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Personally - the focused education of the school student

the Teacher at school, first of all, deals with the complete identity of the child. Everyone is interesting by the uniqueness, and is personal - the focused education allows to preserve this uniqueness, to grow up the self-valuable personality, to develop tendencies and talents, to expand possibilities of everyone “I“ and, simply speaking, - it is better to bring up the little person, than he is.

When the child comes to school, the cool collective becomes the real world, and the relations in it have not only “educational“ character “. The background“ positive education in a class exerts strong impact and on training process.

Education, formation of the identity of the child is carried out by

every day in everyday life. Therefore it is very important that everyday life and activity of the school student became various, substantial and was under construction on the basis of the highest moral relations. For the school student process of acquisition of new knowledge, knowledge of the world with difficulties, progress and failures has to become joyful. With anything incomparable joy is given by communication with companions, acquisition of friends, collective affairs, games, joint experiences, familiarizing with work and socially - useful activity.

Each child has to be not worse in something than others or maybe surpass in something: someone it is good to be able to write verses, someone - to dance, someone knows mathematics better than others, someone - Russian, and someone reads many books... It is necessary only to help the child to reveal.

it is important to p to estimate progress of the school student not in comparison with progress of others At the beginning, and to estimate the results achieved by it, comparing his present progress with last, emphasizing his development and advance. At the same time it is important to note efforts of the child and efforts made by it for achievement of good results in the doctrine, work, creativity.

For most of children success - strong incentive to further improvement. An exit for a framework habitual, standard always accompanies creativity.

When I begin to work as

with first graders, surely I am guided by the identity of each child, by his identity. It is known that training and education are interconnected. And it is personal - the focused education promotes successful training, serves as prevention of stressful mental states at the child in the course of training. Each pupil has to ego-trip in something.

I try to reveal

In the first days who, of what is capable that further in the course of work whenever possible to develop abilities of children that each of them felt on the place.


Very much to me is helped with education of children by cooperation with V. N. Cherkesov, the poet, the member of the Russian Writers` Union, the head of regional club of creative development of children “Native lira“. He will organize to us meetings with writers, poets, artists, musicians, actors. Also it turns out so that after a meeting with writers children begin to write, after a meeting with artists - to draw... As shows experience, in each child there are inclinations of talent, but if not to develop them, all “will dry up on a root“. Let not all from them will become great people, but that all will become better, it is undoubted.

Already became

tradition that before going to any meeting, we with children prepare any performance. For this purpose among children I cast: someone participates in a performance, someone reads verses, dances, plays a musical instrument etc. Everything occurs taking into account identity. Further children become more independent, think out dances, study them.

of Rehearsal are of great importance too in education of children as during their carrying out children communicate and it is imperceptible for itself show what they are capable of. Cast proceeding from forces, abilities and desire of everyone. On these actions there is no division on capable and incapable - roles are available to all, and not just exceptional children. Children ego-trip. Pupils learn to write verses, stories, fairy tales and parallel to it learn to be good people. Already communication with such extraordinary persons as poets, artists, that is creative people, exerts positive impact on education of children. All these people are interesting, clever. At them is to what to learn not only to children, but also us, adults.

It is personal - the focused approach in education of the child with an exit to identity is of very great importance. I will give a concrete example on the most outstanding personality of my class demanding special approach in education.

On the First of September when my children became second-graders, I had a beginner - such lovely red being reminding heroes of movies from the Jumble series with the same dear red mummy. It was presented to me and presented the son who politely smiled, greeted and as the diligent pupil, in confusion hung the head. All this did not please me, and guarded. Because red boys at me always though in something, but were problem children. And still the fact that it will go to me from the suburban settlement in which there are two schools guarded. I to the director of studies: “Who such? And why will go to such distance?“ It appeared, everything is very simple: the child could not study - deducted from both schools. And mother on the advice of parents of my former pupils chose me.

Already next day the new pupil declared to me that it “hyperactive“, and in the settlement all know it and call “red and shameless“. Also life began in the class “cheerful“. It was excessively fighting, very mobile, not able to constrain at all itself and to inhibit the desires. At once began to beat all children just like that, for anything! Everyone.

- Why struck?
- I do not know! Just there was a wish to strike.
- And itself could?
- the Smog!
I begins to fight the head.

No educational conversations helped

. Parents of the offended children came, and it offended all. Went to mother - without results. Addressed the psychologist, the social teacher - it is vain. Nothing worked.


But that it was actually possible to expect from this child who in seven years behind shoulders already had a lot of negative: the father whom the child very much loved and it was attached to it, went to Baltic and did not return, married there and already has two children there. He dreamed of a meeting with the father, in school carried photos of the father, showed them to me. This year his dream came true. The father visited him. Impressions - the sea.

