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In search of immunity of

the Season of colds came - it is time in a drugstore. “Advise something for immunity! Such tablets, that neither cold, nor cough...“

“cold“ is not present

of the Diagnosis in one medical reference book. So in the people call many diseases caused by viruses. Viruses, from - for whom we sneeze and we cough, there are more than 250. Which of them this time attacks your organism - not so important. Treatment of cold (and in language of physicians - a SARS or ORZ) does not depend on the name of a virus. And prevention - especially. All know that for this purpose it is necessary just to strengthen immunity. But how?

the Country of councils

From all medical subjects this, perhaps, the most popular. Immunity is strengthened, protected, lifted... All have councils and at everyone. All right, when recommend cranberry drink and garlic. Other well-wishers will tell about some “one remarkable means“ which helps three years all family and girlfriends“. So through the friends and colleagues, mothers and grandmothers walking with children in park such preparations as amiksin, aflubin, immunat, polyoxydonas extend... Why not?

- In the European countries or in America you without recipe even do not buy analginum, - the general practitioner, the candidate of medical sciences Natalya Fokeeva says. - And immune stimulators and modulators especially are very serious means. Them treat hepatitises, herpes, oncology. Before interfering in work of immune system, everything is necessary well to weigh. It is the tool which is very thinly adjusted by the nature. It should just be supported in working order, to adjust - that is to modulate.

Our everything

At all not the fact that if you often catch a cold, it is time to run in a drugstore behind immunomodulators. Serious defects of immune system have about 5% of people. The others or at all have no immunity defeats, or they small, temporary also demand careful professional intervention. And we swallow of immunomodulators easily, without understanding why and that will be farther.

Immunity is our everything. One of its duties - to regulate growth of cages in the right places and in the necessary quantities. Any careless, excess influence from the outside can lead to an immune mistake, that is to unreasonable growth of cages in one place. There is no wish to frighten anybody, but quite so it is possible to obtain quite serious problems with health, in rare instances - up to new growths.

the easiest ways of safe immunomodulation - healthy nutrition and “live“ vitamins.

It is banal, bothered, there is no time? To take a medicine, of course, quicker. But not to bring to tablets in our forces.

That is appointed the nature

Smells and taste. Garlic, onions, greens, eucalyptus is the phytoncides, natural antiseptics purifying blood of microbes. The immune system of cares has less! We eat one, we fill in another in an aromalampa... But all moderately, you should not be fond, for example, of garlic at stomach ulcer.

Hardening. Bathing in ice-holes, a bucket of ice water on the head - all this a stress to which the organism reacts emission of a large number of antibodies. These defenders work till 48 o`clock. But such measures - emergency, some kind of emergency ration which cannot be spent constantly not to exhaust reserves of immune system. The hardening has to be moderate. To here take every morning a shower, gradually lowering water temperature from 30 degrees to 15 - it is excellent.

Fitness, pool. Unlike serious sport, fitness very well influences work of immune system - trains a blood-groove, removes disintegration products, strengthens recovery processes, does not allow lactic acid to accumulate in muscles.

Endorphins. Positive emotions, fresh impressions, laughter, kisses, embraces - here our main tablets. Still nobody got sick after night appointment at the river, kisses on the winter street or a wedding photoshoot in one dress against the snow-covered Kremlin.

Fresh air, dream and sex. No comments.

Vitamin phytogenesis Products Products of an animal origin
A Carrots, a citrus Butter, cheese, eggs, a liver, cod-liver oil
the Beta - carotene Carrots, parsley, spinach, spring greens, a melon, tomatoes, an asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, apricots are not an important source
B1 (tiamin) Dry beer yeast, wheat sprouts, oats, nuts (filbert) Pork
B2 (Riboflavinum) Barmy extract, wheat sprouts, wheat bran, soybeans, cabbage of broccoli Liver, egg yolk, cheese
B5 Yeast, bean, mushrooms, rice Liver, meat offal
B6 Sprouts and bran of wheat, green deciduous vegetables Meat, liver, fish, milk, eggs
B9 (folic acid) Nuts, green deciduous vegetables, beans, wheat sprouts, bananas, oranges of Egg, meat offal
B12 Yeast, seaweed Liver, kidneys, calves, eggs, cheese, milk, cottage cheese, meat, fish
C Dogrose, paprika, citrus, greens, blackcurrant, different grades of cabbage, wild strawberry, sorrel are not an important source
D are not an important source Milk, eggs, cod-liver oil, cod liver, fat grades of fish