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Our achievements of

the Daughter Sonya was born in the summer of this year. At first she slept much and ate; its movements were hardly noticeable, gentle just as at mother in a tummy till the birth. At first I uncertainly held it on hands, being afraid to damage something at such crumb. Day after day both of us grew: I - in motherhood questions, the daughter - gathered puny strength. Our movements became more and more sure, over time we got used to each other, do not pour steel water. I noticed that with each new turn of the head, the movement of a body the child becomes more live, perfect; it is not without reason told: the movement - life. Each new movement and the said sound became at us a reason for pleasure. Gradually I began to do to Sonya the weakening massage before going to bed (after a massage course in children`s policlinic), and also morning exercises. The new movements were to the taste to it and were added with great pleasure to our repertoire. It became more mobile, in 2 months already itself turned over from a back on a stomach, and in 3 - turned over several times in a row as a top, it became dangerous to leave its one.

We decided to swim in a bathroom not at once as parents advised me; at first washed on a hill, and now on it only we form lather, and then we swim under my song about a small fish, and the husband pulls out it from a bathtub. Sonya makes a start legs from edge of a bathtub and with squeal floats, especially she liked to swim on chest, she aspires forward, is pushed, and handles from favourite sucking of a cam pass into basic situation, it turns out - as though creeps. So charging and a bathtub became our best assistants in development of movements.

Now to us 4 months. Sonya sometimes sits reclining, goes on a bed for armpits, sits down at handles, costs with the divorced handles, holding mine, holds a head, lying leans on handles, and also squeals, groans, murmurs as a birdie. Speak, the children`s voice has no limits therefore it is necessary to develop all registers not to limit voice range. Here we also squeal, we low, we purr, I will eat songs both “above“, and “below“ - generally, we develop from all directions. The husband brakes me, says that supposedly you will manage to develop still. And it is correct - at such age it is necessary to sing lullabies, preserve in tranquility, the child endured the most severe stress in the life - the birth, and he should be warmed, caressed, consoled so that it was remembered well. Yes, this most important, and development for us will not be gone.