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When our daughter passed the menu for a nekhochukha of

to “adult“ food, we faced small problems. It turned out big nekhochukhy, and the whole representation that though somehow to feed her was necessary to arrange us every time. The wife at me very much likes to cook, and it at her perfectly turns out. It dug out a lot of various recipes to please the daughter. I want to share some, those that it are pleasant to our nekhochukha most of all.

In - the first, porridge. We ceased to give to the daughter of porridge from packs after a year. The wife mills grain and cooks porridges on milk. However, the baby eats buckwheat in an original form, so it is pleasant to it more. Fruit purees are added to porridges. For example, we love porridge with pumpkin and apple. Pumpkin and apple we trouble separately in a saucepan, we mill to a uniform consistence in the blender. We add couple of spoons of such mashed potatoes to porridge, there a teaspoon of honey, creamy it is buttered it is sensitive - and the most tasty porridge is ready! Too most it is possible to do with a pear, prunes, an apricot. For lunch except soup we indulge the nekhochukha of a souffle from veal a liver. A liver in any other look we are we do not wish, and this product, as we know, very useful. And so, the liver cut on pieces is extinguished with carrot and onions on vegetable oil. Separately we boil a semolina on water (it is possible on milk 50/50), it has to be very liquid. We mill a stewed liver in the blender to homogeneous mass and we spread this mix in a semolina. Having a little boiled, we cool the received gruel. Separately we beat egg white to dense foam. Carefully we spread proteinaceous foam in gruel and we mix everything, we salt also in an oven for 10 - 15 min. The souffle is ready!

Still the daughter loves vegetable marrows fritters, I adore them too! They prepare as well as usual fritters, only vegetable marrows rub on a small grater, and egg white of egg is beaten separately in dense foam. This foam should be added right at the end to lump. Then fritters very air turn out. Vegetable puree turns out more tasty if at the end of preparation to take it in an oven of minutes 5 - 10.

A from cottage cheese we love a zapekanochka. The wife adds a grated apple or the chopped dried apricots there. All this shakes up the mixer, and protein as usual - in foam. Baked pudding turns out gentle as a pudding!

the Daughter likes to help mother to form the dough into something. Therefore especially for the baby they do animals - any hedgehogs, snakes, snails, krokodilchik, ducks. Instead of eyes, ears and other parts of trunks they insert raisin, dried apricots, cherries, pomidorka. And then all this is eaten by small nekhochukhy. And still they do some special cheese sticks. The wife says that in their basis usual shortcake dough, only instead of oil - grated cheese and sugar is absolutely sensitive. Eats greedily!

Well, of course, special recipes all the same you will not solve a problem. If the nekhochukha said no “!“ a mouth in any will not open. But we noticed one thing - if her hands are occupied with something, then the mouth opens imperceptibly. Therefore we in the course of food, in parallel, put small objects in plastic bottles. Or we thrust toothpicks back into a jar. If you are afraid that the child will be wounded, then straighten the ends of toothpicks in advance. We learn to cling clothespegs for fabric. At the worst, we play theatrical representation “Mutual fund - paf, oh - oh - oh!“ all family! And what to do? Though everywhere also write that the child during food should not be distracted by games, but in a different way in any way!

Already we grew up - we are 3 years old! Also we eat! What and to you I wish!

All recipes spotted

in the course of preparation of dishes. The wife not really likes to share secrets.