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The new female view on a figure and a way of life of

the Modern Russian woman wishes to get rid of couple of kilograms in a waist, a stomach and hips, but is not ready to take radical measures for the sake of change of a figure.

In August, 2008 the ROMIR independent research company interrogated the Russian women on their relation to the figure and ways of its improvement. Results allow to speak about formation of new type of psychology of the modern Russian woman: it it is tolerant and with love perceives own body and chooses care of a figure without radical measures, on the basis of reasonable changes of a habitual food allowance.

With a body it is better for p to live in harmony, but not to fight

Poll of ROMIR showed that most (86,7%) of the Russian women or are satisfied with the weight, or want to grow thin only a little. Every third woman in our country wishes to get rid of 2 - 3 kilograms, but at the same time adheres to “natural“ approach to this process, preferring to lose weight smoothly, without resorting to strong restrictions in food as the rigid diet negatively affects both appearance, and nervous system.

Problem zones the Russian women seeking to correct the weight told


about in what places, in their opinion, extra kilos settled down. So, it became clear that for 7 of 10 respondents (73,5%) a problem zone is the stomach. About a half (47,3%) of participants of research are dissatisfied with the volume of hips and almost as much (45,6%) - a waist.

needs to be noted that the aspiration to get rid of fatty “stocks“ is justified not only and not just by the esthetic reasons. It is well-known that violation of balance of fat and muscle bulk in an organism leads to decrease in mobility, creates excessive loading on oporno - the motive device, increases risk of development various, including it is warm - vascular, diseases.

As we grow thin?

Every second Russian woman aged from 30 till 45 years (49,75%), wishing to lose weight, considers the most acceptable for this purpose means which allows not to change a habitual way of life. If to speak about wider age group (20 - 45 years), then such point of view adhere to 44%. At the same time nearly a third of respondents (31%) are not ready to limit rigidly itself in favourite products.

Of what means allowing to correct weight without change of a habitual way of life the Russian women dream? These are not dietary supplements and not tablets - many Russians do not trust similar unchecked preparations and consider that they can do harm to an organism. The herbal teas for weight loss which are on sale in drugstores are also not panacea as their action is based, including, on diuretichesky effect that causes certain inconveniences. But about 6 of 10 Russian women (59,4%) seeking for weight reduction confirmed that they can go for little changes in a diet, having included in it simple, reliable and natural products and drinks. It is possible to expect that soon producers will respond to the arisen demand and will propose to women the solution which will help to fight against excess weight, without changing a habitual way of life and without risking to do harm to an organism.

Tendency: respect for themselves and the body

Results of research allow to draw a conclusion that today the Russian women like modern western model of outlook: the relation to appearance becomes less critical, to the forefront there are the reasonable balanced care of a figure, reasons of health and advantage for an organism. On the one hand, such point of view is inherent in the most “progressive“ segment of the female population (young, educated, well-founded). Data of poll show that are most of all satisfied with a condition of the figure of the woman till 29 years with a high income level. Influences the relation to a figure and education - so, graduates of higher educational institutions are to a lesser extent inclined to trust rigid diets, dietary supplements and plastic surgery. On the other hand, positive and careful attitude to a figure and an organism (obviously, owing to the available life experience and existence of accurate life priorities) is characteristic also of women of middle age. Though mature women more often than young girls, speak about desire to lose weight, they are much less inclined to radical measures.

Expert opinion

Yuli Sviyash`s

, psychologist and writer, head of the Women`s training Center:“ The love to itself and healthy self-assessment is the base of full-fledged human life, guarantee of its success, happiness and realizovannost. Acceptance of own body, appearance and independence of the tough standard of beauty is especially actual for the modern woman. At the same time, “self-torture“ is a sign of a low self-assessment and excessive dependence on public opinion. Among the Russian women it is more and more of those who treat the figure sensibly, but without fanaticism because initially accepts the own, unique value and beauty. And though our women always differed in the increased insistence to themselves and the scrupulous relation to a figure, today we began to approach formation of the self-assessment more consciously. Recently rigid and extreme ways of weight reduction more and more give way eco-friendly and soft. The healthy lifestyle and prevention of completeness are more important, than extreme weight loss“.

Elena Piskunova, wellness - the expert: “In the best way soft, effective and complex wellness - technologies conform to modern requirements of the consumer market. Wellness is the considered approach to the life which assumes not only the reasonable relation to the finance, the future of children, but, first of all - to the health, to extension of an active phase of life. Lifestyle of wellness arises from voluntary refusal of addictions and set favorable for a body and soul of the procedures getting into all spheres of everyday life.

Entering simple, but very effective rules into the life, everyone has an opportunity, without damaging own health, to take the well-groomed appearance radiating positive energy and good mood. First of all, these rules concern food, the movement and removal of a stress. And a level of development of technologies and service such is that there is no need to hold the encyclopedia of health in the head! Experts of wellness - clubs, depending on specific features (a state of health, the level of a metabolism, need for mineral substances, features of food, financial opportunities), will pick up to everyone the program allowing to delay aging approach, to gain enough energy for daily activity to successfully resist to stresses. At the same time long-term weight reduction happens as a result of achievement of psychophysical wellbeing. The principle of wellness - approach to weight reduction - complex use of individually picked up programs of clarification of an organism; the trainings considering a state oporno - motive and kardio - systems; antistress programs (psychocorrection, breathing exercises, meditative technicians, a relax - training); and also a special diet on the basis of natural products taking into account need both for calories, and for necessary minerals.

By estimates of the western experts, growth of popularity of wellness - philosophy in the developed countries led to fast development of various forms of business connected with providing pleasant and useful services.

according to the company of information Business Communications Co resources., for 2004 Americans spent for means for fight against age changes and the corresponding services of 44,6 bln. dollars. And nothing in comparison with the volume predicted to 2009 of this market in 72 billion

the Russian market shows to year steady interest in wellness - the concept. Today more than 20 objects offering wellness - services function: studios, centers, clubs, hotels“.

Fatima Dzgoyeva, specialist in healthy food:“ Products and drinks familiar to us contain group of substances which help control of weight and correction of a figure. In particular, the scientific data published by the Japanese researchers demonstrate that regular consumption of several cups of green tea in day can exert positive impact both on a metabolism, and on the content of fat in an organism, in particular in a stomach and a waist. One of the factors influencing this process is effect of catechins - the natural antioxidants, in a significant amount which are contained in green and white tea. Besides, catechins are present at structure of apples, grapes, berries and cocoa - beans.