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Flat stomach of

during pregnancy in an organism of the woman there are essential changes. A lot of time passes after the delivery before all bodies and systems of young mother are restored. As there is this process and whether it is possible as that to help the organism. After the delivery a lot of disappointment to the woman is brought by a stomach. Once flat and tightened, it becomes ugly and drooped. But you should not despair - former forms can quite be returned: there would be a patience and desire!

the Stomach after the delivery remains to

increased for three reasons. In - the first, within the first weeks after the delivery remains increased a uterus. In - the second, the amount of subcutaneous fat in a stomach increases. In - the third, stomach muscles stretch.

the First reason, that is the increased uterus size, will be solved naturally. The nature itself will return a uterus to the usual size approximately in 6 weeks. It is not necessary to apply for this purpose any special efforts from mother, except for establishing breastfeeding which promotes the fastest reduction of muscles of a uterus, and observance of rules of hygiene for prevention of inflammatory complications from a uterus. The second reason - subcutaneous fat - is important not only for mother, but mainly for yet not been born child.

Subcutaneous fat carries out protective function. With the fat laid in a stomach during pregnancy it is impossible to struggle with the help of the exhausting diets as it will have an adverse effect on quantity and quality of breast milk.

How to return a flat stomach? If the first reason of emergence of not esthetic “tummy“ does not need the special decision, with the second woman when breastfeeding quite on forces to begin to cope.

When to begin?

For that time when the child grows in the mother, stomach muscles inevitably stretch, accepting the size of the increasing stomach cavity. After the delivery for very short term the volume of a stomach decreases, but the stretched muscles are not in time behind such fast changes.

If after the delivery not to create a condition for reduction of muscles of a stomach, then their prolixity can become irreversible. Of course, the speech for the present does not go about traditional stomach exercises. In the absence of contraindications (difficult delivery, significant gaps of a crotch, Cesarean section) it is necessary to get up no later than days after the delivery, and it is better - 3 - 4 hours later after the delivery and to try to restore as soon as possible physical activity. It is better to rise from a prone position turn through the party as if at once to sit down from a prone position, then muscles of a press are considerably loaded, and such loading is not necessary within the first 6 - 8 weeks after the delivery. The most part of time it is recommended to lie on a stomach, thereby improving reduction and restoration of a uterus.

can Create to

conditions for reduction of muscles of a stomach and it is necessary already in maternity hospital after the delivery. Practice shows that if to do everything correctly and rationally to eat (excluding confectionery from the diet and not being fond of bakery products), then muscles of a stomach restore the form and a stomach comes back to a “doberemenny“ state in 2 months.

the changes Happening at the woman in the first weeks after the delivery can cause elation and inflow of energy or, on the contrary, exinanition and a breakdown, And most often these opposite moods change with imperceptible speed. Of course, it is better to do exercises with desire when for this purpose there is a suitable mood. it is better for p to begin to be engaged in

in the absence of contraindications in the first day after the delivery. It is better to do gymnastics often, but gradually, several times a day, lying on a firm and flat surface, it is possible on a bed. For convenience it is possible to use a small small pillow. It is better to carry out the movements slowly and smoothly. The room where there take place occupations, needs to be aired in advance well. For occupations temperature of 18 - 20 °C will be optimum. The clothes have to be convenient and not constrain the movement. It is better if before occupations you visit a toilet that the filled bladder did not prevent muscles to be reduced fully. It is better to train after feeding.

the simplest exercises for muscles of a stomach can be done to

next day after the delivery, without getting up. Of course, it is not raising of a trunk or legs - it is breathing exercises which lay the foundation for restoration of a flat stomach.

Breathing exercises

When performing any breathing exercises it is better for p to breathe a stomach, to be exact a stomach bottom - it promotes training of muscles.

the Starting position - lying on a back, both legs are bent in knees. Palms in the bottom of a stomach. Slowly inhale a nose and then also slowly exhale a mouth, pronouncing:“ Haaaaa“. The stomach during a breath rises, then during an exhalation it is carried out, without pressing, palms in the direction from a pubic bone to a navel.