Mother and the grandmother do not cope with education of the child though they very much try. Put a lot of effort, but are not for it authorities.

When it went for preparation in school, after training courses the teacher told that into this school it was not brought. In the first class it went to other school, but after the termination of academic year to mother suggested to take away it from school. Before transition to our school it had a number of drives in militia: went marketing - stole a water-melon, went to shop - stole 1 500 rubles from cash desk, at the neighbor pulled down money etc. Where will not go - everywhere something will do. There was in a family a grief: at young age mother`s brother died from cancer. During a funeral while the family grieved at a coffin, climbed under a coffin and set fire to it. The dead man was rescued, and the coffin had to be replaced. Similar examples it is possible to bring a lot. After the first class during the summer period was on re-education in RSRC (regional social rehabilitation center).

Mother it tried to define

in sports school, in chess school where he successfully was engaged, but from - for behavior he was expelled everywhere. Nobody wanted to potter with it.

I as a result it came to me, considering it unnecessary itself(himself) to nobody, as if superfluous in our society, declaring to me that it bad that nobody loves it and that he wants to die. Why it occurred? Just since the early childhood its activity was not sent to the necessary course, and opposite, its activity was tried to be constrained constant bans. From - for it the child had irreconcilable contradictions between the needs of nature caused by features of his nervous system, and representations of the adults surrounding him how the “good“ child has to behave. Physical activities, outdoor games, sports activities where it could spend the remarkable energy and by that to become more balanced and quiet, but as I already spoke were necessary for it, at trainers of patience was not enough for education. Just hurried to get rid of the child that to us, teachers, of course, not permissibly. Therefore we always try to improve situation, there is a wish us for it or not.

In a class I too with its emergence had serious problems. Except that beat children, at all nearly strangled two. If not our ubiquitous grandmother - the cleaner, then, probably, to be to trouble. On change incurred the book in library, and he a thong tried to strangle the schoolmate. Well the grandmother at this moment entered a class. It was necessary to forbid to wear in order to avoid accidents to children in school belts, belts, scarfs... So an exit was all the same found: pulled out a lace from the schoolmate`s jacket and tried to strangle him on change. When I ran in a class, was terrified: on a floor Artyom lies, rattles, and Pavlik pulled hard on it and smothers a lace. Bit children through clothes so that bit through till it bleeds. Parents bought the girl a jacket. It came in it. I praised its new thing and when were going to go for walk, saw that the jacket is from top to bottom cut.

Ya tried to involve it in class work: to wash a board, to sweep the floor... It did it with pleasure and was able. Mother was surprised - the similar house he did nothing. But all the same it for his education was insufficiently.

At the next trip on city action I began to worry how to carry there Pavlika - at best will dishonor the behavior both a class, and school. It was possible just not to take it with itself, but in my practice there is no it. I cannot act this way with children. I gave it a role. Its performance was very successful as he of nothing and nobody is afraid, in general in some measure is talented. It made big impression on attendees. He was marked out at once, and further any performance does not do without it. When organizers agree with me about any performance, surely ask in the program to insert to Pasch. Always all allocate him as the talented child and pay to it much attention. The fact that it not zaznayotsya also does not brag is remarkable. Behaves always on actions approximately. Besides, he well writes verses, stories. To thicket of others it is published in Bolshaya Peremenka and Smena newspapers. Its drawings can be seen in newspapers too. Repeatedly he was a winner of various school, city and regional competitions. And the most important - he felt necessary, saw to himself interest, learned to control himself and to constrain. Besides, I consider that in me he saw the friend who can entrust the and ups and downs. On vacation or days off calls me and shares something intimate.

the Second class for us was very heavy. From the third class already everything was in a different way. At least, already that did not threaten life of children.

my fourth-graders wrote

at the end of the last academic year the composition on “What to Me It Was Remembered at School?“ . Among heroes in compositions is more often than others Pavlik about whom I told was called. And schoolmates wrote about is mute only good.

Orientation to personal nature of training and education promoted strengthening of belief of the difficult child in the forces, his change as persons to the best.

As we see

, education has to have also the developing character. Educational work has to be put so that it promoted development of the child, that is the teacher has to be guided by high-quality shifts in the identity of the child, on prospect its intellectual and emotionally - strong-willed development.

Of course, Pasha remains the problem child, but at all not to compare to what it was three years ago. At personally - the focused approach these shifts it is available. Disturbs me that will be farther - whether will meet such teacher who will patiently treat him, to send his energy to the necessary course.