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It is possible to call this diet of “Yin and yang“, it is possible - climatic. Essence one: that to us is, depends on in what climate we live.

Chinese divided all phenomena in the world into yin and yang - female and man`s, passive and active began. The climate did not become an exception: according to Chinese, it directly influences what needs to be eaten. And the most interesting that this the exotic, apparently, theory, will perfectly be coordinated with bases of Russian cuisine.

At first we will decide

To Vologda behind a radish by p on coordinates. As the feminine of the yin is considered warm, and man`s yan - cold, to the first there corresponds the summer, and to the second - winter. Fall - transition time from the yin to yan, spring - on the contrary. In the same way, moving from poles to the equator, we change environment from yan to the yin. So, demand changes and a way of life in general, and food in particular.

the Food relating to the yin, more largely, more with pleasure, more fragrantly contains more potassium and others the yin - elements. The food - yan more densely, more compactly, grows more slowly and is less fragrant, in it there is more sodium and others yan - elements. So, fruit and leaves eat energy of the yin, and grain and root crops - yan.

Then that in the summer or in tropical climate it is necessary to include in a diet mainly fruit and greens which properties of the yin are most inherent. In the winter and in the north it is necessary to adhere concentrated and power-intensive yan - products. That is why a macrobiotic and other east doctrines consider that tropical fruits in a frigid climate and in winter time - not the best choice. They will not brighten up burden of long winter but only will loosen internal balance in an organism.

the Best health and long life at those who in every time and in each place eat that he grows there.

It does not mean that, having been born in Vologda, you are doomed to chew all life carrots and turnip instead of mango and pineapples. Go to a season there where pineapples ripen, and regale on them in the pleasure! In the same way the inhabitant of Latin America, having arrived to Vologda, will enjoy local exotic: black bread, a grated radish with carrots, borsch, buckwheat cereal with the Vologda oil.

it is simpler than

soared yan

the Russian ethnic cuisine quite corresponds to the principle of the yin - yan: it consists mainly of cereals (bread and porridges) and root crops (borsch, vinaigrette, the soared turnip...) and also from nuts, seeds and wild berries, more dense and compact in comparison with tropical fruit.

the Most extreme products
of Yang - any salt, chicken and duck eggs, caviar, beef, mutton, pork, veal, sausages, a game, chicken meat, a turkey, a goose and a duck, a pheasant, red fish, a tuna, a ginseng.
of the Yin - tropical fruit, dairy products, sugar and sweets, tea, coffee, spices, white rice, white flour, canned food, products with chemical additives - dyes, fragrances, vitaminno - mineral complexes, margarine, the refined vegetable oils, animal fats, mayonnaise, vinegar, pepper.

at the same time in the spring and in the summer inhabitants of middle latitudes eat with
more products with the yin - characteristics: salad greens, tomatoes, fruit. In process of a cold snap or movement from the South of the North, hot porridges and soups, vegetable soups on the basis of root crops, onions and potatoes have to become a basis of food. He, though came to Europe from the warm countries, well got accustomed as it was a vegetable underground, and so, sufficiently yan - a product.

Cucumbers, tomatoes and even cabbage on many signs belong to the category of the yin and therefore they are eaten both in Russia, and in Italy. But, being salted, they get yan - characteristics as salty taste in general belongs to yan. Pickles, tomatoes and cabbage - an integral part of the Russian winter table.

As for true ian - food, it usually differs in good “lezhkost“ and is perfectly stored without any processing as the same root crops, grain and bean. The yin - products long do not lie if to allow them to ripen, and for distant transportations remove them unripe. As a result inhabitants of other latitudes all the same receive not the real product and which ripened in way or storage or processed one way or another.

we Carry out by

an identification

How to define what food northern, and what southern? In principle any product has qualities of yin and yang. It is important to reveal the prevailing factor.

the Diet and climate

So what we have in the dry rest?

In polar and northern climate are preferable:

In a temperate climate:

In subtropical and tropical climate: