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The comfortable apartment for a pet of

Choosing finishing or the new apartment furniture, we think of an esthetics, comfort, the price... That is we consider only the interests, forgetting about interests of those who live nearby, - pets. Important not only to secure an interior against dog wool and cat`s claws, but also to make the dwelling safe for our favourites.

the Floor

From available floor coverings the most optimum for fans of cats and dogs - a laminate. To it claws are not terrible, it is easily cleared of wool and dirt which the animal can bring from the street. If animal big or quite aggressive, pay attention to durability class - it has to be not lower than 31 - go. However, if your pet has quiet temper, an appearance of a floor covering is not so important: both linoleum, and a parquet, and a parquet board will approach. Even the powerful vacuum cleaner not to clean off a carpet and any kinds of carpets up to the end from wool, it is necessary to creep on a floor with a brush.


Besides, if your cat is not up to the end accustomed to a tray, it is necessary to pay attention to ease of cleaning of waste products - both linoleum, and a laminate are equally good here. The last besides possesses the increased heat conductivity that gives the chance to install system of heating that your animals did not catch a cold, running on a cold floor.

of the Wall

If you have a dog or if your cat does not like to sharpen claws about a wall (preferring, let us assume, a sofa), this point can be passed. In principle, there are many ways to disaccustom an animal to a point of claws in not put place, but if on the old apartment you were convinced of their inefficiency, in the new dwelling it is better to refuse wall-paper. As option - to paste over a bottom of walls with wooden panels that the cat could not reach wall-paper. Material, thickness and height of plates are selected individually. It is not recommended to use panels from a chipboard as they are toxic, the laminated or plywood plates will approach better.

Qualitative paints and plasters create rather strong and wearproof wall covering to which claws of your pet are not terrible. By the way, the housing esthetics do not suffer from such decision at all. Modern plasters with various decorative effects allow to create the magnificent relief invoice imitating a natural stone, wood bark, clouds, gold, etc., to use the most various color schemes.

of the Window

the Plastic windows opening vertically (the airing mode), are dangerous to animals! Seldom think of it in advance, but results of such levity happen literally deadly. There is it so. The cat (or a dog) wants to get out to will and climbs in a crack of an open window. The forward part creeps without problems. But then the cat can slide off on this crack down and it is clamped between a frame and an open window - cannot neither get through forward, nor return back. Slowly (under the influence of own weight) her trunk slides off below and below. As a result blood circulation in back part of a trunk is broken, and also there is a squeezing of internals. If not to manage to release in time a cat, she can die or receive very heavy injuries.

Therefore if such windows at you already stand, does not recommend to use

the airing mode at night or when you there is no house. As a last resort - to open so that the pet could not get through in a crack in any way. If you only choose windows - draw conclusions.


Besides, it is necessary to see to it about a grid on windows and a balcony to secure an animal against falling. Contrary to ordinary opinion, each falling, even from the small height (4 - 5 floor), is harmful to a cat and can even lead to a lethal outcome. The range of window grids is extensive, it is possible to choose the different amount, different thickness of weaving, different materials. For big animals it is better to take aluminum - they maintain the weight of a large dog. It is possible to fix a grid both on plastic, and on wooden windows.