Then turn sideways. The head, a thorax and a basin lie on one line (it is possible to use a small small pillow or the roller under a neck), knees are slightly bent. The top hand lies on the lower part of a stomach. Again repeat breathing exercises a stomach, running a hand at an exhalation over the direction from a pubic bone to a navel (at the same time we as if make the movement by a basin forward, at the same time without bending a trunk neither forward, nor back). For bigger increase in force of a tension pronounce on an exhalation:“ Pfff“ or “Puuukh“, at the same time representing that your stomach clenches as a sponge.

Turn over on a stomach. Put a small small pillow under the lower part of a stomach. It is important that pressure upon a breast was minimum or in general was absent. You breathe a stomach bottom. And again at an exhalation (on “ha“, “pff“ or “swelled“) make the movement by a basin forward.

All muscles at these exercises have to be most relaxed by

, the muscles involved in breath (first of all it is stomach muscles), work without your strong-willed efforts, At the correct performance of breathing exercises the diaphragm and belly muscles effectively develop, On an exhalation the diaphragm is weakened, it a dome rises up, squeezing lungs from below, and pushes out air. During a breath the diaphragm strains, lowering the dome, and stomach muscles, on the contrary, relax, allowing it to become big and round, the Forward wall of a stomach during all respiratory cycle moves from one extreme point to another, and internals receive a light massage.

For one approach 10 - 14 breath exercises are enough to carry out


during performance of breathing exercises needs to watch mouth muscles. Language, the sky, lips have to be weakened: it will help to make breath smooth.

Static and smooth exercises

For achievement of result all complex needs to be carried out at least within 6 weeks.

it is better for p to do Exercises for a stomach on an exhalation and with the soft tension of muscles of a stomach. It is necessary to carry out each exercise not less than 15 times a day. Gradually, when muscles will get stronger, it is possible to finish the number of repetitions to 25 times.

Exercise 1
the Starting position - lying on one side, the head, a thorax and a basin lie on one line. Knees are bent. One hand is bent in an elbow and lies under the head. We rest the second hand against a bed at the level of a navel. It is the best of all to squeeze a palm in a fist. On an exhalation we raise a basin a little, leaning on a fist: amplitude of this movement depends on flexibility and physical fitness of the person - the main thing that when raising a basin there was no unpleasant pain. Repeat exercise several times, then execute it, lying on other side.

Exercise 2
the Starting position - lying on a back, legs are bent in knees. Foot on a heel. During an exhalation begin to last socks on yourself, raising both hands serially forward towards the right and left foot. At the same time the lobby and lateral muscles of a stomach considerably strain. To raise shoulders and a breast or to tear off heels from the plane it is not necessary.

Exercise 3
the Starting position - being on all fours (exercise can also be carried out in a bed). The head, the top part of a trunk and a basin are on one line. Knees are a little placed. During an exhalation pull in a stomach and strengthen tension, slightly raising the left knee and the right palm. Then change “diagonal“ (raise already right knee and the left palm).

Exercise 4
the Starting position - being on all fours. On an exhalation try to straighten as much as possible knees - that is lift a basin up, without bending a back and trying to keep it as much as possible direct. The bulk of a body at this exercise will press on palms and the back of foot.

Exercise 5
the Starting position - lying on one side, knees are bent. The top hand lies quietly along a body, lower is bent in an elbow joint, creates an emphasis a forearm on the plane. During an exhalation tighten a belt and raise a trunk, straightening a hand. Then repeat exercise on other party. Pay attention: on the one hand the stomach will stick out more, than with another: it is a normal situation (it depends on pre-natal position of the child). On that party where “svisaniye“ is more, exercise should be carried out more often.

