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As we went to the doctor of

during the second pregnancy I with the eldest son of six years spent a lot of time at playgrounds. He ran with boys, and I, having settled on a bench more conveniently, thumbed through magazines about children. Often my attention was drawn by advertizing of one children`s medical center. The beautiful photo with bright sofas and happy kids. Now for anybody not a secret that with medicine of a problem at us. In children`s policlinic the pediatrician can give to the child three minutes, and stand in a queue hour. And when children are ill, do not know where to run. And here I looked at this photo and thought that I should get with kids there, let them be surveyed without turns and nerves there. Of course, it was clear that it is expensive.“ Expensively, but it is qualitative“, - I thought. We got to this medical center, but under unpleasant circumstances.

When to the daughter was 3 months old, i.e. till 3 months there were 2 days, it on legs had strange blue points. It was similar to rash from small sinyachok. They were not really bright, but noticeable. The horror captured me and the husband. Information searches on the Internet ended with what shook us, tears were shed from eyes. It was decided not to panic further, and to register in inclusion in the worthy medical center. The policlinic as option did not approach since there to take a blood test, it was necessary to wait for Thursday, and then one more day - result. I could not sustain it. I dialed phone number of the medical center from the magazine. Us wrote down to the doctor next day.

We in clinic. Before consultation we pay it, about 2500 rub. Purity and silence. Then we approach the specified office. The door is faced by the girl with the child though on time we need to come. In total so grandly and nobly. Quietly the woman goes and wipes with a rag everything that is in a corridor. There passes half an hour, hour. At last, we can come. We come, the doctor (the young man) asks how many to us months. We answer that every other day there will be three. “Perhaps, you will approach me tomorrow then to you we will make an inoculation?“ The doctor obviously hurries. Someone was late, and the turn was created now. “Wait, the doctor, we not on an inoculation. We have a problem“, - we began to shake with the husband. Undressed the daughter, the doctor looked at her and told:“ Well anything to! I never saw it, i.e. saw in the practice, only the child was not in such state. Now I will call the manager“. It left, in ten minutes returned with the woman. She quietly examined the daughter, told that it is necessary to take a blood test from a finger and by results of analyses to decide what to do. We took a blood test, urine. In a procedural office all were quiet and polite. The answer it was necessary to wait for 2 hours. Well, we wait. Here foreign couple processes documents for medical care. The husband with the child, the wife with documents. There is other couple. The husband bears an automobile chair with the newborn, the wife - a stem. There is a room for feeding there. Several times used while waited. There passed 2 hours. We see off each nurse views: suddenly bears our results.

there Passed nearly 3 hours. I come into an office where did analyses, and by the shivering voice I ask whether are ready. It I am politely answered that they are ready long ago and are at the doctor. Well, person this doctor or not? Really it is not clear how parents worry? Likely, unclear. There are from it next patients, we come. Analyses at us good, only hemoglobin low. The doctor writes the diagnosis, treatment on the computer. At the same time time 5 speaks by phone, 2 times leave. We in clinic 7 hours. Then what he wrote houses read, he thought up a half as though he did not listen to us (everything, as for feeding, a dream, the child`s chair). The daughter was not even weighed.

we Put on, we go along a corridor to an exit. Yes, beautiful sofas - as in the photo. Home I arrived all in red spots from nerves. Even the mother-in-law was frightened. She told: “And what incurred you there? Both the child was tortured, and not in themselves. Leave my granddaughter alone.“ It is that exceptional case when I agreed with it.