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To trust and hear

I Want to share the history of breastfeeding.

to the Daughter now 3,8. Goes to a garden and about tityu does not remember long ago. However, tries to put sweeties to the breast and speaks pompously:“ I am a mother“.

the first minutes after the delivery I applied the baby to a breast - “a sweet prize for the done work“. She so tried. Surprisingly, but she with skill began to suck efficiently, with concentration snuffling. It shook me and touched at the same time. And feeling of the lyala any more not in a stomach, and on a stomach, efficiently snuffling and smacking the lips while carried us to chamber, I will remember all life. Then the daughter fell asleep and overslept the whole night!

After return home. All told a miscellaneous. And the situation, probably, would be heated finally soon until I caught myself on thought once: “And what is good to us?“ After that began to calm down and understand that to the baby the same is good, as me. To sleep together, to receive tityu when asks (the first month the daughter in general slept only at me on a stomach, but it is so sweet that all vital inconveniences were experienced on time - two). During an illness about one year passed only to a breast and recovered in 2 - 3 days.

But the most interesting began

after 1,5 years. Though the daughter already in all ate (teeth got out early, and by this time there was almost a set), tityu loved above all. It is possible to tell, she idolized her and was put generally to luxuriate, get warm near me, milk already was almost not. Such moments at us lasted almost till 3 years, less frequently, already forgot to suck - all teeth got out, already milk was not (it by itself gradually left, any pullings and the corresponding preparations). Everything occurred comfortably and very simply. But these minutes of absolutely conscious sucking - a nezheniye and entire happiness (sometimes to the daughter most it became ridiculous) to me never to forget.

if the second lyalka is born

I, I precisely know that I will do. To trust and hear about what my kid asks me, and all other theories and assumptions let will remain somewhere there and do not prevent us to love each other. Each person is individual even if also small. And only mother can hear and understand about what the baby asks her and to believe that everything is normal and correct. That and has to be.