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July, 2007. There came the hot time of summer and calm at work. All were away on vacation, and I should work 1,5 months without days off and without lunch. And as ill luck would have it the conditioner broke. Quite recently my colleague declared the pregnancy. If it is possible to call the announcement that we caught it going to a toilet with the test for pregnancy. Its test showed positive result. I very much was delighted to news. It was so healthy, itself I do not know why.

the Silence was not only at work, but also at me. And here I remembered that my “guests“ are late. Also decided to check for the sake of a trick itself and bought the test in the next drugstore. And for some reason I was not surprised at all to the fact that it was positive. Decided not to wait for evenings and called the darling. And he was not surprised too. Here so all also began.

Life took its course, at work, as ill luck would have it, there were people to whom was all the same. They continued to bring me. I kept as could. There came my turn of a trip to holiday. But before it decided to be registered in ZhK. My first campaign was not crowned with success there. The second time we went together with Lesha (my husband). The registry spitefully looked at me through a window and took an interest whether I will do abortion. Not only that it caused in me rage, offense and indignation. So this woman, without having heard the answer yet, began to explain where to go. Having sustained the first fight, I all - got on inclusion in a pre-medical office. Having examined me, I was told that term still small (approximately there were 5 weeks), and “that you want from us?“ . Just rage and nerves, but I keep, I cannot be nervous.

I here all of us - went to holiday. Our way was not far - on the South of the Urals, with a stop in Yekaterinburg.

Toxicosis began

with the first day of my long-awaited holiday. For days on end I just slept. And by the evening crept out on kitchen to be supported. And so nearly an every day. Read favourite stories Yosimoto`s Bananas, watched documentaries and just dreamed. Dreamed of the boy. Here speak, it is impossible to know precisely who you will have. And I knew, no, I felt - it will be the boy. So imperceptibly there took place my holiday and, of course, my toxicosis.

receptions at doctors, analyses - generally, usual procedures were farther than

A. Ultrasonography. Waited for it tremblingly. Shy is also hardly heard I asked: “And who we will have?“ I was answered:“ Boy“. I only sighed and with a blissful smile watched the monitor on which I saw the son.


Only at work it was not glued in any way. Every second and wanted to fray to me nerves. I suffered, kept. Then all was very heavy. Not to me, and my kid. Descended in ZhK, sent to lie down in gynecology on preservation. Pricks, pricks, pricks. Terribly all was ill from magnesia. Nothing helped from cones, but I kept. On the 4th week of my stay in hospital descended on ultrasonography where received a verdict “phyto - placentary insufficiency“ and vegetososudisty dystonia. I cried, could not tell the word also. So lay 2 more weeks. Came to work, and again all do everything as though to spite.

was Decided with Lesha that it is necessary to undersign. Preparation for a small celebration began. Bustle, nervousness, order of restaurant etc. Everything is simply remarkable. The heap of gifts, is so much pleasant words, such all family. But not for long I stayed “at liberty“. And again I am hospitalized. But already in maternity hospital, on the term of 28 weeks. Again antibiotics, magnesia pricks, heap only.

it was so interesting to p to communicate with little girls who were going to become mothers the other day. Tremblingly observed how my neigbours in chamber ran away in patrimonial, ran away, so all wanted to meet the children somewhat quicker. All stay in hospital was brightened up by the fact that I constantly was online and read various stories of pregnant women. And still I was engaged in selection of a name to our son. I precisely knew that before I see it, the exact name will not be. I needed to see it, to feel. And time went, New year came. And I did not want to meet him in maternity hospital at all. To me before childbirth still far. Hardly - hardly I asked for leave.


interesting New year., It seems, all as usual, but is not present. And my boy is kicked and wishes all a Happy New Year. And here bustle on shops behind purchases began. Jackets, baby`s undershirts, socks …. This list is simply infinite. As everything is remarkable, such feelings. My Leshenka asked for leave from work and helped me with purchases.

to my husband I want to devote to

A the certain place in this article. It helped me with everything. Cooking, cleaning, shopping. In total on. And I just was capricious. Thank him for patience and understanding. It worked in night club, and was practically not at home it for 18 hours. And all the same tried to encourage me, to help. My district doctor decided to put me in a day hospital:“ On Monday take with yourself slippers, a sheet and the book of the pregnant woman“. All right, I resemble in a day hospital. Sunday. So there was no wish to stay at home, and we went with the husband on shops to watch a bed - an arena. It did not turn out such in our shops, and it was decided to go to the neighboring city in a big children`s supermarket not only behind a bed, but also behind a humidifier. In the late afternoon went on a visit to the girlfriend to the bar - billiards where spent the rest of remarkable evening. We stirred, ate fruit and were going to descend the other day in the Chinese restaurant. Evening was just remarkable. In spite of the fact that I was wildly tired, I was happy. Such remarkable day off together with the husband.

