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We expand the menu of kids, or Rules of introduction of a feeding up

to your kid 5 - 6 months, and time to enter into its food allowance other products, besides breast milk came. It is worth treating introduction of a feeding up as the organism of the child got used to receive only breast milk or the adapted mix carefully. The main council - not to hurry! To avoid food allergy and problems with digestion, it is worth knowing all subtleties of expansion of a food allowance of your kid.

How to understand when it is time for child to enter a feeding up?

Specialists of “Agush“ advise

to follow the following rules of introduction of a feeding up:

as the first type of a feeding up modern experts recommend to enter products with a high power density - special children`s porridges of industrial production as they are enriched with all necessary mineral substances and vitamins.

After porridges of a nutritsiologa is advised to offer the kid vegetable puree as they contain cellulose and mineral substances necessary for a children`s organism.

should enter Further into a food allowance fruit purees and juice which contain necessary vitamins, cellulose, mineral substances, so necessary for the growing child.

Many mothers consider that products of house preparation it is much better industrial. Undoubtedly! Mothers put all love and tenderness, making first courses for the kids. But, unfortunately, mother has no guarantee that products which she uses for preparation, say, of fruit puree of the superior quality and do not contain substances, harmful to kids. Therefore experts recommend to give to the kid juice and mashed potatoes of industrial production as they are made from specially selected components and pass special quality control of baby food. They contain only all the most necessary and, on the contrary, do not contain substances, harmful to the kid. For example, Agush`s juice do not contain sugar, are hypoallergenic, enriched with a complex from 10 vitamins, contain cellulose which is necessary for intestinal microflora activity. All tastes of a line of juice of Agush, are specially developed taking into account requirement of a children`s organism.

Fruit purees of Agush are a natural source of vitamins, micro - and macrocells which are necessary for a normal metabolism, growth and development of the kid. They contain natural fruit sugar from fruits, the organic acids and vegetable fibers which are favorably influencing work of intestines.

Specialists of “Agush“ advise

to mothers to keep “the food diary“ by which it is always possible to define, on what of the entered products the child had an allergic reaction. The diary will help to trace what new product was tried by the kid and that is pleasant to it more.