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Puberty of boys: alarms and problems

to your son 11 years? Little girls in its class, most likely, already sometimes begin to use cosmetics, quickly add in growth and in general already resemble not little girls, and on quite themselves girls. Boys, most likely, still of a patsanyat, play “war game“, and look at little girls only with t so far. h. as it is more convenient to pull at a braid. Nothing, soon and our little boys will enter the puberty period (usually at boys it begins on one and a half - two years later, than at little girls).

Physical aspect and quantitative measurements

At boys puberty begins

usually years in 11 - 12, however, it can sometimes be late also years to 14 - 15.

muscles and bone system Considerably increase, the voice breaks, the figure changes. The muscles of a humeral belt develop. Also genitals increase. In seven years length of testicles on average reaches 2,7 cm, and a penis in a quiet condition of 3 - 3,5 cm, by the beginning of puberty these indicators increase slightly: 2,8 - 3 cm testicles and 3,8 cm - a penis.

during puberty of the loudspeaker of growth of genitals is much higher than

, there is an intensive production of male sex hormones. In 13 years these important indicators will make 3,6 - 3,7 for testicles and 6,3 cm for a penis, to 15 - 4 cm and 6,7 cm respectively. Certainly, it is average indications, and a step to the right - to the left for escape it is not considered (if, of course, it is not a huge step).

Puberty, besides, is marked by emergence of hair - first of all, on a pubis. Years to 14 - 15 hair under mice and - hurrah! - a youthful down on an upper lip and a chin appear.

Along with emergence of hair the voice breaks and, unfortunately, often the physiognomy of your child becomes covered by spots. Someone has more spots, certain lucky - have less or at all not. If spots strongly bother, it is possible to address experts. And, naturally, to watch a healthy lifestyle of your maturing “kid“: sport, healthy nutrition, the maintenance of skin in purity - all this is capable to reduce quantity of these nasty eels considerably. Though, of course, to years to 16 - 17 they will disappear.

Approximately in the same time (14 years) the first pollyution can appear. It means that sperm is already ready and your “kid“ is quite physically capable to make you the grandmother or the grandfather. It is a high time to talk about “pestles and stamens“ if you still did not make it. And, naturally, about responsibility for the girl and (fie - fie) for the possible child. And about contraceptives.

One more a puberty indicator, very important for the boy, - growth. Usually allocate two jumps: the first comes for 10 - 11 years (the boy grows up centimeters on 10). The following jump - 13 years, the boy adds still centimeters 7 - 8.

to Parents should knowing

that all signs of puberty can quite be late for a year - another, there is nothing terrible in it. The main thing - to support the son if he worries that still at it face hair do not grow, and it is the lowest in a class.


But sometimes for correction of some frustration needs the help of experts. So if signs of puberty are late - visit the urologist or the andrologist, as we know, it is simpler to warn, than then to treat, and in 12 - 13 years if any problems and are, to correct everything much more simply.

rules of personal hygiene


do not forget to teach the son and to bases of personal hygiene, untidiness can lead to balanopostita and a prochimzabolevaniye. Daily toilet, frequent change of linen - obligatory point in the program of personal care not only at the little girl, but also at the boy. Do not forget and that gonads, naturally, work for the boy more actively the unpleasant smell appears. The boy can it and not notice, but here schoolmates and friends (and, of course, little girls) will notice surely. Do not forget to pay attention to it and - besides - “long live soap fragrant“ and neutral deodorants.

Psychology of the maturing boy

So, the boy changes not only physically though, of course, physical changes involve a psychological growing. Your son becomes constraining, is upset from - for slightest defect of appearance, exaggerating its value. The movements of the boy are angular, the body so quickly grows that on adaptation to it time is required.

the Teenager easily takes offense, his mood often changes: now he feels like the adult, and in about 5 minutes - he is a kid again and it wants to appear near mother and the father.

Besides, and not clear sexual desires bring confusion too. At this time boys (and at little girls too) have idols: teachers, filmstars etc., in the beginning usually same floor, as child. There is an idol of an opposite sex, so far the movie star a bit later too, or the popular musician. And then slowly it appears, as the schoolmate - too quite nothing, and can be object of sympathies. However, before open expression of emotions still far.

Besides, during puberty the teenager fights for the freedom from parental guardianship and insists on the rights and independence, but it does not mean at all that parents have to “be conducted“ on these requirements. As a rule, the child - that fights for freedom, but at the same time is afraid of it: the psychologists working with teenagers say that many teenagers admit that they would like that parents were to a post-ugly face and would learn that is good and what is bad.

If the decision of parents is reasonable for

, then the teenager accepts it therefore do not forget to trust the child and to discuss with it moral standards. As a rule, healthy education and confidence in trust and attention of parents - what is necessary for the young man.