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How to play with the child of

Already since the birth the kid strenuously develops physically and intellectually, it is ready to communication, interaction and game. The love and care which you give to the kid in the first months of his life are absolutely necessary for his social, intellectual and physical development, besides they bring fantastic joy to you to two. Playing, children find and develop certain skills and abilities, gain an impression about world around and study new. To begin games with the child never early!


, children develop certain skills, gain an impression about world around and study new. To begin games with the child never early!

0 - 3 months

from the moment of the birth the kid can already turn a head, having heard mother`s voice, the acquaintance to it still since then when it was inside. He can learn familiar music, for example, a melody which sounds in your favourite series. The newborn peers at faces of people, he has enough even one day to learn to learn a face of mother and to distinguish her from strangers. Surprisingly, but if you put out the tongue at just been born kid, then he, most likely, will repeat all after you, having put out the uvula in reply. It is the first game in his life.

Remember that even the most small children love communication. Copy gestures and the baby`s mimicry, you speak with it its language.


In spite of the fact that children at early age cannot independently reach a toy yet and to take it in handles, they like to look at how you shake a toy bear cub or a rattle at his bed. But you should not forget that now the child needs a large number of a dream, he quickly gets tired. You watch closely behavior of the of the baby. If the child begins to look around or is capricious after several minutes of game, let`s it have a rest.

the Recommended games

the Recommended toys

of 4 - 6 months

your kid can already reach, be enough and hold various objects in the handle. The child becomes mobile, he learns to creep and sit down. To help better it is better to know own body, play with it games, for example, raise it over the head, gently tickle his tummy, kiss fingers on handles, slightly pinch for patches. The kid is pleasant to be left some time without clothes, for example, after he takes a bath. Give it a towel, a way it will play with it at this time, allow it to enjoy touches to his skin. Now you - its favourite game. Sing to the kid, gently you bother, let`s it jump on your knee, and if it is interesting to the child, look through together simple books. At this stage of development the child cannot be focused on two objects at the same time: if you give it a new toy, he right there throws that with which he just played.

the Recommended games

the Recommended toys

of 7 - 9 months

As soon as your kid will learn to sit exactly, it has at once a set of opportunities for various “independent“ games as the child has the best review of space and at it both handles which he, as a rule, uses to be enough two subjects are free.

Now the child shifts easy objects from one handle in another, he already begins to realize that if the object drops out of sight, then it does not cease to exist. It likes to play at hide-and-seek, he modulatingly laughs therefore to play with the kid becomes more funny and more cheerfully.


Most likely, to your kid it gives pleasure to creep and push a ball. Sit down opposite to the child, push a ball in its party, and he will send it to you back. The child, most likely, with a great interest will try various objects to the touch. Show it how to draw the line on paper by means of a colored pencil.

the Recommended games

the Recommended toys

of 10 - 12 months

your kid learns to go, and it is a difficult step in physical development of the child. You can stimulate desire to go, giving to the kid of a toy which can be pushed and rolled.

At the same age the child learns to be enough

and that is important, to throw toys. You will notice that the kid unexpectedly fell in love to throw out toys from a bed or an arena. He with pleasure dumps toys down, sitting on a stool, but at the same time he is upset when understands that he is not able to get them. The child puts toys in a bag or a box with pleasure, and then takes out them from there. The kid, most likely, will be fond of threading of rings on a stick or folding of figures, will fall in love with games with figures of a different form. The child with pleasure will copy yours singing and gestures. Read it simple books, you say with it about what was read.

the Recommended games

the Recommended toys

to your kid very much will like simple bright books, with each new picture he will make discovery.


with the kid

At each child there is a basic need for game. Game completely absorbs children. Playing, they forget about everything. Games are necessary for intellectual and physical development of children. Both personal games, and “public“, i.e. games with parents and other children are of great importance.


, the child learns world around and comprehends its laws. Maturing, the child requires more and more attention, its games gain social character. By 3 - 4 years the child prefers to play with other people. At this age the kid learns to be on friendly terms, build relationship. And the skills of communication put in the childhood will be useful to it then in adulthood. Parents help the child to establish connection between game and world around.

the Main requirements to toys of the kid is a variety and safety. The child can have preferences, but at the same time games should not be monotonous, access to all kinds of activity is necessary for the kid.

Kids like to try to the touch various textures to touch fluffy and brilliant things, for example. When children begin to move independently, they like to make various actions with toys, for example, to pull a toy doggie on a string. They love toys which ring, make various movements, understand and gather.

by means of game children learn to control the objects which are around. For example, if to pull for a string, then the result will be predictable (the toy will be driven closer).

Other toys at this age will help the kid to sort and choose by

objects. It likes games in the course of which it is necessary to insert a suitable subject into a mold. The child learns to identify and choose a form or color (mosaic).

Role-playing games

at the age of 2 - 3 years children begin to play

, pretending to be as if they feed the child or give to drink a doll. Parents, participating in a role-playing game, will promote development of the speech of the kid. They will prompt names of unfamiliar objects, will help to make with them actions.

Children will find

a pacification in role-playing games, creating the world which they completely control where everything occurs according to their rules. In role-playing games kids have no set of limiting factors. These games are also way of knowledge of emotions and fears. Playing a role-playing game, it is possible to repeat, lose important events from life of the kid - visit to the doctor, the first visit of kindergarten etc. Dolls and soft toys, machines and details of the large designer can be magnificent objects for role-playing games.

At this age small motility of hands continues to develop actively. Encouragement of the child to games with plastic or wooden cubes promotes development of many skills.

the “Soiling“ games

Most of children simply adore pottering in sand, in water or just to knead dirt. They learn to distinguish structure of substances and to understand their properties.

the “soiling“ games carry away

of Some children not at once. If they are confused by the big container with water, begin games with a plastic cup. The children who reached babyhood play more difficult games, for example, in the buckets established by the cascade which are filled with water in turn.

One more type of similar games - “cooking“. For example, you are able to allow the child to help with preparation of pie. Remember that the kid has to participate in the process of preparation, and not just in eating of result. It will like process of creativity in an environment of the tasty smells reigning in kitchen. If you want to bake pie - perfection, then it is necessary to postpone this invention on at times...


the Organization of a workplace and the subsequent cleaning will take with

some time, but drawing will give to your child great pleasure. By means of drawing children describe the world around themselves. Since simple figures and objects, children gradually pass to more difficult fictional worlds, plunging into a role-playing game.


as far as it is possible, the child to game, play with the kid the developing and cheerful games. Participate in game process - it surely will be pleasant to you. It will be in the excellent way for establishment of stronger communication between you and your child.