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If you trust in a miracle, then it surely will occur

How many we waited for this miracle! How many doctors bypassed. Once I was told:“ There is a percent of women who really have various problems, and there are 10% - when just not on the cards …“ And it is, seemingly, my case, but unless there can be it?! But it was trusted always - let not now, but we will be able to take on hands of the angel. And here, at last, this day, I call the doctor and I tell result of HChG … Yes, I am pregnant! I several times asked again, could not believe in any way. At each visit of ultrasonography all was afraid that “point“ small so far on the monitor will disappear.

the pleasure was farther than

A in every afternoon. In twenty two weeks we made three-dimensional ultrasonography, feeling - not to tell! For the first time we saw not only a small lump, but also each eye, a mouth, handles as she yawns (to us told that it is the girl). Here it already also moves as it is healthy!

Term 34 weeks. Yesterday we were at the doctor, and for the first time for all pregnancy I outright was frightened. I was so sure that at me and at the kid everything is good that did not assume even thought that something can be not so, and to me it became terrible. We were told that the child lacks oxygen, and it can affect development of the kid further. But some internal feeling prompted that, maybe, are mistaken, we decided to recheck information and to make ultrasonography in other clinic. Now each stir I felt cautiously, suddenly it that she there inconveniently or has nothing to breathe though nevertheless I calmed myself the fact that all other analyses show that the child develops normally. In the medical center our fears did not confirm, told that all indicators are normal. In this situation I rely only on the intuition and belief that everything will be good. Remained absolutely slightly - slightly, and it would be desirable to enjoy the situation at this time, but not to panic from any hint. We so it waited that else up to the end you do not realize that a month more, and new life will begin. At some moments there is even a wish to delay the final moment and to enjoy today`s state. There is such inconsistent feeling: on the one hand, terribly interestingly, what it will be, but on the other hand, try to delay the moment and to enjoy the state.

Term of 38 weeks. There now, apparently, we are in the home stretch. Remains absolutely slightly - slightly, and already very soon every day can become decisive. Though we yet even prepared nothing. Probably, will be as it will turn out. Now, when I almost at the purpose, one may say, that I was lucky, and all pregnancy passed more than well. I had no moment when I would tell:“ As it is heavy“. Well of course, now for some reason sleeplessness very often torments, and legs and hands, but all the rest only in pleasure therefore all inconveniences depart on a distance shot very much swell.

Two days before childbirth. In two days official term, but yet I yet feel nothing, it seems a state usual as though a month more to term. There are no symptoms. It seems only that the baby already almost does not move. I already begin to listen to heart beat, so got used to stir.

Week after the delivery. Already more than a week as we were born. Here about confidence I can now tell that pregnancy took place successfully, even the baby did not keep itself waiting and has an effect exactly in the appointed time. Approximately in 4. 30 the stomach ached, and pains began to repeat in minutes ten, however, me it confused, according to stories, waters have to depart, about a stopper spoke, but I had nothing similar. Also fights went at once rather often, there were no hour breaks. Somewhere in 30 minutes. I was almost already sure that I was not mistaken, and these are really fights. Having waited, I nevertheless called the husband that he went home, having decided that let in maternity hospital my guesses will better check. Having waited, I already almost did not doubt that it is fights though, without understanding yet why at me so often they repeat. In maternity hospital I was told that opening on 2 fingers, and was led in the maternity block at once. I got on a shift change therefore doctors each other several times told all my difficult story, and everyone came to look at me as on a museum piece. Nevertheless pregnancy after EKO and is so much operations behind.

Somewhere in 10. 30 to me the doctor came and told that it is necessary to pierce a bubble and that now fights will become more painful, and it appeared. In 30 minutes of pain became really intolerable. To me suggested to change on a ball that at first relieved pain a little, but in minutes ten they became even stronger. Maybe it is good that at these moments all leave the room, and do not see how it is necessary to pine with pain. Approximately in an hour the doctor came and suggested to make anesthesia to reduce pain and that the organism has a rest before childbirth. Otherwise I can not have enough forces that most to give rise. They threw back thought of Cesarean section (of ZhK I was assured that only this way I can give birth) at once, having assured me that it is necessary to give birth only most (now I am very grateful to them). In minutes fifteen I felt that pain ceases, and I managed to have a sleep a little that, of course, in a consequence very much helped. Somewhere in 12. 45 (13. 00), I felt that attempts begin. I heard much about this state therefore I understood. From this point the midwife appeared more often, advising as it is correct to breathe and behave at the next attack. At this moment I remembered all indications of skilled. I very much was afraid to make something not so therefore I tried to follow all instructions accurately. In 13. 30 I was told that the makushechka already appears, and it is necessary to pass to a maternity chair though at this moment I hardly represented how it is possible to rise in general and somewhere to go, especially, psychologically terribly: you feel between legs already that something disturbs. But by means of doctors I managed which - as perekovylyat on a chair. The rest occurred in fifteen minutes. I still followed all instructions: to breathe when an attack, and to make an effort when releases. At some moment, apparently, that there are no forces any more, but fear to do something not so induces not to relax. And here through three attempts I saw a head, and also all little body appeared further. And there occurs some inexplicable feeling that everything, you made it! And here even minutes five you thought that there are no more than forces, and now they appeared again. Showed me my girl, put on a stomach, appear, that I did not consider her, only remembered black volosik. And at this moment you feel such simplification, but I did not suspect that it is necessary to suffer so many when sew up. All my optimism concerning inflow of forces somehow abated. But it is not so interesting. The main thing that you understand that the most important event in your life took place.