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Feed on health!

When I still went the pregnant woman, feeding by a breast was represented to me just in the way to satisfy hunger of the child. Everywhere spoke only about its advantage in respect of comprehensibility and saturability. But it is only one party. And when you become a mother, understand a lot of things. In - the first, it also a way of communication with the kid when he was only born. In - the second, this excellent means at small indispositions of the child and when he grows up - it is a way to calm and lull.

Me was lucky

- establishing process of feeding at me took place easily: there was a lot of milk, and I had to understand only what should be decanted at morbidity of a breast, and the rest will be made by the kid. It became more difficult when the child grew up. It is considered that it is necessary to feed the child about one year. My mother fed me till 7 months, and mother of my husband fed till 11 months. And when I declare what else early to finish, at once there is a protest at all house. But I made this important decision - to feed until itself I am ready to throw, and Alyosha too. to

I here: in a year at the little son it was slightly chopped off top zubik, and when feeding he pokaryabat to me a nipple on one breast till it bleeds. This could not nurse. And at once the amount of milk sharply decreased. I had a panic - I did not want to stop feeding. I re-read a heap of literature, found phones of consultants for GV and within a week cured a breast. During this time it was only necessary to decant it at least once at night. And as soon as the wound began to live, and I began to feed from 2 breasts, milk returned!

the Second test is an age 1, 5 years. All already persistently advise to stop feeding, and even in the yard will practically not meet mummies who did not finish feeding by this time. Here of course fine helps out the Internet. When you see that there are same adherents, beliefs increases. And these a lot of things. Because at this age the breast is necessary more as means of calm for the kid, and he demands it sometimes more often than at the birth. And still infinite night feedings! But I am sure that it was the correct decision. We with the son finished feeding by a breast after at it all 20 teeth got out (the milk very much helped), and he was 2 years old and one and a half months. For my part it in general was simple: as soon as I ceased to give a breast - milk was gone. And Aleshka at this age already understood a lot of things, and we said to it that he grew up and now, as well as everything, will drink a milk from a cow, and mother does not have it any more. So this important process at us came to the end. It would also be desirable to note that else the chest milk protects the child from diseases. Because for 2 years we had no serious illness, only few times a slight cold. Therefore feed on health!