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How to issue a wedding album?

Exist opinion that it is possible to be engaged in a wedding album also after a wedding, but actually it not so. To receive a qualitative product it is necessary to do everything in a complex. And wedding album here not an exception.

it is the only thing which will remain with you after a celebration, pride which relatives and friends will look through not one more decade. Therefore be not too lazy to think over a wedding album in advance. by

  1. So, for a start decide on stylistics of the wedding. We advise to adhere to this one trend and in the direction of an album. The chronicle of a wedding, for example in piracy style, will ridiculously look in classically issued book. After the image of the action is chosen, it is possible to think already not only over appearance of an album, but also over its filling.
  2. Considering a plot of photos, look at already existing works on the Internet, in albums of friends. Think up as well the special shots. It is not about a standard set of pictures, such as cutting of wedding cake or the first dance of young people (their professional will not forget to make). Remember the darlings and significant places in the city: the place of your meeting, the first kiss, a favourite bench in park, etc. Agree that if to add personal sentimental memoirs to an album, it will become much more picturesque.
  3. Think also of taking several pictures to a celebration. Invite the photographer to courtship, play a sketch of your meeting on walk in park etc. What beautiful would not be wedding photos, all of them are equally similar - the same people, the same dresses. An album in which photos only the background changes and the rest remains invariable, it is not really interesting to look. Take into account that from 10 cool, qualitative professional, but one-planned photos you can place in the album at most 3, otherwise at its viewing your audience risks to fall asleep.
  4. Also agree with the photographer about a ratio of reporting and production pictures. If you like both types, safely mix them together, but warn the photographer if you give preference only to one of types. You can also agree and about studio shooting, then you will receive even more unusual production photos.
  5. it is the simplest to li to Place photos in a chronological order or on subjects. Processed it is black - issue the white or made old pictures separate inserts - dividers. That is after the color section completely devote one or two pages it is black - white. And it is interesting to begin the new section with the big portrait photo - only the bride, only the groom, the bride`s family, the groom`s family, one big, the general, a family now. Now you understand why it is so important to think over everything in advance?
  6. As for the album, here you have two alternatives. The photographer can order it. On the one hand, it is simpler. It is not necessary to choose and print out photos, to think out, look for an album. You will receive product already in finished form. Perhaps, even with your photo on a cover. And among shortcomings - deprivation you creative process.
  7. the Order and a selection of photos also depend on taste of the photographer and it is good if it coincides with yours. If you all - decided to make an album itself, call to the aid the husband, the girlfriend or mother. Process of registration demands certain time and efforts.
  8. be not too lazy to create
  9. and an electronic album. Its pluses are a convenience of storage, ease of sending to friends and relatives abroad. From shortcomings only originally spent time to load a photo into the Internet, and lack of an opportunity to comment on this significant event. But the second is quite solved. So act!