on February 18. In the morning I without hurrying gathered in ZhK, in a day hospital. Took all necessary, kissed the beloved husband, frayed the kitten and went. There measure by all “newcomer“ pressure. The doctor suspiciously looked at me somehow, and we went to chamber with KTG.“ Lie and do not get up, you hear, only do not get up“. It is the phrase me very much frightened, and I heard as to me call an ambulance.“ Pressure 110/160“, - after this phrase I very much was upset. A prick of magnesia, a clonidine half-tablet under language... Also went to maternity hospital. On the way called the husband and asked to collect to me a package of things. In maternity hospital already waited for me and were terribly surprised that I go. As it appeared, with such pressure pregnant women cannot go - at any time there can be an otsloyka of a placenta, and the kid can die. Shipped me on a wheelchair and carried in CIT (chamber of intensive therapy) where I was already waited by the manager and the doctor. There I lay days. Frankly speaking, a terrible state when you cannot neither turn nor move sense hands. Everywhere any tubules, droppers and catheters. In the morning I lowered in the general chamber. As it appeared, in the hospital town quarantine and to meet the husband it will not turn out. To me appointed a heap of tablets and made the diagnosis “gestoz to average degree“. For those who are not aware, I will explain: a state not from the best. Pressure jumps, weight is gained promptly on 1 kg a day even if to keep the rigid diet. Hypostases are terrible, and getting constantly thirsty. Usually with such diagnosis do Caesarian. As I was tired of everything. Lay and thought of the kid, of the husband and of when my sonny pleases all of us. So week flew by.

, probably, I will never forget

Ya these days. February 27. On round from the manager I was invited in viewing. I very much worried, there was the 37th week, and I for some reason decided that I can be allowed to go home to dokhazhivat. After survey the manager told that I will give birth according to plan, and appointed the 29th. It seemed that here it. Yes not here - that was. Having left with a wide smile, I went along a corridor, and my smile became slightly noticeable. How so - the 29th? February and leap-year! I got up courage and called the husband. He was glad and tried to encourage me. Having talked to it, I calmed down a little and got into the Internet to watch who was born this interesting day. While I was busy with the thoughts of the forthcoming day, did me KTG and dripped magnesia through a “long-playing“ dropper. It had to dig through to me about 8 hours. And here the midwife Nastya came and asked to treat the following procedure very seriously. There is a tablet, and it is necessary to drink, remember it time and next day to repeat procedure. Hm... Tablet as tablet.

there Passed nearly 3,5 hours, and I very much got tired to lie under a dropper. Having felt slight dizziness, it decided to be reinsured and called the midwife to measure to me pressure. 140 / 50. Well... There is no good.“ Lie down, have a rest, then peremeryay“. It did not help me. Called the doctor on duty. It was decided to carry me in CIT (chamber of intensive therapy). All began to fuss. I tried to phone to the husband. And it, as ill luck would have it, threw off and threw off …. I changed clothes lying, nurses packed things, even shaved a stomach (thought, will kesarit). “Leshenka, take the call, and the battery, as ill luck would have it, sits down... Darling, do not worry, I will be in PITA“. While carried on a wheelchair, I did not even worry. Well I did not see there? Only there was no wish to lie again long there. Here arrived. The nurse asks whether the head hurts me. No, no and no. Nothing hurts, only terribly pinches eyes. “You will have a sleep now, do not resist, everything is good!“ And I failed in a dream.

I Woke up one in chamber. Judging by silence in a corridor, there is already more than ten evening. The midwife comes, I ask waters. Near me there is an iron mug and a teapot. I and where cannot get up? Whether far you will get up with a catheter in uric, any pieces on hands and fingers. I try to fall asleep and I watch what occurs behind a window. From silence there is no trace left also. There was something awful. Wind carried clouds of snow and turned, sent him. Wind fought in a window. To me it became very terrible, and I closed eyes.

I again I open eyes in empty chamber. I listen to myself. The stomach hurts.“ Well, at last“, - I thought and, having calmed down, tried to consider how fights often repeat. Hours - “teapot“ stood on a window sill, and I understood that between fights of only 4 - 5 minutes. I decided to call the midwife. Time 4:30. I cannot dozvatsya nobody. It is very terrible and terrible. As it is sick. By inertia I mass to myself a waist, it becomes easier not. 6:00. Well, approach somebody, I already clattered an iron mug on a teapot. “What you knock?“ - the come sleepy nurse asked.“ Fights... What I knock, call the doctor“. After a rassprashivaniye what childbirth and as pregnancy proceeded, the nurse spoke on the fact that I will give birth at least hours 8 and what started to yell here... Here doctor. Looked and solved to send to patrimonial. 6:40 invited the anesthesiologist. It was authorized to me to give birth most only under anesthesia and accurate control of pressure. If suddenly that not so - at once to kesarit. And pain was already just umopomrachayushchy. Really I am such “boleneustoychivy“?

Ya I shout, thereby I attract disgrace of medical staff. “All gave birth what you so shout?“ Anesthesia did not help. 7:20. I began to say that I give birth. Nobody trusted me. So quickly do not give birth to Pervorodki. And told thanks to the doctor who approached in time: “We give birth! If everything is good, then to 8 will give rise“. While prepared a chair, I asked: “And it will be possible to sing I?“ As did not allow to shout to me practically, I made the decision to sing. All exchanged glances and only silently nodded. On my “concert“ all floor ran together.

Ya tried very much. It is bad what left. It was decided to make an epiziotomiya. “Tuzhsya, tuzhsya! Have a rest, everything is good, have a rest“. 8:05 on February 28. Here my kid. He did not cry, he began to squeak. It was put to me on a stomach, and I only whispered: “My ball, my small ball“. Having raised the head, I saw its volosatenky back, an ear. What he is little, my sonny. The doctor - neonatolog said to me that childbirth was for him heavy and that it will be brought to an oxygen chamber and in an hour will bring to me. And I only also could what to smile a blissful smile and to nod. “How called the son?“ “Artyom! Artyom - means healthy!“ When all my procedures ended, I asked phone. “Hi, you became a father!“