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How to register at the dacha?

in the Spring of this year the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation satisfied the complaint of several residents of Stavropol to whom refused registration at dachas though they had no other housing. According to the Constitution, each citizen has the right for free movement, the choice of the place of residence and own housing. However the Federal law “About gardening, market-gardening and country noncommercial associations of citizens“ forbids registration on the seasonal dacha. On the basis of this contradiction summer residents also constructed the claim. The constitutional court recognized their complaint fair.

the Housing code of the Russian Federation differentiates the status of a house and residential building which was given to dachas. The matter is that on lands the capital housing was not allowed to build agricultural appointments, and here a garden lodge - it is possible. But people want to live with comfort and often build not lodges, but palaces. Today on lands of gardening associations houses with heating, electricity and even interior design flaunt. But these country houses cannot give the status of a house. Respectively, the owner of the country house and his family has no opportunity to be registered at the dacha.

Now everything can change. Within 6 months from the date of pronouncement of the resolution by the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation (and it was taken out on April 14, 2008) deputies have to make changes to article 1 of the Federal law “About gardening, market-gardening and country noncommercial associations of citizens“ after that summer residents will be able to become lawful inhabitants in the possession. Though on the way to a registration at the dacha there is a set of obstacles.

of the Requirement when receiving a registration at the dacha

In - the first, according to the Constitution, registration of citizens is allowed only in the rooms recognized inhabited and suitable for year-round accommodation. In order that the country structure was recognized inhabited, it has to be capital, that is the base and walls have to be executed according to Construction Norms and Regulations and standards of safety. So the shed from plywood or the rusty car will not be recognized as the place suitable for a registration.

Also recognition of the room inhabited is possible

only in the presence of all engineering communications: electricity, gas supply, heating, water supply system, ventilation and sewerage. The special attention in this question is paid to availability of drinking, but not technical water. It is possible to use individual filters of cleaning, however in this case it is necessary to prove their efficiency. In a similar way the situation with heating and the sewerage is. They can be constructed independently, however have to be placed and mounted according to safety requirements specified in Construction Norms and Regulations and SanPiNs.

the Third requirement for receiving a country registration - a lodge location. Registration of citizens is possible only in the rooms located in the territory of the settlement - the cities, villages or villages. This requirement is quite logical because registration means the exact address of a structure, with the street and house number.

can Register at the dacha only in the presence of documents of title on the house; the earth also has to be in a private property, but not in rent or on terms of employment.

I, at last, the citizens who do not have other housing except a country structure will be able to receive a registration at the dacha. If the registration is already available, it is necessary to be written out prior to paperwork.

we Will assume

, your giving meets all necessary requirements, and it was recognized by the authorities. What should be done farther?

the Federal Migration Service (FMS) so with the statement for a registration on the seasonal dacha it is necessary to go to regional office of FMS in the earth location deals with Issues of country registration. It is also necessary to provide documents on the property right to the earth and the house and the registration certificate BTI. After that officials will begin to process documents. As registration procedure still is up to the end not approved, on it several months can be required.

Thus though registration at the dacha also became possible theoretically, in practice by it not all persons interested can use

. An exit - former: to try to sue a registration out.