Exercise 6 the Starting position - costing

facing a wall, legs are placed and slightly bent in knees. Hands rest palms against a wall, elbows are also driven into the corner. During an exhalation move both elbows to a navel. Then change exercise: move the right elbow and the left knee to each other. Then repeat these movements by the left elbow and the right knee.

it is important to p to observe gradualness of increase in loading and whenever possible variety of exercises - in one day to do the first three exercises, and next day - three others, at the same time do not forget about breathing exercises. during trainings it is important to p to measure by

pulse. If pulse became higher than 140 beats per minute, then the number of repetitions in approach needs to be reduced. Happens that very simple exercises in a standing position or even sitting cause increase of pulse to 160 blows. It is not terrible if it occurred for a short time, but it is a signal that loading is chosen incorrectly. It is better if average pulse during trainings - 120 - 140 blows.
is more convenient to Measure pulse the monitor of a warm rhythm. However for measurement of pulse it is possible to use also a usual way, having groped an artery on a wrist.
the Following stage

In six weeks after the delivery muscles of a stomach will be ready

to more serious loading. (On 6 - 12 - y weeks) exercises with a bigger amplitude will be the following stage of trainings. They are two types: raising of a trunk and raising of legs. After the delivery it is better for women to pay more attention to that type of exercises which cornerstone raising of legs is, Raising of legs more train the lower part of a stomach - that which underwent at the time of delivery the greatest changes.

Raising of a knee
Get up directly. The left hand you hold a chair. Put the right hand on a belt. Raise the left knee as it is possible closer to a trunk. Be late in this situation for 2 seconds.

Slowly return to a starting position, it is better to raise a knee to the level when the hip becomes in parallel a floor.

Repeat exercise on 10 - 15 times a day.

When raising of a knee will come to

easily (and it can come in 2 weeks), it is possible to pass to more difficult exercise of “Lyagushechyi of pulling up“.
Exercise it is better for p to carry out

of “Lyagushechyi of pulling up“ on a bed. Sit down on edge of a bed, legs have to reach a floor, put hands on a belt. Tighten the legs bent in knees to a stomach. Then extend a body in a string, without lowering legs, a back - a straight line. In such situation slowly count to five and smoothly lower legs on a floor. Then tighten legs again. Knees can be parted a little. At first repeat exercise on 5 times a day, then finish the number of repetitions to 10 - 15.

the Central rises
Sit down on a floor, having bent legs in knees, a foot are pressed to a floor, extend hands before yourself, Slowly lean back back, but only until you do not feel weakness or you will not begin to lose control of a pose. As soon as you feel instability or weakness - return to a starting position, Gradually, in process of accumulation of force and endurance, increase a deviation. You will be able soon to straighten a back and to concern a floor, without tearing off a foot from a floor.

Diagonal rises
the Starting position - lying on a back, legs are bent in knees, hands are extended forward. At an exhalation lift the top part of a trunk rotation to the left and concern outer side of the left knee. Be late and slowly count raising of a knee to five. Repeat exercise with rotation of a trunk to the right side.

Carry out exercise on 10 times a day in each party. The movements at the central and diagonal rises have to be equal, not gusty. In process of strengthening of muscles of a stomach of exercise of the central and diagonal rises it is possible to complicate, carrying out them with the hands crossed on a breast or having stuffed up hands for the head. Gradually increase number of repetitions from 10 to 20 in day.

Pulling up of legs
the Starting position - lying on a back, hands behind the head, legs are bent in knees, a little raised over a floor. At first strain a press and pull knees to a breast. Then extend direct legs and reach a starting position. Carry out exercise on 10 times a day.

the Minimum time for performance of a complex - 8 minutes. It is good if you are able to carry out exercises several times during the day. For example, 8 minutes till a breakfast, 8 minutes till a lunch and 8 minutes till a dinner.

can be made

In 8 minutes to 4 approaches: minute of execution - and minute of rest, 2 minutes on approach or 8 minutes for 4 approaches.


of the Practician that if childbirth took place without complications, then and restoration takes place rather easily. If the woman moderately, but fully eats and after the delivery does not put on weight, then in 12 weeks of trainings her stomach completely comes to a usual state and if before childbirth she did not do exercise - that her muscles of a stomach become stronger, than were before pregnancy.