down in a notebook own supervision, for example, that your kid badly slept at night that it had temperature all days off that today he for the first time in life tasted ham etc. It will give to you many reasons to begin conversation.

  11. the TV works with
  12. all day, and it is not pleasant to me...

    - nibud from parents it will be pleasant to hardly anyone that their child all day long spends time at the TV. We count that the nurse will play with our kid and to develop him, but not to “calm“, having put to watch transmissions which give nothing to it. At an interview stage you have to discuss with it all your wishes and understand whether it is ready to their execution. Check how the situation in your absence is: come back home in unexpected time or you ask to come mother, the mother-in-law, the girlfriend

  13. She is my coeval and suggests to pass on “you“...

    It is very unsuccessful thought. Your relations have to remain professional. The address on formal terms - a sign of mutual respect which will help you to keep a distance with the nurse and to avoid too straight talks. On the other hand, nobody disturbs you - it is even recommended - to be discussed with the nurse as she would like that it was called by the child.

  14. my son very much loves the nurse, and I already begin to be jealous...

    Do not forget that the child will see off with the nurse as much of time, how many with you. Therefore his affection for her is absolutely natural. It is even good! But you should not worry: even at the smallest age the child perfectly distinguishes mother from the nurse. And if in the morning he refuses to kiss you at parting and at the same time rushes to the nurse, perhaps, so he tries “to punish“ you for your frequent absence...

  15. At a playground it communicates with other nurses and young mothers while the kid sits one in a carriage and misses.

    You can ask the nurse that occurs, but is accurate, trying to wound her self-esteem at the same time not strongly: “You very well look for Vanechkaya, I completely trust you...“ And only then tell what disturbs you: “But I very much would like that...“ Try not to criticize and furthermore not to humiliate the nurse. Softly remind her that the child needs to move, play every day much with other children, to learn to climb, slide and so on. But allow also the nurse to express. Listen that she wants to tell you. Perhaps, she considers that she deserved the right for a small break, and your child not especially suffers at this time... Try to compromise together is a trouble-free way to restore good relations.

  16. Me it seems to
  17. , the nurse is not too tender with the child.

    If she is attentive in relation to the kid and well cares for him, there is no reason for concern. It can be lovely and kind, but not try to show you it. Some people behave frostily at strangers, but it does not mean at all that they are cold and indifferent. Just they need slightly more time to feel easy. Besides, you precisely will have a right for a double portion of tendernesses from the beloved child when you come back home in the evening!

  18. Show respect for the nurse, listen to her opinion - and you will have fine, confidential relations.
    the Most insignificant remarks and wishes for my part the nurse takes
  19. very painfully. Though I always considered that I have the right to report to the nurse the wishes on care of children...

    “Perhaps, the nurse - such person who does not perceive any criticism in the address at all, - the psychologist Olga Ostashko explains, - and, guessing this feature of its character, you just should have with it “a heart-to-heart talk“ once. Share with it own experiences, tell:“ You know, I sometimes am afraid to tell you something as I see that you very sharply react to everything. However I do not want to offend you. It is pleasant to me how you care for my child. As for my remarks, understand, all of us sometimes make mistakes, but in it there is nothing terrible. We can always discuss everything“. Most likely, after similar conversation the nurse will concern to you with big trust and reasons for offenses at it will be less.